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Error codes (malfunctions) of the washing machines Indesit and Ariston

Indesit, Ariston, MerloniNowadays, almost all automatic washing machines that you can buy in household appliances stores have a special system for troubleshooting. It identifies a breakdown or malfunction and displays an error code on the display of the machine. This makes it easier to diagnose, find and correct the defect that has arisen. This system is in household appliances manufactured by INDESIT COMPANY, previously this organization was called MERLONI. The most popular washing machines produced by this company are called Ariston and Indesit (Ariston and Indesit).

Models made under these brands for a long time and equipped with an outdated EVO-I control system also have the ability to inform the user about errors that have occurred. Only error codes are displayed not by means of the display, but by blinking the indicator light. The essence of defining a code using blinking is quite simple. For example, a 5-fold blink with a very short time interval, after which the blink stops for a while, and then repeats again, will inform us that an error has occurred under the code F05.

In washing machines that are made with the EVO-II control system, another way to determine the error code. Different models having this system differ in functionality. And this makes reading errors a little difficult.

Inexpensive washing machines made under the brand name Indesit and Ariston do not have a display. In such models, error data is displayed by displaying a whole combination of luminous indicators.

It is easier for everyone to understand the error code on washing machines equipped with a display. There letters and numbers are shown on this very display.

How to determine the error code for the EVO-II without display?

In such washing machines, you can understand the DTC using the light that occurs on various indicators. Indicators of such models are as follows:

  1. Kh1 - Timer
  2. KH2 - Super wash,
  3. KH3 - Fast. washing,
  4. KH4 - Add. Rinsing,
  5. LED 4 - Squeezing the laundry.

Some of these indicators light up and by which of them do it, you can understand what error occurred.

EVO-II Error List and Interpretation

  • Only KH4 is lit - error F01 - Locked the control triac of the electric motor.
  • Only KH3 is lit - error F02 - The tachogenerator does not signal that the engine of the machine is working. This can happen if the drive belt is jammed, a short circuit occurs or it breaks.
  • KH3 and KH4 are lit - error F03 - a short circuit has occurred or the temperature sensor circuit has broken.
  • KH2 - F4 - one-time reporting of opposing things (a level switch indicates that the tank is full and empty).
  • KH2 and KH4 - F5 - After the command to drain the water from the tank, the level switch does not inform that the tank is empty. In this case, the following malfunctions are possible: breakdown of the pressure switch (level switch), the drain pump (pump) is out of order, the drainage system is blocked.
  • KH2 and KH3 - F6 - The command is not understood, an error occurred on the buttons on the control panel.
  • KH2, KH3 and KH4 - F07 - The heating element of the washing machine (TEN) does not heat. May occur when it is not in the water.
  • KH1 - F08 - “Zalipla” contact group relay heating element. The heater or a problem with the wires broke.
  • KH1 and KH4 - F09 - The volatile memory of the machine went astray.
  • KH1 and KH3 - F10 - There is no message that the washing machine tank is empty or full from the pressure switch (level switch).
  • KN1, KN3 and KN4 - F11 - No electricity to the drain pump. Most likely, there was a wire break.
  • KH1 and KH2 - F12 - There is no communication between the controller and the display module.
  • KN1, KN2 and KN4 - F13 - Broken wires or shorted temperature sensor circuit.
  • KN1, KN2 and KN3 - F14 - The heating element of the dryer is defective. Such a breakdown is possible only on machines that have the function of drying clothes.
  • KN1, KN2, KN3 and KN4 - F15 - The heating element of drying failed.This failure can occur in washing machines with a drying function.
  • All indicators are off - F16 - Jammed drum of the washing machine (only for models with a vertical load of linen).
  • LED4 and KH4 - F17 - No voltage is applied to the door lock of the washing machine. Or she is in the open position.
  • LED4 and KH3 - F18 - Communication failure between the controller and the processor controlling the motor (asynchronous).

EVO-II Models Low-End Table Error Codes

Indesit washing machine error table

A detailed analysis of the error codes of the Indesit and Ariston washing machines and their repair

Next, we will talk in more detail about the errors that occur during breakdowns and malfunctions in the operation of washing machines and how to eliminate them.

Table start:

Code Diagnostics and repair Explanations
F01 Shorted triac electric motor. The following should be done:

  1. Make sure that moisture does not get inside the J9 connector.
  2. Carefully inspect the motor terminal block. It is possible that the contacts are damaged or corroded.
  3. Change electronics module.
In most cases, such a breakdown is associated with a malfunction of the washing machine motor.
F02 The washing machine motor is not functioning. Short circuit or violation in the tachogenerator chain. What to do?

  1. Make sure that the engine is not jammed.
  2. Carefully inspect connector J9. Make sure that it is tightly connected and there are no disturbances in contacts.
  3. Measure the resistance of the tachometer. Make sure that it is normal (from 115 to 170 Ohm.)

Resistance is measured on connector J9. Between the first and second contact. If the circuit is closed, then test the wiring from the tachometer. In the event that the machine uses an asynchronous motor, you need to make sure that the sixth and seventh contacts of the same connector are securely connected and in good condition.

You may need to replace the engine and the electronics module.

There may be a contact failure in the tachometer pad. It is also likely that foam penetrated into it. In the event that it is short-circuited, then on the electronics module you can find a couple of tracks and a couple of resistors that have become worthless.
F03 The relay of the heating element “sticks” or problems with the temperature sensor circuit NTC.

  1. Make sure the J8 connector is working.
  2. Verify that the temperature sensor provides normal resistance.
  3. Change the NTC temperature sensor.
  4. Change electronics module.
In the event that everything that is indicated in the “Diagnostics and Repair” column does not help, then you need to reflash the energy dependency. EEPROM memory.

Table continuation:

Errors of washing machines Ariston and Indesit - table 2


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  1. Gravatar ruslan ruslan:

    Tell me the whole row of buttons is blinking and the ice is spinning - what is this problem. Indeside vertical
    Witl 86

    • Gravatar Alex Alex:

      Replace the capacitor on the control board

      • Gravatar Dmitry Dmitriy:

        What is a condenser?

  2. Gravatar anatolia anatoly:

    Tell me, the timer indicator is blinking and the “on / hatch is locked” indicator is blinking. The machine indesit vertical.

    • Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

      Indesit machine vertical loading. When turned on, 3 lamps start flashing: red door lock, anti-stain and anti-crease functions. What to do?

  3. Gravatar Michael Michael:

    Hello, my machine is pumping water and draining it right away, what’s broken? The drain filter is clean.

    • Gravatar Marina Marina:

      The drain hose is not at a height of 65-100 cm from the floor, or the end of the drain hose is immersed in water, it is still possible that the wall drain hole is not equipped with a plunger for air discharge

    • Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

      The problem may be due to improper location of the drain hose. Check out the recommended maximum height. Usually it is indicated in the instructions for the typewriter.

  4. Gravatar Natalia natalya:

    The machine pours water several times, works every other time, the snout does not always work, does not give an error on the display, the spin cycle works.

  5. Gravatar Larisa larisa:

    After washing, 3 green bulbs light up (6h. 9h), and the lock lamp does not light. The doors are locked and do not open until you turn off the network. What is broken, tell me pzhl.

  6. Gravatar George George:

    When connected to the network, all the lights flash except 2h 4h 6h but not constantly. If you pull it out of the network, it stops blinking in this way. And when you set any mode, it starts blinking with all the lights. About 30 seconds later, the mode is set and Indesit runs the program without fail. Then all over again! What is the problem?

  7. Gravatar roman roman:

    Tell me the spin does not work. And blink light bulbs speed and door lock.

    • Gravatar Azad Azad:

      Check out the lock.

  8. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    After a power surge, the ARICTON AVSF 129 washing machine completed the program to the end. And when you turn it on again for work, dEPO appears on the display. When recruiting programs, the machine does not obey, but it chooses what to do, can start by spinning, rinsing, and executing an arbitrary program that is only known to it.

  9. Gravatar paws paws:

    It just does not turn on, no Indesit wisl62 vertical indicator is on. How to eliminate what to change? Thank.

  10. Gravatar Den Den:

    The washing machine does not turn on and the side loading is in progress, and after about five minutes the speed indicator and the lock begin to flash

  11. Gravatar Hope hope:

    The machine does not respond at all when connected to the network

    • Gravatar njkz njkz:

      f 12 processor defective.

  12. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    During machine operation, water is periodically injected through the powder cassette.

  13. Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

    Hello! Tell me, please, what to do? I turn on the machine, the water has accumulated, but the washing cycle did not go. That is, she does not spin the drum. Then I switch to the spin mode - it is also silent, does not drain, and does not blink. I tried to install another module, the red and green clocks immediately begin to blink. What could be? Thank you in advance.

    • Gravatar Peter Peter:

      The same problem, I would like to know the solution.

    • Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

      For 90% the brushes on the engine became unusable (worn out).

  14. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    Hello. The machine turns on, water is collected, the washing cycle begins, but after a while the washing stops. It is audible that the pump is pumping, but there is no water in the machine. Typewriter WISL105 INDESIN. At the same time, the button with the "alarm" and ON / OFF flashes.

  15. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    Hello! Tell me, please, what to do? Error F07 Ariston avd 129.

  16. Gravatar Oksanka Oksanka:

    Tell me, what can be with the Indesit WITL 106 machine, when turned on, it doesn’t fill in water and the green (additional rinse) and red (on-off) blinks?

    • Gravatar Denis Denis:

      Disconnect from the mains, dry the engine with a hairdryer for 2-3 minutes and put the wash again ... it helped (the advice of the master). Remove the cover from the side.

  17. Gravatar Anya Anya:

    Hotpoin machine from Ariston gives a code 347, what is it ?? And nothing more flashes, only 347!

  18. Gravatar Tasha Tasha:

    I have an IWDC6105, please tell me.
    It rattled for some time, turned off during operation, all buttons began to flash in green, turned on in orange, stopped when reconnected to a power outlet, the drain could be triggered for 1-5 seconds. And again silent. The brushes were erased, replaced. A month has passed, when the crackle was working, and now again the same story with blinking, the drain does not work, it accelerates at the spin, and suddenly for no reason it is silent and blinking again.

  19. Gravatar Alex Alexey:

    Tell me please. After plugging into the power outlet, the “extra rinse” button often blinks. I click to start erasing - the button goes out, but the machine does not erase. Indesit wisl 103

  20. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    Hello! Indesit W105TX draws water and before starting to spin the drum, drains the water, the power indicator turns off and starts blinking 8 times, while the program selector starts to rotate endlessly. Please tell me what exactly is the malfunction?

  21. Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

    Indezit witl 86. The machine turns on, erases to the RINSE stage and stops. Blinks with all the lights. On any program it erases before rinsing. What can you say about this? Thank.

  22. Gravatar Yuri Yuri:

    The machine rustled, the code f 05 caught fire, washed the drain hose, filter, pump, turned it on. When it came to draining, f11 caught fire. No crap on the pump, where what to look for, or without a master can not do? And if anyone knows how much it costs?

  23. Gravatar Misha Misha:

    Good day. Indesit vertical loading, in test mode it fills and as soon as the motor starts to spin, it rinses, rinses, water drains. No one knows what to do.

  24. Gravatar Alex Alexey:

    The vertical loading indesit machine erases the cycle. It remains 1 minute, there is really no rinsing, it does not go to spin. It is necessary to set the spin manually.

  25. Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

    Morning and in the car Indesit water all night stood with the door open. Where did she come from?

  26. Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

    The display shows H20. And time does not show, what is wrong with her?
    Typewriter Indesit Wife 87.

    • Gravatar Lena Lena:

      Check the water inlet hose

  27. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    Witl-106. The heater is constantly on and the lock and timer are flashing. Tell me what's wrong with her?

  28. Gravatar Nastya Nastya:

    Indesit vertical. When any button is pressed, all yellow indicators light up, then the power indicator (red) goes out and lights up. When pressed again, the red indicator also goes out. With subsequent manipulations, everything is repeated anew.

  29. Gravatar Anya Anya:

    Button does not work - 2 sec in Indesit. Why do you think?

  30. Gravatar Marina Marina:

    When the machine is turned on, the light comes on and the “lock” icon comes on, the whole process ends. That is, the car does not work.

  31. Gravatar Valya Valya:

    The Indesit machine is not vertical: almost reached. All indicators are on. And the F-08 window, what should I do?

  32. Gravatar Elvira Elvira:

    The ARISTON AVTF 129 vertical loading machine displays an F-16 error. If this jammed the drum, then what should I do? I live in the countryside, there is no master. Help advice.

  33. Gravatar Vadim Vadim:

    Good day. In the indesite of WIA 101, when switching to spin, a relay is activated, the pump turns on and the bulbs start blinking. Lock and spin speed 500-1000. What is this? Help.

  34. Gravatar Daniil Daniel:

    Washes well. As it starts, but while squeezing the laundry, error H20 lights up. I pulled it out of the socket, I turn on the new “spin” mode, everything works fine.

  35. Gravatar Denis Denis:

    I have such a breakdown. The Indesit machine is picking up water (part), according to the idea it should scroll a couple of times, but the lamps light up on a delicate wash, in fast mode and red on the lock. Any ideas how to handle the problem? A slight brownish appeared on the 10μf 400 v capacitor in the main board. But calling him realized that everything was in order. I did not find other reasons.

  36. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    Ariston AML 105 gives an error F18. What to do?

  37. Gravatar Alex Alexey:

    Model iWSB5105, all indicators flash.

  38. Gravatar Misha Misha:

    Hello, Indesit flashes and does not drain. I turn off the lid, there is no blockage. I'm spinning, it works. I do this in the same wash repeatedly. Thank.

  39. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    Hello. Dishwasher Ariston STB 6B019 C. After washing, the indicator on the power button flashes quickly and simply light up in 2 and 4 modes and do not blink.

  40. Gravatar Asia Asia:

    What does F6 mean?

  41. Gravatar Natalia Nataliya:

    Machine Hotpoint Ariston ARSL 103. The child pressed the buttons, now erases only in one mode - 15 minutes. Tell me how to unlock?

  42. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    All buttons blink and F 02 is issued. What is it?

  43. Gravatar Arthur Arthur:

    How to fix Hotpoint Ariston WMSD600 B cis f: 12 error?

  44. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    Hello Indesit witp827. Error F12. Kn1 and kn2 blink. There is no connection between the display modules and the main one, but in fact in this machine both modules are combined in one.Is there something you can do or does the module need to be changed?

  45. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    The washing machine and Indesid WISL 62 starts to wash, after a few minutes it drains the water and the three indicators light up.

  46. Gravatar Victor Victor:

    Constantly collecting water and does not start. Vertical Indesit WITL 86.

    • Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

      Check the pressure meter (tank water pressure sensor). He does not give the command "The tank is full", and also check the hose to the sensor. The Internet is full of information on these errors.

  47. Gravatar Alla Alla:

    Hello, what should I do if the Indesit machine locks the door, but no indicator is on?

  48. Gravatar Igor Igor:

    Hello. Machine Ariston AVTL 83. I turn on the network, the key blinks. The door is locked. No buttons work. Disconnect from the network, the door unlocks. What to do, tell me please?

  49. Gravatar Valery Valery:

    Hello. Machine indesit widl106ex, after each cycle the pump is turned on, water is supplied to all containers. The lights flash: additional washing, spin speed and key What should I do, tell me please?

  50. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    F9 lights up. Tell me what is the problem? Machine ARXSF 100.

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