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Error codes for the BOSCH and SIEMENS washing machines

Bosch and Siemens logoWashing machines can not only wash clothes, but also determine the malfunction, if any. More models have the ability to do self-diagnosis. That is, they inform about a breakdown using an error code.

At those moments when a malfunction or malfunction occurs, the Bosch washing machine, like many other models, displays letters and numbers on the display. With these letters and numbers, the breakdown that appeared is encoded. This is extremely convenient. After all, the same symptoms can occur with breakdowns of different parts of the machine.

And here she reports on what needs to be checked. Whether you will call the master or decide to do the repair yourself, in any case, this will facilitate the work. But in order for the essence of the malfunction to become clear to you, you need to decrypt the code displayed on the display. Next, we will present you with a list of codes and their interpretation.

BOSCH and SIEMENS error code table

Code Why did the error occur? What is broken and what to do?
F01 The door of the washing machine is open or closed, but not tight. Make sure the sunroof is locked. Also check that dirty laundry does not appear to be pressed down by the hatch. And close it tightly.
F02 Lack of water
  • The filter at the water inlet is clogged.
  • Water supply shut off (check tap).
  • Weak head or complete lack of water in the water supply.
F03 Water does not drain This code occurs if within 10 minutes. water has not left the tank.

  • Make sure that the drain pump (pump) is in good condition. Turn the impeller; it should walk without problems. Make sure there are no breaks.
  • Check the drain pump filter and nozzles for blockages.
  • There is also a chance that the electronics module has broken (less often).
F04 There was a leak It is necessary to establish the place of leak and to return tightness.
F16 Hatch open
  • The wash does not start.
  • Restart her.
  • Make sure that the hatch is tightly locked.
F17 The tank was not filled with water.

  1. Clogged strainer located at the junction with the inlet hose.
  2. Very low pressure in the water supply.
  3. The crane is blocked.
  • Make sure that the filter is clean, the tap is open and that the water flows at normal pressure.
  • Try restarting the washing machine.
F18 Water did not drain at the set time.

  1. The level sensor has broken.
  2. The drain pump or system is blocked.
  3. The drain pump is broken.
  4. The level switch switch stuck.
  • Check for blockages in the drain system (nozzles, filter, and pump).
  • If within 90 seconds. water does not merge, then all actions will be canceled.
F19 Water did not heat up at the set time.

  1. Weak voltage in the mains.
  2. The heating element (TEN) broke or was exposed to calcareous deposits.
  3. Problems in the heating system.
  • Make sure that the heater, contacts, wires are in good condition.
  • Washing will take place without heating the water.
F20 Unplanned heating of water.

  1. Damage to the heating element relay.
  2. Water heating occurs that is not planned in the program.
  3. Possible malfunction of the temperature sensor (NTC).
The program is canceled, the failure mode is activated.
F21 Damage to the control system, incorrect operation of the electric motor, or the engine does not spin the drum.

  1. The reverse relay broke.
  2. Short circuit triacs.
  3. The tachogenerator has fallen into disrepair.
  • The engine continues to attempt to earn until the completion of the specified program.
  • Or after the engine does not start operation, breakdown mode is activated.
F22 Damage to the temperature sensor.

  1. He shorted out.
  2. Out of order.
  3. Problems with wiring.
Washing will reach the end without heating the water.
F23 The activation of the Aquastop system has occurred.

  1. Water leakage and its falling into the drip tray.
  2. The connection was interrupted. chains.
  • Make sure there is no open circuit.
  • Make sure that Aquastop is working properly.
  • Check for leaks.
F25 Damage to the sensor that checks the level of water pollution.

  1. Blockage in the drain system.
  2. Damage to the level sensor.
  3. Calcium deposits on the sensor.
The wash will take place without rinsing.
F26 The sensor, which is responsible for the absence of malfunctions due to electrical voltage, broke down, and the pressure switch could also become unusable. A critical error occurs. The set wash program is canceled. The pump drains all the water, the hatch is fixed in the closed position, the indication and control are locked.

  1. To reset the error, turn the washing machine on and off.
  2. Make sure the pressure switch is working properly.
  3. Make sure there is no open circuit.
F27 Problems in the operation of the pressostat. Failure of this part. Work continues.

  • Ensure the integrity of the wires.
  • Verify that the stream sensor is working properly.
F28 Damage to the flow sensor (incorrect data from it).
  • Ensure the integrity of the wires.
  • Check the flow sensor.
F29 The flow sensor does not record water flow.

  1. The flow of water from the water supply is blocked.
  2. The pressure is too weak.
  3. The filter screen does not allow water to pass through due to clogging.
  4. Damage to the intake valve.
  5. Damage to Aquastop.
  6. Problems with the pressure switch.
Washing stopped after five minutes, the water will drain. Then you can restart the wash.

  • Ensure the integrity of the wires.
  • Make sure all parts listed in the left column are in good condition.
  • Check if the tap is open.
F31 Exceeding the maximum water.

  1. Pump lock.
  2. Problems with the water removal system (blockage and more).
  3. The filling valve has stalled.
  4. The pressure switch is damaged.
Running the program will take longer.

  • Make sure the drain pump is working.
  • Carry out a wire break test.
  • Make sure the drain system is working properly.
  • Check level switch.
  • Make sure that the filler valve is working.
F34 The door does not lock in the closed position.

  1. The hook is bent or broken.
  2. The castle broke.
  3. Inelasticity of the gasket.
  4. The door stalled.
Critical error: the washing has been canceled, the sunroof is locked, the control and indication are blocked.

  1. In order to remove the error, press the on / off key of the machine.
  2. Ensure the integrity of the wires.
  3. Make sure that the lock is working.
  4. Inspect the mechanics.

Table 2 - Bosch and Siemens Trouble Codes

Bosch and Siemens Washing Machine Errors - Table 2


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  1. Gravatar Stanislav Stanislav:

    The Siemens VarioPerfect IQ300 washing machine, in the “mixed laundry” and “dark linen” modes, does not squeeze the laundry completely at the end of the washing cycle. It is necessary to additionally include the spin mode. How to solve the problem without taking the machine to the service center. Thank.

  2. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    Good day! We have a strange Siemens IQ700 machine, I can’t unscrew the lid of the water pump, the lid handle is upright for 12 hours, it is unscrewed to the left only a quarter, it doesn’t go further, and also cannot be removed. Tell me how to unscrew. Identification numbers:
    E-Nr.WM12S47AOE / 07 FD9201 200129,
    KD Code ^ ME257C60110X00110102,
    Sincerely, Alexander

    • Gravatar Vlad Vlad:

      The same machine. But as I understand it, basically the Siemens water pump covers are the same. (And Bosch, too). I did not find any other way but to remove the front panel. There is one bolt next to the filter cover. It must be unscrewed. Then squeeze the latch. It is located to the left and just above the cover. The remaining latches themselves are unfastened with a screwdriver. Then you need to reach the clamp with pliers and pull the hose from the pump. Remove debris from the filter hole. And - Oh, a miracle! The lid immediately opens easily. Assemble in the reverse order.

  3. Gravatar Igor Igor:

    Hello! Machine Siemens advantig X10.34. Error F21 appeared on the display. Changed the engine brushes.F21 blinks anyway. How to reset the display? Or another reason for the malfunction? Thank.

  4. Gravatar playbob playbob:

    Siemens error F78, what is it, who knows?

  5. Gravatar Valentine Valentine:

    Good day. The Bosch E-NR machine: WFL16620E / 10 FD8511 100192 erases in one mode, the rest do not work. Tell me, can I fix this myself? Can reset or reboot?

  6. Gravatar Dmitry Dmitriy:

    Good day! The Indesit machine starts the washing mode, it is slightly pumped with water and stops. If you pour water through the powder container, it starts to twist. Pour three buckets - it works. But it doesn’t warm, but rinses, squeezes it out - everything is in order.

  7. Gravatar Yuriy Yuriy:

    Typewriter Bosch WLK20264OE. Error E21 popped up during washing.

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