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Efficiency class of washing a washing machine

Washing machine washing classLet's start the article by recalling the grading system in our schools and other educational institutions. As you all know, we are evaluated according to a five-point system. However, in other countries the rating system is completely different. In many countries, ratings are given either as a percentage or in letters. For example, in countries such as England, the USA, the alternative to our "five" is the letter "A". And then alphabetically. The farther the letter, the lower the score.

In the article you will learn what the classes of washing, drying, spin, and energy efficiency are. Also about the principles of all four classes. The consumer pays attention not only to the capacity of the washing machine, but also to all four classes. In total there are 7 classes of washing efficiency:

  • BUT,
  • AT,
  • WITH,
  • D
  • E
  • F
  • G.

Each class is determined for the machine by comparing the indicator of the tested washing machine to the indicator of the reference machine, which we will talk about below.

Now we will figure out which washing machines receive the highest rating - “A”.

Washing classA perfectly washed thing is that thing with which all the dirt has been removed. Moreover, any kind of pollution from any type of fabric. Many housewives know how difficult it is to remove a thing; they understand that the sooner you throw clothes in the wash, the easier it will be to wash. If the washing machine successfully copes with its task, it is given a "A" rating. The question now is how do manufacturers rate washing machines.

Each washing machine passes a test wash. For this washing use a certified machine, a small soiled piece of cloth and washing powder (use 180 g).

For each machine, the same piece of fabric with powder. The washing lasts 60 minutes, the temperature is 60 degrees Celsius. And after washing, the quality of the result is tested by the machine. At the very end, the manufacturers themselves consider the relation by which they receive the table. This table shows the classification of quality ratings. Thanks to this table, as well as the testing procedure itself, the manufacturer gives an assessment of the washing efficiency for the machine.

Some argue that they can easily see the difference between the washing class “A” and “B”. However, this is a myth. The fact is that the difference between the two classes is extremely small. Not every person with excellent vision can catch it. If the car is close to class "A", then we can not say that it does not erase well. However, the difference can be caught on bedding and white clothes.

The first reference car was created in 1995.

These machines are manufactured by authorized manufacturers. The characteristics of these machines fully comply with all European quality standards. Until now, these machines are doing the same technology as before. But, as with all technologies, progress goes further, and at a very fast pace, so thanks to new technologies we can choose a car much more efficiently and cheaper. This is already noticeable: today the class A machine does laundry 1.03 times better than the standard machine. So it is better to buy washing machines of class "A" and "B", if finances allow you. You can also class "C", although this is not desirable, but not lower.

Now we will deal with another class - energy consumption and consumption

Washing machine classIf we take the average statistics, then a week the car runs from 3 to 5 hours. The difference between this time is only 9 kW * h / kg per year (per 1 kg). Now try multiplying by the amount of washing that you are used to. You may notice that the quality of washing and energy consumption depends not only on the class of the washing machine.

It most depends on the amount of washing. If you overload your washing machine, the washing quality will deteriorate, and there will be a lot of energy consumption. This is also worth considering when washing.

But still, class “A” washing machines are much more profitable, because they use the least energy. And if you think logically, it becomes clear that the lower the class, the higher the energy consumption. And by the way, to indicate the norm of energy consumption, another class was added - A +.

And the last thing we will deal with is how the car is highly rated by the spin class.

Here, everything is very logical and simple: initially, the manufacturer weighs the laundry before washing, then the laundry is washed under normal conditions. After washing, the manufacturer simply divides the mass obtained after washing into the mass that was before washing. The effectiveness of the spin depends on the speed of rotation and the diameter of the drum of the machine. If we take the “A” class washing machine as an example, then its rotation speed reaches 1,500 rpm.

If you like to dry clothes on a dryer or a rope, then you can safely buy a class “G” car. In general, these machines do not even squeeze out laundry, they just wash it. If you still prefer that drying is short-lived and simple, then buy a washing machine of the first three classes. Still, why spend free time on what a washing machine can do for you? Especially for a car with a very good spin, you will pay not so much - only a few tens of dollars.

In the article, we talked about all the advantages in favor of choosing a class “A” washing machine, as well as “B” and “C”. We hope the article was helpful to you. This knowledge is useful not only to choose the right machine, but also so that you can identify inconsistencies for the class in the washing machine, if any.


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