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Candy washing machine overview

review of compact washing machines KandyCandy washing machines are quite popular. Hundreds of thousands of Russians choose them annually. Therefore, consumers are interested in what qualities these machines have. To understand this issue, it is worthwhile to consider in detail the characteristics and nuances of narrow and compact Candy washing machines as part of the review.

Modern solutions of Kandy cars

Among the various models produced by this manufacturer, there are many with the presence of a very voluminous drum in which you can cram up to 8 kg. For those who are comfortable using large hatches, a fairly wide selection of models is also offered. Many of them are equipped with the Smart Touch function, which makes it possible to control the washing machine from a distance. To do this, you need a smartphone or tablet with the Android operating system.

smart technology

Candy’s so-called narrow automatic washing machines incorporate the Mix Power System. Thanks to it, users have the opportunity to wash several things of different colors at the same time and not worry about the fabric shedding and deterioration.

Washing quality is enhanced by the Shiatsu drum cover, which was developed by Kandy's specialists.

Super narrow models

Super narrow washing machines include models with a case depth of less than 40 centimeters. It is a mistake to believe that the dimensions adversely affect the quality of the wash or the capacity of the equipment. Further it is offered to get acquainted with the main functions and features of the most popular models.

Candy CS3Y 1062DS / 2 - a washing machine with horizontal loading of things with a capacity of up to 6 kg. The hatch for linen has a diameter equal to 35 cm. However, it is quite compact, has a depth of only 38 cm. Management is carried out using a convenient touch panel, as well as using any gadget with Android OS. All information is displayed on a digital display.

Spinning is carried out at a maximum speed of 1000 rpm. When starting a wash, the user can select one of 16 modes. You can also set the wash timer, that is, the process will start at the specified time. The washing machine drum is made using Shiatsu technology.

Candy RCS3 1152DS / 2 is largely similar to the previous model, but still has some differences. The washing machine is more compact, has a width of 60 cm and a depth of 38 cm. The load of laundry is limited to 5 kg. This Candy model has electronic control, and all the necessary information is also displayed on a digital display. Management can also be via a smartphone or tablet.

The best super narrow models of Kandy

This machine offers the user 16 washing modes and they are quite diverse. A convenient program for washing mixed fabrics is considered. It will save the user from the need to select things similar in color, texture, quality. In spin mode, the number of revolutions per minute can reach 1100. The user sets the spin speed on his own, but the maximum is suggested by default. It is worth noting that the drum is installed the most ordinary, at the same time it cannot be said that you should not expect high-quality washing from this model. Machine erases very well.

Candy CS4 1062D1 / 2 is the most compact model in this group. But at a depth of 36 centimeters, she erases no more than 4 kg of laundry. Management is provided only mechanical, that is, no digital displays are provided, which can often be inconvenient. The spin function does not work as well as in previous models. The maximum allowable number of revolutions per minute is 600. The tank is made of stainless steel, which is quite practical. There are not so many washing programs for this washing machine. Among them are the modes:

  • wool;
  • delicate fabrics;
  • super rinse;
  • quick wash.

Almost all super narrow models have an A + energy class and are relatively quiet. Everywhere there is an independent choice of the most suitable washing temperature, protection against water leaks. Moreover, everywhere there is no protection from the intervention of young children. When choosing a washing machine from this series, it is first of all necessary to decide on the most important parameters.

Tight kandy

Candy's narrow washers include models with body depths ranging from 40 to 45 centimeters. This is the most diverse line and choosing the most suitable washing machine can be quite difficult. Each model has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. The most popular are considered to be the machines that we will now describe.

Candy CS4 1062D1 / 2 has dimensions 60 * 40 * 85 cm. In this case, the maximum load of linen can be 6 kg. The functions of the washing machine are electronic, but all the actions can be performed using the Android phone or tablet. Data is displayed on a small digital display. For one wash, this model spends about 45 liters of water.

The maximum spin speed is 1000 rpm. At the same time, washing is possible without spinning. In general, 15 washing modes are offered, the individual settings of each program can change. Among them, economical washing, preventing jams, washing mixed fabrics are distinguished.

The wash can be delayed by setting the timer to 24 hours.

The tank is made of plastic, and the drum is made according to the technology of the company Kandy - SHIATSU. In addition, the washing machine provides protection against water leaks and protection from the intervention of children, control of imbalance and foam level.

best tight kandy

Candy CS4 1061DB1 / 2 has exactly the same dimensions and capacity of linen as the model discussed above. It has electronic smart control. You can give commands to the equipment from your smartphone. But the delay timer allows you to set no more than 9 hours, although this time is often quite enough.

  1. The diameter of the loading front hatch is 35 cm, the tank is made of plastic.
  2. Among the most demanded modes, washing of delicate fabrics, children's clothes, jeans, mixed fabrics is distinguished. Particularly severe contaminants can be easily dealt with using the pre-soak function.
  3. Spinning things after washing can be turned off or you can choose the speed yourself. The maximum is 1000 rpm.

Candy GVS34 116DC2 is more compact than previous versions, but also roomy and will easily put 6 kg of laundry in one wash. At the same time, it has more convenient touch control, can be adjusted using gadgets on Android. For one wash, such a machine spends about 48 liters of water. Washing can be carried out in any of 15 programs. If desired, the hostess can change the temperature of the water, choose the economical mode, enter other user settings.

The maximum allowable spin speed is 1100 rpm, but this indicator can be adjusted. If necessary, spin can be turned off. The high quality of all programs is ensured by a drum specially made using the patented Shiatsu technology.

In general, the characteristics of the washing machines in this series are largely similar. When choosing, special attention should be paid to the control system, the availability of the necessary washing programs and the functions responsible for safety.

Compact models

Kandy compact washing machines are rightfully considered the most popular on the market. This follows from an organic combination of miniature size technology and a fairly powerful functionality. Compact Candy can easily be installed in a niche under the sink and other places where the classic washing machine does not stand under any conditions. We will publish a short review of the main models of this group.

Candy Aquamatic 10T can handle 3 kg of laundry in one wash, which is quite a lot for a machine with a height of only 70 cm.Management is carried out mechanically. But the energy class is considered high and belongs to category C. The speed of rotation of the drum during the spin cycle can reach 1000 rpm. This model does not provide protection against water leaks, but there is protection against children. The user is also offered a fairly complete set of washing programs.

best compact models Kandy

Candy Activa 108 AC has no less compact dimensions, and the mass of linen is already 5 kg. The control is mechanical, you can’t give commands to the typewriter using gadgets. The energy consumption of this model is slightly lower and belongs to class B. The user is offered 15 washing programs in which you can change the water temperature and the number of revolutions of the drum per minute. For other features, this washing machine is similar to the previous model.

Candy Activa Smart 12 is considered more perfect. For one wash, 5 kg of laundry fits in it. Management, as in most compact cars, is done mechanically. Energy consumption is improved and belongs to class A. At the same time, in the spin mode, the rotation speed of the drum can reach 1200 revolutions. At startup, it is manually adjusted as well as the water temperature. A delay timer is also provided.

Compact washing machines will fit perfectly into the interior of a small bathroom and will not take up extra space. But at the same time they will fully perform all their functions. Among this series, it is quite possible to choose a washing machine with decent parameters.


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