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Error codes for different dishwashers

Dishwasher Error CodesA modern dishwasher is a rather complex appliance, in which dozens of compactly located units and sensors work seamlessly. Such devices cannot work without an electronic self-diagnosis system that can quickly detect a malfunction and turn off the dishwasher, so as not to get worse. The task of the system is not only to stop the operation of a faulty dishwasher, but also to inform the user about the problem using a special code - an error code. It is the error codes of dishwashers of different brands that we will consider in this article.

Siemens dishwasher errors

Siemens dishwasher error codes cover the most important problems that could potentially occur in any type of dishwasher of this brand. Let's look at these codes, decode them and give brief recommendations for troubleshooting that caused these codes to appear.

  • E1, E2, E9, E11 - indicate that the dishwasher cannot heat water to the desired temperature or heat water at all. The reasons for this are as follows: the heater is faulty, the triac triac is faulty, the temperature sensor is faulty, the water level sensor is broken. How to fix: check the resistance of the heating element and sensors, if necessary, clean the contacts or change the heating element and sensors.
  • E3, E5 - filling the dishwasher with water is incorrect. Reasons: the inlet valve is broken, the inlet filter is clogged, the leakage protection system has tripped, the water level sensor has broken. What to do: deactivate the leakage protection system, at the same time eliminating the cause of the leak, replace the pressure switch, replace the filling valve, clean the inlet filter.
  • E4 - problems with the pressure controller. Causes: The flow sensor is not receiving power or the flow sensor is out of order. The solution to the E4 error problem will be replacing the flow sensor, eliminating a wire break or stripping the contacts.dishwasher siemens
  • E8 - very little water in the tank. Reasons: the drain hose is incorrectly connected (which causes a siphon effect), the water pressure is very weak due to clogging or water supply. What we do: we eliminate the blockage, we connect the drain hose strictly according to the instructions, how it is better to do it is written in the article How to connect a dishwasher to the water supply and sewerage?
  • E15 - an error with a similar code occurs in models of dishwashers with full or partial protection against leaks. E15 pops up if both internal and external protection are triggered. In rare cases, a leak occurs at the junction of the Aqua Stop hose and the machine body, then the E15 will not work. Solution: replace the damaged hose and repair the leakage of the housing.
  • E16, E17 - water is poured into the dishwasher independently (by gravity). Reasons: the flow sensor has broken, the filler valve, or too much foam has formed inside the machine. Solution: replacement of the flow sensor, filling valve, physical removal of foam from the machine.
  • E21, E24 - problems with draining water. Reasons: the drain hose is pinched or clogged, the pump is clogged or broken. Troubleshooting: replacing the pump, cleaning the drain hose, pump.

Note! The decoding of Siemens dishwasher codes is similar to the decoding of Bosch dishwasher codes.

Krona and Hansa Dishwasher Errors

Now, let's review the system errors of the Krona and Hansa dishwashers. We give examples of errors, their decryption, and also briefly talk about how to eliminate them. Let's start with the Hansa dishwasher system errors.

The Hansa dishwasher self-diagnosis system is very similar to the Siemens dishwasher self-diagnosis system, but there is still some difference. Code E1 tells us that the machine cannot pour enough water in the allotted time. Reasons: the inlet valve or filter is clogged or broken, insufficient pressure. You can correct the error by the methods described above, namely, clean the filter, replace the valve or open the water stronger.

dishwasher crownError E4 on a Hansa dishwasher means that there is too much water in it. Reasons: the valve does not block, the water level sensor does not function. In this case, checking and replacing one of these elements will help to solve the problem. Now we will analyze the system errors of Crohn's dishwashers, which also begin with the letter E. We will not describe the causes and methods of eliminating errors, since they are similar.

  1. E1 - the system for protecting the dishwasher from leaks is activated.
  2. E2 - waste water goes into the sewer for too long.
  3. E3 - the collected water cannot warm up to the temperature set by the program for too long.
  4. E4 - too much tap water was poured into the dishwasher.
  5. E5 - the thermistor is broken or does not receive power.
  6. E6, E7 - ten burned out or no power is supplied to it.

Important! The decoding of errors E9, E10, E11, E12, E14, E15, E17 of the Crohn dishwasher corresponds to the decoding of the Siemens dishwasher codes.

Miele & Kaiser Dishwasher Errors

Further, according to the plan, we consider the system errors of Kaiser dishwashers. These errors also begin with the letter E and also go in order of number, but the decryption of the codes is different, so it is no wonder to get confused here - be careful. E1 - the dishwasher spends too much time collecting water into the tank. E2 - the dishwasher for a specified period of time cannot drain dirty water. The rest of the transcripts (E3, E4, E5, etc.) are the same as for the Crohn dishwasher (see the previous paragraph).

Important! On some models of Kaiser dishwashers, errors are E1, E2, E3, E4, etc. identical to errors E01, E02, E03, E04, etc.

The error codes for Miele dishwashers differ from those discussed above. Let's take them apart.

  • F01 - closed the heater or the thermal sensor burned out.dishwasher Kaiser
  • F02 - fuse of the heating element has tripped. It is necessary to check the resistance of the heater and its electricians, to detect and eliminate the breakdown, and then replace the fuse, a detailed repair article is written Repair of dishwashers Miele.
  • F04 - the temperature sensor is broken (NTC sensor).
  • F11 - Miele dishwasher tries to remove water, but it does not go away, or it leaves extremely slowly.
  • F12 - tap water either does not reach the tank at all, or is collected, but extremely slowly.
  • F13, F14 - the pressure of the water entering the dishwasher is extremely small and the pressure of the water circulating in the machine is small.
  • F1E - there is no signal from the water flow sensor, most likely the tap is closed or there is no water in the water supply.
  • F3E - interruptions in the operation of the pressure switch or heating element.
  • F78 - jamming of the circulation pump due to clogging. In rare cases, the cause of the F78 error is a breakdown of the control board.

Note! The appearance of a system error in a Miele dishwasher is accompanied by a nasty beep, after which the dishwasher stops working.

Fagor Dishwasher Errors

Spain's dishwasher maker Fagor also provided a diagnostic system. The error codes of these dishwashers have the following decoding:

  • F1 - error, notifying about the open door of the dishwasher.
  • F2 - there is no water in the dishwasher chamber, it is worth checking whether the water supply tap is open and if there is a blockage in the water collection system.
  • F3 - the water does not drain from the machine, we check the drainage system for blockages and the pump for efficiency.
  • F4 - there is too much water in the chamber. It is worth checking the inlet valve and the water pressure in the tap.
  • F5 - there was an overheating of water above a predetermined temperature. Check the temperature sensor and heating element.
  • F6 - the water does not heat up. It is necessary to check the heater, the triac triac on the control module and the temperature sensor.
  • F7 - malfunctioning temperature sensor.
  • F8 - the successive washing program does not work
  • F9 - incorrect operation during water intake, breakdown of the pressure switch is possible.
  • F10 - malfunction of the control board.

Electrolux Dishwasher Errors

Specific errors that differ from those discussed above have Electrolux dishwashers. We list them briefly:

  • i 10 - problems with the set of water in the car;
  • i 20 - problems with draining water from the car;
  • i 30 - enable protection against overfilling of the machine with water, some interpret the error i 30 as the activation of the Aquastop system. In any case, to eliminate the error code i 30, you will need to pour water from the pan of the dishwasher;
  • i 50 - short circuit of the circulator pump triac;
  • i 60 - interruptions in water heating due to failure of the heating element or temperature sensor;
  • i 70 - break of the temperature sensor;
  • i 80 - malfunctions in the memory of the control module;
  • i 90 - incorrect operation of the control board.

A detailed description and a full list of errors can be found in the article. Error codes for dishwashers Electrolux.

Whirlpool Dishwasher Errors

“For a snack” we still have system errors of the Whirlpool family dishwashers. Self-diagnosis of Whirlpool machines is one of the most advanced, especially for modern display models. Here are the error codes and their interpretation.dishwasher virpul

  1. E1, F2 - protection against leaks has made itself felt.
  2. E2 - problems with the voltage of the electrical network.
  3. E3, F3 - power failure of the heating element.
  4. E4– temperature sensor burned out.
  5. E5, F6 - the water is poured into the car for too long. The most common cause may be a breakdown of the filling valve of the Whirlpool dishwasher or pressure switch. Sometimes the reason is generally because the user forgot to open the water tap.
  6. F5 - Rocker lock has occurred. It is worth checking whether the dishes are arranged correctly.
  7. E6, F4 - draining water is significantly difficult or even absent.
  8. F1 - the thermistor is intermittent, poor contact.
  9. F9 - water does not stop pouring into the dishwasher.
  10. FC - the sensor determining the water hardness broke down, this error is programmed only in modern Whirlpool dishwasher models, that is, it is rare.
  11. FA - the indicator light that determines the purity of water has broken.

In conclusion, we note that all modern dishwashers Bosch, Siemens, Hansa and others have a self-diagnosis program in which approximately the same list of errors. This protects the equipment from fatal damage. Thanks to this program, the user himself can identify and eliminate the breakdown, although not in all cases.


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