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Samsung washing machine malfunction codes

Samsung washing machines logoYou can see the malfunction code on the Samsung washing machine display. Usually it occurs when a malfunction occurs or when a household appliance breaks down. In some cases, a person can fix the machine himself, just understand what the problem is expressed in. It is not necessary to immediately call a professional repairman for large household appliances. After all, the most common breakdowns and methods for their elimination are written on this site. But in order to start repairing them, it is necessary to diagnose them. This is where the error codes and their explanation, which you will find below, will help you.

Samsung SMA Errors

Further you can familiarize yourself with all common Samsung washing machine error codes. They will be divided into semantic groups for your convenience.

1E– error or malfunction of the level switch (pressure switch)

The reasons:

  • Damaged or chipped level switch tubing.
  • The handset disconnected.
  • The tube is clogged or pinched.
  • Problems with wires and connections of the pressure switch.
  • Damage to the level switch.
  • The control module has become unusable.

Motor tachogenerator errors

Next, we discuss several errors associated with the tachogenerator.


The reasons:

  • Damage to engine windings.
  • Failure of motor contacts.
  • Disruption of contact tahoe.
  • The motor is jammed due to a foreign body.


The reasons:

  • There is too much laundry in the tank, so the engine cannot work properly.
  • Breakdown of motor contacts.
  • The tachogenerator broke.


Bad tacho signal. Possible:

  • Damage to the tachogenerator.
  • Lost contact.
  • And so on.


  • Bad module contacts.
  • Displaced parts of the electric motor (direct drive).
  • Incorrect tachometer signals.


  • Damage to the electric motor.
  • Defective tachogenerator.
  • The integrity of the contacts is broken.

Next, we turn to the problems associated with water.

Washing machine error codes related to water inlet


  • Hose connection incorrect (hot and cold water mixed up).
  • There is no connection from the hose to the dispenser. The hose may be pinched or leaking.
  • Fill valve contacts broken.
  • A foreign body has entered the filling valve.


  • The water that enters during the drying mode is too hot (more than seventy degrees).
  • Error when connecting hot and cold water (hoses must be interchanged).


  • When performing delicate washing modes, the water is hotter than necessary (more than fifty degrees).

Electricity Mistakes

9E1 and 9E2

  • Make sure that the mains voltage is normal. Using a multimeter, check the voltage during all operations of the washing machine.
  • The voltage in the mains could also rise above the required level.
  • Less commonly, such an error appears when the control module breaks down.


  • The appearance of this code means that the voltage has exceeded the permissible or is not reaching the required level. That is, it exceeds 286V, or does not reach 177V.
  • If the voltage returns to normal, the washing will continue by itself. Recall that the voltage norm is values ​​from 177 to 286V.

Problems with the machine switch


  • The button is in the clamped position due to a change in the shape of the control panel.
  • Button jammed. She is in the clamped position for more than 12 seconds.
  • Also, this code can occur with excessively tightened self-tapping screws fixing the control panel.


  • The parts of the panel made of plastic are deformed.
  • The buttons, with the exception of the button responsible for turning the washing machine on and off, are clamped and are in this position for more than half a minute.
  • The screws securing the control panel are too tightly screwed.


  • Incorrect relay connection on the control or damaged contact.
  • The same relay received a short circuit.

UBL malfunctions (sunroof locking devices)

dE (door)

  • May occur after breaking the hatch door.
  • Due to the curvature of the hook that locks the door.
  • In boiling mode, this error may appear. This means that a pressure drop has occurred inside the machine due to the temperature difference.


  • Damage to the insulation of the wires is possible.
  • Faulty UBL connector.
  • The UBL connector is not connected correctly.


  • Not the most common mistake. It occurs when the switch makes on and off, overheats from vibrations.

Errors associated with the heating element (heater)

HE and HE1 (H1)

  • A short circuit or break in the heating element has occurred.
  • The heating element or temperature sensor has broken
  • If there is no water in the tank or it is heated over a hundred degrees, then in order to prevent the heating element from breaking due to overheating, the machine automatically cuts off the electricity supply.


  • It occurs when heating drying more than 145 degrees. Drying temperature sensor is responsible for the control. If the fault is the fault of the sensor, then it should be replaced with a new one.


  • Incorrect steam function of the washing machine.
  • It should not occur in cars that have a drum. Find out if this SMA has a steam function.

Temperature Sensor Errors


  • Malfunction of the heating element of the washing machine (TENA). It can also occur when contact is broken and the temperature sensor breaks.
  • The connectors have the wrong connection or there is a wire break.
  • There is no water in the machine’s tank or its temperature is over a hundred degrees.


  • Poor temperature sensor contact.
  • Short or open in the sensor.


  • Contact condensate temperature sensor is broken.
  • Sensor short circuit.
  • Faulty sensor connections.

Other bugs

5E - problems with draining water

  • The impeller of the drain pump is damaged.
  • Blockage in the drainage hose.
  • The drain path is clogged with garbage.
  • Bad contact of the drain pump.
  • Failure of individual components.

8E - motor error

  • Tacho malfunction due to which the drum rotates incorrectly.
  • Disruption of engine contacts.
  • Breakdown of control circuits.

Ae - communication problems

  • There is no data exchange between the control and display module.
  • Verify that the connection between the module is functioning properly. And find out if the connectors are connected correctly.
  • Change modules.

CE- excess temperature of the machine

  • The temperature is above 55 degrees and the drain does not occur.
  • It can happen when the water, when performing certain modes, heats above 55 degrees. Then the water should drain before discharge.
  • Incorrect operation of the temperature sensor or incorrect connection of various elements.

FE - ventilation problems

  • The fan wiring is broken and it does not start its work.
  • The capacitor connector drops out due to the closing of the upper part of the washing machine.
  • Failure of the starting capacitor. Unfortunately, with this problem it will not be possible to find the cause of the failure with a multimeter. So just change the capacitor.
  • There is no lubrication in the bearings of the fan or its blades are jammed. Due to these malfunctions, he does not start his work.

OE (OF) - code that occurs during water overflow

  • The pressure switch tube (level switch) is clogged.
  • Water inlet cannot stop due to the ingress of a foreign body into the filling valve.
  • The pressure switch (level sensor) has broken.

Ee - too high temperature (only for machines with drying)

  • The heating element of the drying element has deteriorated.
  • The temperature sensor of drying has broken.
  • The connectors of this sensor or its circuit have become unusable.

UE - there was an imbalance

  • Erasable things are arranged in a pile. In this case, you need to shift them.
  • Read the instructions, it may indicate the causes of this malfunction and methods for resolving it.

Sud (SUdS) - too much foam appeared during washing

  • Excessive amounts of foam typically result from the use of detergent that is not suitable for machine washing or from too much powder being sprinkled. When the foam settles, washing will resume. After this error has passed, you will notice on the display that the error has changed to the inscription “End” (translated from English - the end). And the washing will continue. This error is needed in order to prevent the occurrence of error of the measuring sensors.

We decided to discuss some errors in detail in separate articles:


128 reader comments

  1. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    and if the LE error is only L as an inverted F with two sticks, what kind of error is this?

    • Gravatar Valeriy Valery:

      perepere perefer_yu is not a module for sure
      soon t sensor

  2. Gravatar oleg Oleg:

    And if the error is E6?

    • Gravatar maxim050 maxim050:

      The problem with the heater.

    • Gravatar Vova Vova:

      On the 12th minute malfunction E6

  3. Gravatar Hope Hope:

    After the last wash, the door opened and there was a smell of burnt wiring. If you try to close the door again, it opens again.

  4. Gravatar Victoria Victoria:

    Sud error began to occur during each wash cycle, powder for machines. The amount of powder is correct. Should I contact a service center?

    • Gravatar oleg Oleg:

      need to clean the drain filter

      • Gravatar Elena Helena:

        Each wash gives foaming, the hoses are checked, even purged, and again it gives the same thing. What to do?

  5. Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

    We bought the styrene. Samsung car, on the display in the "cotton" mode produces "3H" and "4H". What does this mean?

    • Gravatar Marie marie:

      Same problem. Tell me, could you figure out what these symbols mean on the display?

    • Gravatar Uncle Uncle:

      This is not a mistake, this is the time before the end of the wash in hours.

  6. Gravatar Sema Sema:

    And if the error code is 2H?

    • Gravatar Dmitry Dmitriy:

      The machine as soon as it starts to draw water in 10 seconds it immediately gives an error EE only the first E has no upper stick ??

      • Gravatar Tanya Tanya:

        The same mistake! Tell me what to do!

      • Gravatar Clever smart ass:

        This is a malfunction of the drying temperature sensor. Taki masters call 🙂

    • Gravatar Marie marie:

      The indication is not an error, it is a designation of the time (more than 99 minutes before the end of the wash). The display of the washing machine is designed for only two segments (symbols), therefore it cannot show the value of 100 or more minutes.

    • Gravatar Uncle Uncle:

      If it really says 2H, not H2, then this means that the wash will last another 2 hours.

      • Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

        So what does H2 error mean?

  7. Gravatar Dmitry Dmitriy:

    On my washing machine gives EE, only the first E of the upper stick is not, like an inverted F.

    • Gravatar Clever smart ass:

      Actually this is a tE error, it means that the temperature sensor is defective or its wiring is damaged somewhere.

  8. Gravatar MAX MAX:

    If the error code is E9

    • Gravatar Vasya Vasya:

      Either the drain hose is not installed correctly or the detergent dispenser is leaking. But worst of all, if the tank is dripping. This is generally sadness ...

  9. Gravatar maria maria:

    metal sound during spinning what is it ???

  10. Gravatar Nadia Nadia:

    Error Code H1

    • Gravatar Admin Admin:

      Added info about this malfunction to the article.

  11. Gravatar Sasha sasha:

    The key is on how to remove it

    • Gravatar Tom Tom:

      No way, he himself will disappear when you can open.

  12. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    What does 5 U mean and some other letter was there?

  13. Gravatar NASTYA NASTYA:

    BE How to fix such an error? It occurs when it comes to spin.

    • Gravatar Vasya Vasya:

      bE is some kind of breakdown associated with the buttons on the socket.Either they stick, or something else.

  14. Gravatar VADIM VADIM:

    Error as if the door is not closed.

  15. Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

    And if 39 flashes?

  16. Gravatar Andrew Andrew:

    What does en mean?

  17. Gravatar Alex Alexey:

    HEO error - what is it?

  18. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    Blinking 40 degrees and bio60 degrees, what is it?

  19. Gravatar Igor Igor:

    The display shows Error, the washing programs do not start, and separately rinsing and draining work.

  20. Gravatar svetlana svetlana:

    LE on the display what to do?

    • Gravatar Olga Olga:

      LE on the display what to do? And how to fix it

    • Gravatar Admin Admin:

      Added information about this code to the article.

  21. Gravatar Nikolay Nikolay:

    The button that turns on the machine broke

  22. Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

    Ed on the display, what to do ???

    • Gravatar Vasya Vasya:

      Either the hatch of the washing machine is not tightly closed, or the door lock is broken.

      • Gravatar Natalia Nataliya:

        And what to do? How much will such a repair get up? The door is normally closed, but the error still comes out.

  23. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    for 12 min E6 is displayed

    • Gravatar Marina Marina:

      Display b2 and beep

    • Gravatar Vasya Vasya:

      This is a network connection error, or the heater or the heater is faulty.

  24. Gravatar Aseka Aseka:

    Error HE1 what to do

    • Gravatar Vasya Vasya:

      The same as I wrote above - either the wrong connection to electricity, or the heater failed.

  25. Gravatar Anya Anya:

    On a spin shows the SE icon what it means

    • Gravatar Vasya Vasya:

      Error 5E, outwardly similar to SE - somewhere blockage. More often it happens at the filter of the drain pump, hoses. Also in this case, the pump may break or the hose may be transferred.

  26. Gravatar Nastya Nastya:

    Error e7?

    • Gravatar Dimon Dimon:

      The level sensor is broken or its wiring.

  27. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    And the error is 2H or 3H

    • Gravatar Olga Olga:

      Error 8E1?

      • Gravatar Dimon Dimon:

        Defective vibration sensor or wires worn somewhere.

        • Gravatar Ruslan Ruslan:

          I have a problem on the Samsung WF-S861. When choosing any program, everything works. When you press the start button, it starts to squeak. The program does not start, and the error code is not displayed. Please tell me what is the reason?

    • Gravatar Dimon Dimon:

      It's not a mistake. Washing will end in 2 and 3 hours.

  28. Gravatar Zhenya Zhenya:

    the machine went out

  29. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    Writes error 8E1, what does this mean?

    • Gravatar Dimon Dimon:

      Answered above

  30. Gravatar Zinaida zinaida:

    During washing, the car stopped, writes error c5.

    • Gravatar Dimon Dimon:

      Maybe you mean 5C error. It means that the filter, hose or the drain pump is clogged.

  31. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    I generally wrote E: 21 I rummaged through everything in a single Samsung article, there is no such mistake, but I have it and what is it?

    • Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

      The machine is new, after the second wash on the display E: 21. The filter is clean, the start button is off. What kind of nonsense?

  32. Gravatar Alex Alexey:

    if the error code is 4s

    • Gravatar Dimon Dimon:

      The problem with the filling of water in the tank. Check if there is water in the water supply, if the supply is turned on. Also, water may not pass if the inlet hose is pinched, its filter is clogged or the leakage protection has tripped.

  33. Gravatar Lida Lida:

    Che error, what does this mean?

    • Gravatar Dimon Dimon:

      The problem is the same as in the comment just above yours. Water does not enter the machine.

  34. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    Writes UF (if correctly remembered).

  35. Gravatar Olya Olya:

    Error p5 what does it mean?

  36. Gravatar Suhl zulya:

    Hello! tell me what the washing error means on the display En

  37. Gravatar Alina Alina:

    and if the error is simply without the numbers b3

  38. Gravatar Natalya Natalya:

    I typed F on the typewriter (the letter F is inverted, or E is without the upper stick).

    • Gravatar Tom Tom:

      This is actually the letter t. Most likely something related to temperature.

  39. Gravatar Nina Nina:

    tell me what the he2 error on the display means

    • Gravatar Tom Tom:

      HE2 - either a failure of the heater, or an incorrect connection.

  40. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    I also have b3, what is it?

  41. Gravatar Natalie Natalie:

    The key icon is on. the machine does not start. What to do? How to disable this icon? The instructions for the car are ugly.

    • Gravatar Tom Tom:

      The key icon is lit a few minutes after washing.It means the door is locked. This is normal. Do not do anything, just wait 5 minutes, then open.

  42. Gravatar Sasha Sasha:

    Knocks out N2, what is it?

    • Gravatar Tom Tom:

      I don’t know such a code, maybe it’s H2? Then the heating element flew.

  43. Gravatar alx alx:

    Hi, I have 5e, how to fix it?

    • Gravatar Tom Tom:

      Water does not heat up. Either the heating element is broken, or there is a problem with electricity.

  44. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    And during the washing, I stopped spinning the drum, the key is on, the car does not open ... do not break it ... rebooting did not give anything.

    • Gravatar Tom Tom:

      Wait a few minutes

  45. Gravatar Marina Marina:

    Error be, tell me at least someone that is not working?

    • Gravatar Tom Tom:

      Buttons on a typewriter fall

  46. Gravatar Vitaliy Vitaliy:

    Good day. The Samsung WF71184 typewriter generates a UC code at the start of any program and does not start. Mains voltage 227 Volts, stable. Tell me where to look for the cause of the malfunction?

  47. Gravatar Yuri Yuri:

    Good day. The Samsung F313G typewriter gives an Ec code at the start of any program and does not start. The mains voltage is 225 volts, stable. Tell me where to look for the cause of the malfunction?

    • Gravatar Tom Tom:

      The temperature sensor has broken

  48. Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

    Throws a CU error, what does it mean?

  49. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    Error 2, which means that the glass does not heat up at a washing temperature of 60 degrees. Knocks out an error after 15 minutes of washing. Thank you in advance.

    • Gravatar master master:

      Check the heater

  50. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    Throws an error bE, what does this mean?

    • Gravatar Tom Tom:

      The problem with the buttons

  51. Gravatar Fedor Fedor:

    Throws error E6. What does this mean and what to do?

    • Gravatar Max Max:

      Most likely the heater is faulty. Need to change.

  52. Gravatar Victor Victor:

    Throws for 17 minutes long and does not show errors

  53. Gravatar Nata Nata:

    The spinning machine shakes very much. So you have to turn it off. What could it be?

    • Gravatar Cupcake Cake:

      Most likely you need to change the bearings. And if the equipment is new, then you will have to make a replacement together with the tank. Modern washers make the tank non-separable. So on the details you can earn more.

  54. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    Good afternoon, the code CL is lit on our display. Tell me, what does this mean?

  55. Gravatar John John:

    If it produces a ZE error? I checked everything: plugs, motor. Sometimes it starts to work and even reaches to the end. But more often than not.

  56. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    H2 - what does it mean?

  57. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    The display showed bE. Buttons during testing turned out to be working. But the brushes on the engine were erased.

  58. Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

    Error 6E - what is it?

  59. Gravatar Luda Lyuda:

    Display code 5d, what is it?

  60. Gravatar Maria Maria:

    When washing 95 after 35 minutes of washing, HI error, the water is cold.

  61. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    Water spontaneously gets into the drum, what should I do?

  62. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    In the "rinse and spin" mode, after a set of water, a single rotation of the drum occurs, and the machine freezes. The same thing happens in the "spin" mode after draining the water. No errors. What is the possible reason?

  63. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    The same error as Luda on 03/14/2017. 5d code - what is it?

    • Gravatar maxim050 maxim050:

      Here is an article about it: 5d error

  64. Gravatar Danil Danil:

    Error code t01.

  65. Gravatar Nikolay Nikolay:

    Replaced the door closure sensor, but the error remained. What to do?

  66. Gravatar Guzel Guzel:

    Error code 6 (reverse) 00g.

  67. Gravatar Victor Victor:

    The display shows the number 15. Flashing and an intermittent signal “-“. At this moment it does not respond to the control buttons.

  68. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    SE error how to fix?

  69. Gravatar Vadim Vadim:

    An error after the rinse mode En - and the whole machine turns off ... does not drain.

  70. Gravatar User User:

    Error bj

  71. Gravatar Gulya Gulya:

    If the lock works?

  72. Gravatar Svetlana Svetlana:

    After 3-5 minutes, the machine restarts itself and so on endlessly. After washing gives Ep.

  73. Gravatar Galina Galina:

    Hello, please tell me, no foam. Does not wring, at 12 minutes it gives an error 5 d.Does not drain water from the drum.

  74. Gravatar Lydia Lydia:

    After washing, the door does not open.

  75. Gravatar Paradise Raya:

    What is the error L3? I did not find in the book.

  76. Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

    Hello. Typewriter SAMSUNG WF602U2BKWQ. The red key is constantly blinking on the display. Enabled or disabled, closed or open. All the time. All functions work. What could it be? Thank you in advance.

  77. Gravatar Inna Inna:

    The lock icon is on. Programs do not switch, the machine does not start washing. What to do?

  78. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    After 15 minutes of starting at t 90, error H1 is written, what can be?

  79. Gravatar Tolya Tolya:

    What does error h mean (vice versa)?

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