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Error codes and malfunctions LG washing machines

LG washing machine logoWashing machines made under the LG brand have the ability to display an error code. Such codes occur during various breakdowns and any malfunctions. They carry information about what kind of malfunction interferes with the normal operation of the machine. And it is not rare that, having understood what the problem is, a person can solve it himself.

Of course, it is desirable to make repairs, guided by the correct instructions. Our site may serve as a similar instruction. It has a lot of information on self-repairing many malfunctions of washing machines.

In order to correctly interpret the error code of the LG typewriter (AlGi), we will provide you with an explanation table. We will introduce all kinds of errors into it. And in addition, we add useful information about the reasons for their appearance and brief recommendations on self-repair of the LG washing machine.

LG error codes

Code Interpretation Why did you get an error?
Ae Auto power off error No information is available on this issue.
CE An engine overload has occurred. This problem usually occurs when too much dirty laundry is loaded into the tank. As a solution, we offer the following:

  • Try to pull out part of the laundry (if there is really too much of it). And start the wash again.
  • If the previous action did not help and the CE error reappeared, then you should make sure that the electrical controller and the electric motor of the machine are working.
  • In direct-drive washing machines, this malfunction can also be identified by the jitter of the drum.
dE The washing machine hatch is locked
  • Usually, in order for the error to stop showing up, it’s enough to close the machine’s door more densely.
  • In the event that the repeated closing did not help, you need to make sure that the UBL (hatch blocking device) is working properly
  • And the fact that the electrical controller did not fail.
FE The washing machine tank is full of water. This error tells us that the tank is full of water to the maximum. This malfunction occurs for the following reasons:

  • The electrical controller has broken.
  • Faulty level switch.
  • The filling valve has become unusable.
E1 Water poured into the drip pan. That is, a leak has occurred. One of the reasons why this error occurred is a tank breakdown (its depressurization). Hoses, pipes and other parts could also become unusable. Also, leakage sensor breakage is not ruled out.
HE The heating element (TEN) has broken It is necessary to check the operability of the heating element. In the event of a malfunction, replace it with a new one. Also, the power supply circuit of the heater may turn out to be responsible for the breakdown.
IE Water does not fill or is filled very slowly. This code appears when the water level has not reached the first level in four minutes. There may be several reasons:

  • The filling valve could have deteriorated.
  • Or the pressure switch has broken, it's a level sensor.
  • The reason could be a very weak pressure of water in the water pipes.
  • If the water is turned off, this code may also occur.
OE Water does not drain from the tank. You can notice such a set of letters if five minutes after the pump for draining the water was started, the water remained in the tank of the machine.
  • Alternatively, a clogging of the drainage system is possible.
  • The pump itself (a drain pump) could also break.
  • In addition, the pressure switch (level sensor) could fail.
  • And a defect in the electronic controller might appear.
PE Error related to the level switch. It occurs when the water has not even reached the minimum level in 25 minutes. Or the tank filled up too quickly. Specifically, in four minutes. This could be due to:

  • Too high or vice versa low water pressure in the water pipes.
  • Damage to the level switch (pressure switch) is also possible.
UE Wrong drum balancing In some cases, to solve the problem, it is enough to shift the laundry inside the machine. Or to report more linen, in case it is not enough. If these actions did not help, you need to check the electrical controller and inspect the motor drive.
tE The problem with the temperature of the water in the machine This code appears when there are problems with the normal operation of the temperature sensor. That is, it can be broken due to open circuit, short circuit and other reasons.
E3 An error occurred while detecting the load on the washing machine No information is available on this issue.
SE Hall sensor malfunction This error occurs when there is a problem with the functioning of the Hall sensor. Simply put, he could have broken corny or his wires and connections were broken. This sensor is present only on machines with direct drive.
LE UBL error (sunroof locking device)
  • One of the options that explain the occurrence of such an error is too low voltage in the mains.
  • In addition, it is worth making sure that the electric motor and electronic controller are in good condition.


103 reader comments

  1. Gravatar Nastya Nastya:

    I have written on the screen CL. that this can be thanks in advance

  2. Gravatar sergey Sergei:

    Nastya, this CL is a child protection (lock). Turns on and off by holding (3 sec) a combination of keys "super rinse" + "pre" (depending on the model, there may be another combination, but a lock is drawn between these keys)

    • Gravatar Gennady gennady:


      • Gravatar Olga Olga:

        Thank!!! You saved me ... thought you had to call the master

    • Gravatar Dima Dima:

      And why suddenly this lock appears if he did not turn it on?

    • Gravatar Natalia NATALIA:

      Great, thanks 🙂

    • Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

      Thank you

    • Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

      Thank you so much! Savior!

  3. Gravatar Natalia Natalya:

    Good afternoon, knowing on a typewriter lights up LE, what to do, what is it and why?

    • Gravatar maxim050 maxim050:

      This error means that the hatch lock is broken.

    • Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

      The brushes worn off on the engine.

  4. Gravatar Maxim Maksim:

    Water hammer when filling the machine with water, malfunction or normal? How to deal with this? There were no similar problems with other models.

  5. Gravatar Lily of the Valley Lily of the valley:

    and my PF comes out. what does this mean?

    • Gravatar maxim050 maxim050:

      This means that during the washing there was a power failure. You can continue washing just by clicking on the start.

      • Gravatar Inna Inna:

        My spin does not work, does not gain momentum

      • Gravatar Dmitry Dmitriy:

        It was HER but one first without an upper stick

  6. Gravatar Dima Dima:

    washing machine LG flowed and gives an error LE tell me what an advance thanks

    • Gravatar maxim050 maxim050:

      This inscription occurs when the machine itself begins to drain the water. Either the hose is connected incorrectly, or there is a problem in the breakdown of the tank. Try to get a hose from the sewer and hang it from the bathtub, sink or toilet.

      • Gravatar Elena Helena:


  7. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    What does error H6 mean?

  8. Gravatar Hope Hope:

    LG washing machine gives a 3D error what is it?

  9. Gravatar Glory glory:

    The LG wd-10164np machine does not wring, the timer reaches 13 minutes and that’s it. The water pump just works.

    • Gravatar Den Den:

      Some rubbish wound up on the impeller of the pump. There is sound, but there is no real drain. Clean the pump.

  10. Gravatar oleg Oleg:

    Fault code F, there is a little water left in the machine, it shows that there was a spin and the number 8. What to do?

  11. Gravatar Nasya Nasya:

    Hello, I have AE displayed on a washing machine what to do? Thank you in advance)

    • Gravatar maxim050 maxim050:

      Most likely the module is faulty - call the wizard.

  12. Gravatar Nina Nina:

    I have a machine LG 5.5 years. And the parents are the same. But the other model is already 11 years old. Both 1 and 2 have 1 strangeness. From the very beginning, when washing for 1 hour 24 minutes, 54-57 minutes, 7 minutes — at this time they have an oddity — they wash, but time stands still !!! And so it can go on for about 30 minutes. Once it got stuck for an hour, and then it just jumped suddenly for 54 minutes (something like this should have been if it were showing exactly in time b). And there it just often freezes and erases. The cars were new, the models are different, but the strangeness is the same. And her daughter still loves to jump. Just adjust, some erase normally, but then bam and jumps like bad. What is wrong with them?

    • Gravatar Vovan Vovan:

      TEN burned out, (max. Washing temperature 60g.). Jumps - at the old shock absorber check, load correctly and fully tighten the legs.

  13. Gravatar Anastasia Anastasia:

    Hello! My machine freezes at minutes 27 and 13, what could it be, tell me, please? ”

  14. Gravatar Stepan Stepan:

    Thank! I had, I thought a mistake, but it turned out to be a CL lock.

  15. Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

    Hello. The machine is at 3.5kg, she’s about 10 years old. What could be the reason for the freezing of the spin process in the 11th minute? Attempts to turn on another washing mode, etc. lead to the same result. Thank you

  16. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    Hello. Tell me how you can check or identify errors on S.M. lg wd 10130n, is it without a display? Thank.

  17. Gravatar Albina Albina:

    Good day! The washing machine does not turn on at all, the panel does not light up, the click is repeated. What could be the reason?

    • Gravatar Vaso Vaso:

      Check the water supply if the filter at the entrance to the SM is clogged.

  18. Gravatar Nastya Nastya:

    Hello. I have a d3 typewriter error. What's this ?

  19. Gravatar Angela Angela:

    Hello. My machine gives an error bE - what kind of error is it and what to do with it?

  20. Gravatar Tatiana Tatyana:

    When turned on, the scoreboard flashes and beeps. No error codes are issued. What to do?

  21. Gravatar Ira Ira:

    It shows OE, drains the water, and then does not wring it. What to do???

  22. Gravatar DON DON:

    FE WHAT TO DO ?????

  23. Gravatar Aza Aza:

    Hello, I have a LG washing machine 5 kilograms in linen loading. Everything is fine only when spinning time jumps back. From what and how can I do it?

    • Gravatar Oleg Oleg:

      Check shock absorbers, bearings i.e. is the drum in the tank stable?

  24. Gravatar Kohl Kolya:

    The people just bought, gives an error PF! What does it mean and what to do?

    • Gravatar namesake namesake:

      Power failure. Dial start / pause and restart. If it does not work, then check the cord and plug, as well as the socket with the tester, the voltage rating (this error occurs if the voltage is low).

  25. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    Sergey, flashes de

  26. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    When turned on, the scoreboard flashes and beeps. No error codes are issued. What to do?

  27. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    Hello, I have 30 shows the opposite, what is it?

  28. Gravatar Laysan Laysan:

    Hello, the LG wd-10160NU machine freezes at 11 minutes and now it’s still not spinning, what does that mean?

  29. Gravatar Nikolay Nikolay:

    LG E1092ND5 error code PF when you click on the start, it turns off after a few seconds, and so on. What to do?

    • Gravatar Vitaliy Vitaliy:

      solved a problem ?

    • Gravatar Dima Dima:

      Power outage.

    • Gravatar Vadim Vadim:

      There is a problem in the power supply (low voltage), the cord or outlet is faulty.

  30. Gravatar Ilgiz Ilgiz:

    Hello ! Whoever tells you does not spin the engine, the rattle is like a butoto stuck and gives an LE error, replacing the bearings, the problem remains.

  31. Gravatar Anna Anna:

    Good day! Please tell me I have a LG F1296TD4 washing machine. when turned on, the sound of the keys disappeared, no programs are set, and instead, when you try to install programs on the display, the timer time is displayed. Each time you press the keys, the timer increases, while the timer button itself does not respond to the press. Tell me what to do and what is the reason? The machine is located on the express service in Eldorado. Does it make sense to wait for a master from Eldorado with a certificate or call a paid master? I don’t imagine life without a washing machine!

    • Gravatar Max Max:

      It’s better to call the warranty master first, why spend the money right away? Perhaps he will solve the problem.

  32. Gravatar Inna inna:

    Hello, please tell me, my LG washing machine knocks out a breakdown on the 88 panel, what could it be?

  33. Gravatar ALEX ALEX:

    Good day to all! We have such a problem: the water does not heat up when washing. Machine LG WD-8015 (0-9) N (U) (P). Checked TEN - it is serviceable. The display does not show any errors. Where could the malfunction be?

  34. Gravatar Igor Igor:

    Hello. LG WD 8021c, the drum does not rotate when the machine is loaded, when empty - it starts to rotate and stops, the SE error code - this Hall brand does not. What is broken?

  35. Gravatar Natalia Natalya:

    The machine erases, but when the spin is spinning, the drum does not spin (((

    • Gravatar Senya Senya:

      broken drain motor

  36. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    Tell me what the code EE means, the first E without the upper stick, like F upside down. The code is displayed after the end of washing and is now displayed when turned on. What to do?

  37. Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

    Hello! I have LG 5 kg, without a belt drive. The problem is that it does not respond to additional functions such as spin, rinse +, etc. The timeline does not show completely. It works only as programmed for washing modes: cotton, delicate, etc. The buttons work, but the indicator does not switch. Tell me what is the problem?

  38. Gravatar Aisha Aisha:

    Hello, please help, on the screen AE! What is it and how to remove it?

  39. Gravatar Lyudmila Lyudmila:

    We have a UF error knocked out during washing, and there is no spin. What to do? 3.5 kg LG machine.

    • Gravatar Vadim Vadim:

      The linen is not evenly laid, you need to add or remove a part.

  40. Gravatar Natalie Natalie:

    I set it to wash, everything is fine, everything works on a hand wash at the beginning, but then it hangs and shows OE what is it? Help me please!

  41. Gravatar Lena Lena:

    I have an LG washing machine; when pressed, water flows back into the drum. What is the reason and what to do?

  42. Gravatar Vika Vika:

    The machine beeps and gives an error D3. What to do?

  43. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    The dE code does not disappear. Need to contact the master or you can do it yourself?

  44. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    Good afternoon, tell me please, I have a LG machine. After the letters IE appeared on the board and then disappeared, the water began to accumulate by itself. It is typed during the spin cycle, then it gains too much without stopping and you have to press the drain program. What to do, we have our own house and well, but now there is not enough water in it, maybe because of this there was a failure?

    • Gravatar Vadim Vadim:

      The water level sensor may be defective.

  45. Gravatar John John:

    Hello, why the LG washing machine, when you plug the plug into the network, it gives an EE error without the first top dash?

  46. Gravatar Sabina Sabina:

    Hello! LG washing machine on the E: 67 panel, what could it be?

  47. Gravatar Valentine Valentine:

    Hello! The LG washing machine on the EcL “e” panel without the upper stick. What does this mean?

  48. Gravatar Oksana Oksana:

    Hello! I have an LG intellowasher5 kg WD-10130N. During washing, it stops washing (after some time) and blinks on the “rinse + and without creases” panel. Tell me, please, what could be the problem? Thank.

  49. Gravatar Alex Alexey:

    The LG machine barely heats up, does not issue error codes.

  50. Gravatar Magomed Magomed:

    Hello, it gives dE.

  51. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    Good afternoon, my typewriter shows the letters IE, what should I do, tell me please?

  52. Gravatar Anastasia Anastasia:

    OE error on LG cars. What to do?

  53. Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

    Tell me, I have a LG machine, the scoreboard lights up and immediately goes out. But lights up 88, what's wrong with her?

  54. Gravatar Marina Marina:

    I get an O3 error, what could it be? At a quick wash of 30 degrees.

    • Gravatar Vasya Vasya:

      There are several options. The most unpleasant - the module broke. This is not often. Typically, the cause is a clogged drain system, a breakdown in the pressure switch or pump.

  55. Gravatar Anna Anna:

    The machine shows IE what to do?

  56. Gravatar Svetlana Svetlana:

    My drum doesn’t spin when washing, what kind of breakdown could it be?

  57. Gravatar Aza Aza:

    On the scoreboard are not glowing FFF, the machine does not react to anything, what could it be?

  58. Gravatar Lena Lena:

    Thank you very much to the site, it helped me solve the problem myself, and not to call the wizard.

  59. Gravatar Nadia Nadia:

    Spin does not work, drain works, what should I do?

  60. Gravatar Dmitry Dmitriy:

    Good day, please tell me, the machine LG F1292QD gives an LIE error.

  61. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    Please tell me why the machine during the spin cycle for 11 or 6 minutes before the end of the wash. And it continues to spin more time until I turn it off on my own.

  62. Gravatar Igor Igor:

    When the power is turned on, the PE error code immediately lights up. Typewriter LG 10200ND.

  63. Gravatar Vladislav Vladislav:

    LG WD-80130NUP. It starts to draw water and turns off, while the entire temperature range flashes on the panel. Please tell me where to look for a breakdown?

  64. Gravatar Ruslan Ruslan:

    What kind of code does TrT appear from time to time when the washer is turned on?

  65. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    There is no sound when turned on. All mode selection indicators light up, but you cannot select a program! When you press the start, the cotton washing is turned off! What is it? Can I fix it myself?

  66. Gravatar Dasha Dasha:

    OE gives an error, what should I do?

  67. Gravatar Den Den:

    LG washing machine gives error 30, what is wrong with it?

  68. Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

    Good day! The machine generated a PE error, after which it was turned off. Now it does not turn on, and when you press the power button, F. lights up. What should I do?

  69. Gravatar Dasha Dasha:

    Hello. The machine is at 3.5kg, she’s about 10 years old. What could be the reason for the freezing of the spin process in the 11th minute? Attempts to turn on another washing mode, etc. lead to the same result. Thank you

  70. Gravatar Inna Inna:

    Hello! Mom accidentally slammed the towel with a hatch, now we can’t open it. What to do, tell me?

  71. Gravatar Anna Anna:

    LG typing error tE, what could it be?

  72. Gravatar Victoria Victoria:

    On the LG washing machine, an error appears on the LL display. What does it mean? And how to fix it?

  73. Gravatar Akmaral Akmaral:

    Hello. The machine is gray 8kg. When rinsing, when 28 minutes remain on the scoreboard, the figure 30 appears on the contrary. What is it?

  74. Gravatar Victor Victor:

    The LG machine produces an error 5E. What to do, the washing goes, the drum does not rotate?

  75. Gravatar Sasha Sasha:

    Good day. LG's direct-drive machine growls when draining and spinning. If the rinse mode without washing is started, heats the water. What could be the problem?

  76. Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

    What does 3F mean, only letters upside down?

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