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The washing machine spin class - which is better?

Spin in the washing machineIf you want to buy a washing machine, then you should evaluate all its qualities. Often we want to use our household appliances for many years. Therefore, it is worthwhile to understand at least those functions of the machine that you will use regularly. And if you are interested in the spin class, then you should take some time to study it. In this article, we will analyze the different spin classes, their effectiveness, and which one will be best for you.


The classification of such an important washing process as spin is closely related to how many revolutions a washing machine can make. Typically, the number of revolutions in cars is from 700 to 1700 revolutions per minute. And the effectiveness of the automatic process of spinning the laundry depends on how wet the laundry remains after spinning.

It is calculated quite simply. To do this, we need to weigh the laundry that has already been wrung out. Then wait until it is completely dry and weigh again. And when we already know both numbers, we only need to subtract the weight of dry clothes from the wet weight, divide the resulting value by the weight of dry clothes and multiply by one hundred percent.

There is also a European standard for the quality of drying clothes. It is supported worldwide. And based on the Latin alphabet. In accordance with this standard, high-quality spin is marked with the letter "A". Slightly worse - the letter "B". Even worse - the letter "C". And so on. The last letter in this classification is “G”.

Let's analyze this classification in more detail. And let's start from the worst indicator:

  • “G” - this letter tells us that the quality of the spin corresponds to a figure of more than 90%. This means that the humidity of the item after spinning will be more than 90%.
  • “F” - this designation corresponds to laundry humidity from 81 to 90%.
  • “E” - this value indicates 72-81 percent moisture.
  • “D” - corresponds to values ​​from 63 to 72 percent.
  • “C” - 54-63 percent.
  • Ironing machine“B” - means that this washing machine is able to wring out a thing, leaving humidity at 45-54 percent.
  • “A” - this is the highest quality. It guarantees us a humidity of less than 45% percent.

In addition to the number of revolutions of the drum, the process of spinning the laundry is also affected by how it rotates. For example, some washing machines have a push-up mode without ironing. Her drum spins in a special way, it periodically changes the speed of rotation and due to this technique, such an effect is achieved that the laundry does not wrinkle during spinning. Therefore, after washing, you can not iron the laundry, but just hang it to dry and do without an iron after drying.

So what type of spin to choose?

As practice shows, the need for a number of revolutions in the washing machine over 1000 does not make much sense for spinning. Now, if you compare four hundred and six hundred revolutions, then the difference is significant. Since at four hundred, the humidity of the thing will be approximately equal to 90 percent, and at six hundred - seventy-five. With a thousand revolutions, the moisture of the wrung thing will be approximately equal to 60 percent. Which is quite acceptable, especially when you consider that ordinary room air has similar humidity.

Quite often, cars with a high number of revolutions are significantly more expensive than those with less revolutions per minute. However, from a practical point of view, not everyone is able to distinguish the difference between the humidity of things wrung out at 1000 rpm and at 1500 rpm. This difference can only be seen on things made of thick fabric. For example, on jeans or a coat.

In other cases, too many revolutions can adversely affect the laundry. In addition, items removed after such washing may be excessively wrinkled. And then they will have to be smoothed out for a long time.Therefore, we recommend that you do not chase too much speed. A better focus on the quality of the machine.

Tips for anyone planning to buy a washing machine

Buying a washing machineOne familiar master advised to purchase washing machines only of foreign assembly. If you believe his words, then home appliances Italian and German assembly Differs in high quality of work. And it breaks down much less often than the same Italian and German cars that are assembled in Russia or China.

You may also be interested in energy class washing machines. After all, some cars consume a lot of electricity, while others a little. Moreover, both of them can wash clothes of approximately the same quality. Therefore, we recommend choosing economical cars.

The most economical household appliances has a sign: “A ++”, models with the designations “A +” and “A” are also recommended for purchase. They consume a little more electricity. Next are the stamps with the icons "B", "C", "D" and so on to the letter "G" inclusive. True, you are unlikely to find the latter on store shelves. Since now all manufacturers are striving to improve the parameters of their equipment. And more and more often you can notice the model “A”, “A +” and “A ++”.

We hope you get the machine that will work for many years. And it will delight you with the quality of washing and spinning. Read our website. And have a nice day!


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