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Error codes for washing machines Zanussi

Zanussi washing machineZanussi washing machines can inform the user of a breakdown thanks to programmed codes. In typewriters with a display, it’s easier to understand, find out what’s broken, where to find the cause, because the decryption of letters and numbers that appear on the screen is usually in the instructions. I found the code and read it. In typewriters, an automatic machine without a display can also determine a code and a breakdown; we will describe how to do this in an article, as well as decode all possible errors.

Fill and drain codes

E11 - no water is poured into the machine’s tank or comes in very slowly. The reasons for this error are as follows:

  • the bulk valve or breakdown of its electricians is inoperative;
  • the winding of the bulk valve burned out (normal resistance is 3.75 kOhm);
  • blockage of the filling system or lack of water pressure in the water supply system.

E13 - water seeps into the bottom of the machine.

E21 - waste water does not drain after washing from the tank. Worth checking out:

  • clogging system;
  • pump winding, normal resistance is 170 ohms;
  • electronic board.

Note! In some models of Zanussi automatic machines, error E 21 is similar to error E20. Error E20 stands for drain system failure.

E22 - condensation is not removed during the drying process.

E23 - a semiconductor element (triac) burned that controls the operation of the pump, either a triac or a board is replaced.

E24 - the track from the triac controlling the pump burned out.

EC1 - the filling valve is blocked.

EF1 - the drain filter is clogged, the hose is clogged, the waiting time for the water to drain has expired.

Engine Fault Codes

E51 - poor contact of the triac of the electric motor.

E52 - no information is received from the motor tachometer to the electronic board. Most often in such situations, the washer flies, which holds the tachometer.

E53 - on the electronic board, the circuit controlling the triac of the electric motor is interrupted.

E54 - relay contacts “stuck”, providing reverse of the electric motor.

E55 - The electric circuit of the engine is broken.

E56 - tacho signal does not appear for a long time.

E57 - the current of the system is more than 15A, the cause is a breakdown of the motor or the electronic board.

E58 - the phase current of the electric motor is greater than 4.5A, the cause is a breakdown of the motor or the electronic board.

E59 - 3 seconds there is no signal from the tachometer, this may indicate a breakdown in the wiring between the motor and the inverter element, a breakdown of the inverter board.

EA3 - DSP does not lock motor pulley. Need to check:

  • drive belt;
  • DSP system
  • electrical wiring;
  • fee.

Trouble codes regarding water heating

  • E61 - the machine does not heat water to the selected temperature in the set time. With this error, the resistance of the PETN is checked, which is 30 Ohms.

Important! This error of automatic washing machines is available for viewing only in diagnostic mode.

  • E62 - the water heats up very quickly and after 5 minutes has a temperature of almost 900C. In this situation, check the heater for breakdown, measure the resistance of the heating element, which under normal conditions varies from 5.7 to 6.3 ohms.
  • E66, E3A - failure of the heater relay.
  • E68 - the ground in the PETN circuit has tripped.
  • E69 - ten does not work.

Sensor Trouble Codes

E31 - the water pressure switch has broken. With this error, change the wiring or the relay itself.

E32 - frequency fluctuations of the sensor responsible for water pressure. This is most often due to:

  • blocked water supply;
  • malfunction of the bulk valve;
  • a drain filter clogged with debris;
  • broken tube of the water level sensor;
  • faulty pressure switch.

E33 - the sensor that determines the amount of water and the sensor that prevents the heater from turning on “dry” are not synchronized. Verification required:

  • health sensors;
  • serviceability of the tubes;
  • earth leakage;
  • Is the mains voltage exceeded?

E34 - this error is displayed for about a minute and notifies of inconsistent operation of the anti-boom sensor and the pressure switch.

E35 - too much water is poured into the tank, check the pressure switch.

E36 - ABS heating sensor does not work.

E37 - L1S sensor does not work.

E38 - the tube from the tank to the pressure switch is clogged, so there is no fixation of the pressure difference.

E39 - the sensor that protects against HV1S water overflow does not work.

E44 - the sunroof door closing sensor does not work.

E71 - the resistance of the temperature sensor does not meet the limits of the norm.

E74 - the location of the temperature sensor is lost.

EC2 - the sensor detecting turbidity of water does not work.

Note! A sensor that detects the turbidity of the water in the tank is available only in the newest models of Zanussi machines.

EF4 - there is no signal from the flow sensor when the filling valve is turned on. It is possible that there is no pressure in the water supply.

Other errors

  • E40 - the hatch door is not closed or the door lock does not work.

Note! E40 code is extremely rare, basically a similar problem is encrypted with other codes.

  • E41 - the drum door is not tightly closed.
  • E42 - the hatch lock does not work, you need to replace the part.
  • E43 - the semiconductor element (triac) does not work, which is responsible for locking the door lock.
  • E45 - parts of the triac circuit of the drum door lock lock do not work.
  • E5C - the voltage increased more than 430 V in the bus, it is necessary to change the electronic module.
  • E5D - there is no message transmission between the control module and the inverter. There is a problem in the details or in the wiring.
  • Exper, E98 - there is no data transfer between the inverter and the system board.
  • E5F - error in the inverter board, the motor does not start.
  • E82 - defect in the operation of the toggle switch when choosing a position.
  • E83 - this error appears only in diagnostic mode and indicates a selector failure when reading data.
  • E84 - Recirculation pump recognition error.
  • E85 - the recirculation pump or thyristor does not work.
  • E91, E92 - error in the operation of the display board and the main unit.
  • E93 - Incorrect software setting for washing machines. The cause can be eliminated if you enter the correct program code.
  • E94 - Incorrect wash mode setting.
  • E95 - problems in the communication of the microprocessor and RAM.
  • E96 - the machine control module does not fit the devices connected to it.
  • E97 - the position of the program selector does not correspond to the programmed mode.
  • E9A - programs responsible for sound support do not work.
  • EA1, EA2, EA4, EA5 - errors that indicate a breakdown in the DSP system.
  • EA6 - after half a minute there is no signal that the drum is spinning.
  • EB1, EH1 - the frequency in the mains is exceeded.
  • EB2, EH2 - the voltage value in the mains exceeds the norm.
  • EB3, EH3 - the voltage value in the mains is underestimated.
  • EBE, EBF, EHE, EHF - the relay in the protection circuit does not work.
  • EF2 - increased foaming, drain hose clogged with debris or filter clogged.
  • EF3 - Aqua Stop protection has worked; there is a leak inside the washing machine.
  • EF5 - linen is not wrung out, imbalance of things in the drum.

How to decipher blinking indicators?

In Zanussi washing machines that do not have a display, error recognition is carried out by indicators, for example, the Zanussi aquacycle 1000 model. However, displayless panels can be different, have a different number of indicators. How to determine the error code from them and find out the cause of such an error. Let's look at an example of several control modules.

Zanussi aquacycle 1006If the EWM 1000 module is installed in the washing machine, then the breakdown codes are determined by the flashing of two lights (indicators): the start / pause indicator and the program end indicator. The bulbs flash quite quickly for 0.4 seconds, between a series of flashes there is a pause of 2.5 seconds, which is also a bit. Therefore, it becomes difficult to correctly determine the error.

The number of blinks of the program end indicator shows the first digit of the code, and the number of blinks of the start indicator shows the second digit of the code. For example, the program indicator blinked 4 times, and the start indicator 3, which means that the error code will be E43, we have described its decoding above. An example of a machine based on the EWM 1000 module is the Zanussi aquacycle 1006 machine.

Note! Before the numbers in all cases they deliver the letter E, they get the full error code.

Zanussi aquacycle 1000If the EWM2000 module is installed in the washing machine, the codes are determined by the indication of eight LED lights on the control panel, for example, in the Zanussi aquacycle 1000, Zanussi aquacycle 900 washing machine. Eight indicator lights are located on the machine panel on the right, the top 4 lamps are the first digit of the code , lower 4 - the second. The number of light bulbs burning at the same time is a binary error code, in order to translate it into the usual decimal code, you need to use the table.

indication of bulbs in the Zanussi washing machine

Do as follows, for example, if in the upper group two lights No. 4 and No. 2 light up, and in the lower group light bulbs No. 1 and No. 2 light up, as shown in the figure. In the table, we are looking for this correspondence, the upper bulbs are code A, and the lower ones are code 3, an EA3 error is obtained. If in the upper group the lamp No. 3 lights up, and in the lower group No. 1, then this corresponds to code E41.

Important! The numbering of bulbs is from bottom to top.

So, decrypting the error codes of Zanussi brand washing machines may not be so simple. We hope that the information presented by us will help to cope with this task and facilitate the troubleshooting and its elimination.


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    Error EA0 what does it mean?

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    Hello! There was an error E36 - the protection sensor of the heating element ABS does not work. I can’t identify this sensor, is it likely that electronic protection is built into the control board? Zanussi machine fae 825v with ewm 1000 control module. Thank you.

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    Great article! Thank you very much. Recently covered washer Zanussi Aquacycle 1000 FE1024N. Because a machine without a display, the error had to be read by the indicators and then decrypted using the algorithm given in the article. I considered the error E43. As it turned out - the castle was the culprit. After removing and repairing the lock empirically, the machine started up and is now erasing safely. Thanks again for the article! All the best!

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