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Error code E4 in the Crohn dishwasher

error E4 in PMM CrohnIf an E4 error occurs in a Krona dishwasher, it is urgent to de-energize the “home assistant” and start looking for a decryption of this code. Some error codes indicate serious malfunctions and if urgent measures are not taken, then fixing the machine will be much more difficult. Today we will parse the E4 code. As usual, we will give a decryption of the code and see how to find and fix the breakdowns that cause it.


Often, the error E4 is associated with the fact that a small puddle forms under the Crohn's dishwasher. If the control module did not respond in time to the problem and did not activate the E4 error, stopping the unit, the puddle would turn into a huge puddle. And the neighbors below (if any), would also not say thank you.

This error tells the user about overfilling and getting it into the dishwasher pan. In the pan there is a sensor that protects against leaks, so it worked, preventing a flood. Sometimes an error occurs when such a sensor works falsely, but such cases are more rare. Thus, we check:

  • a sensor that protects the machine from leakage, and at the same time the presence of water in the pan;
  • inlet valve, which elementary can stop closing normally;
  • a pressure switch that can burn out completely, or can simply become clogged with dirt.

The pressure switch tube clogging with dirt prevents the device from working fully, and this causes a lot of problems.

By checking all of these elements in turn, we can detect the malfunction and make repairs with our own hands. The best place to start is with the leak detector.

Leakage protection sensor

To get to the leak detector, and to many other details hiding in the bowels of the dishwasher tray, Krona is best to immediately remove both side walls. We do this immediately, without forgetting to disconnect the “home assistant” from the communications.

First of all, we put our hand in the pallet and feel it. If there is a lot of water, it means that there really is a leak somewhere and you need to find it, but first we will pour water.

  1. Bed with a rag on the right side of the machine body, and then tilt the dishwasher so that the glass water.
  2. We put a clean rag directly into the pan and gently collect the remaining water that could not be drained.
  3. Let the sensor float down, deactivating it.

What to do next? And then you need to look for a place of water leakage. We examine everything: detail after detail, pipe by pipe, until we find a hole. Further on the situation. It is better to change the punched part, but some cost with waterproof sealant. By eliminating the leak, you will get rid of the E4 error.

If there is no water in the pan or there is very little of it, just a few drops, it is worth checking the leakage sensor itself. Particular attention should be paid to contact, which can close spontaneously due to oxidation. Thoroughly clean the contact, or better, replace the entire sensor as a whole, it will be more true.

Intake valve malfunction

Quite often, fault code E4 appears due to a faulty intake valve. This can be seen even before disassembling the Crohn machine. You need to listen to what happens inside between the launch of the program and the appearance of the E4 error. If the valve constantly sizzles in the car, collecting water, and the pump buzzes, pumping it out, it means that the filling valve for some reason does not close.

If the pump had not pumped water out of the system, it could have spilled into the sump, which would have turned into additional problems.

If you hear this, immediately turn off the water supply to the machine, turn off the power and start checking the intake valve. Basically, you need to check the mechanism for opening and closing the valve, perhaps it just got trash, from which the part behaves in a similar way. You also need to check the resistance of the valve coil, if a breakdown is detected, repair it by replacing the valve.

Pressostat Errorsanalysis of the dishwasher Crohn

If the inlet valve works without comment, and the water in the Krona dishwasher still does not flow correctly, you should pay attention to the pressure switch. The water level sensor is one of the most "moody" elements of the dishwasher. This is a fairly sensitive device with a special tube on which the hose is worn. Through this thin hose, debris can get into the tube, which completely paralyzes the dishwasher. Some insignificant grain of sand may well stop the operation of the household appliance, and until you remove it from there, the control module will fix the E4 error.

First of all, you need to remove and carefully check the pressure switch. Particular attention should be paid to the tube. If it is clean, check the instrument coil. If you find a problem, doreplacing the pressure switch in the dishwasher Crown. There should not be any problems with this; most importantly, buy an original part to replace it.

So, how to fix, and most importantly, how to find the breakdown that triggered the appearance of the E4 error in your Crohn dishwasher? It is necessary to systematically examine all suspicious details according to the list that we cited in the article, until the malfunction is detected. Then the defective part just needs to be replaced, nothing needs to be invented. Well, we say goodbye to you and wish good luck!


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