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Chinese washing machinesConsumers are already used to the fact that almost all household appliances enter the world markets from China. But among the washing machines manufactured in China, there are many own brands that can boast of high quality and favorable price. We invite you to get acquainted with the TOP-3 of the best Chinese automatic machines, with their advantages and the most recognized models among the people.

Haier Technique

High-quality Chinese washing machines are produced by Haier. This company has long been recognized not only in Asia and Russia, but also in many European countries. Hayer machines are distinguished by a pleasant combination of innovative technologies and reasonable cost.

The main production facilities and the Hayer General Directorate are located in China, but there is a plant in Russia, in Naberezhnye Chelny.

The popularity of Haier washing machines is due to the many advantages and capabilities of cars. So, judging by the reports of world service centers and consumer reviews, machines differ:

  • Profitability. A thoroughly thought-out system of water and electricity consumption allows the economical use of resources, which significantly reduces the cost of utilities.
  • High quality washing. Despite being economical, Haier machines can handle any kind of dirt, and high-speed spinning almost completely dries things. Users especially praise the program for washing children's clothes and the mode for down products.
  • Compactness. Many modern Chinese-made automatic washing machines offer narrow models that greatly save space in the apartment. Haier washing machines also have a convenient depth of the hull, which is combined with a sufficient capacity of 5-6 kg.
  • Noiselessness. Due to the inverter motor, direct drive and a stable housing that is not subject to vibrations, the machines wash much quieter than similar models of other brands.
  • Long warranty. Haier electric motor is warranted for 12 years.
  • Functionality. A clear interface, a variety of washing modes, increased security and additional options make washing easy and fast. The fast-wash program, which is able to clean things in 15 minutes, is especially attractive to buyers.
  • Introduced innovations. These machines boast the latest technologies that simplify and speed up the washing process. For example, the Smart Dosing option automatically reads the mode selected by the user, load volume, characteristics of water and detergent, and after analysis calculates the required amount of powder, rinse aid and conditioner. The Smart Dual Spray function is also useful, which throughout the cycle ensures that the cuff and hatch glass are clean by directing two streams of clean water at them.
  • Low price. The cost of cars varies from 25,000 to 70,000 rubles, which makes them not very cheap, but not expensive.

Haier HW60-12266AS Haier HWD70-1482S

The range offered by the manufacturer is also impressive. From a wide range of various models it is easy to choose the best machine with a reasonable price and suitable functionality. If you trust the opinion of consumers, it is better to choose from the sales leaders Haier –HWD70-1482S, HW60-12266AS or HW60-1082S.

Xiaomi cars

In recent years, Xiaomi, a major manufacturer of electronics products, has expanded its range of products with large household appliances, including washing machines. The head of the company, Lei Jun, was able to perfectly assess the needs of consumers and offer the market the best value for money. This is the “trick” of the Xiaomi brand - low cost with powerful technical characteristics and high quality.

The assembly of Xiaomi products takes place only in China.

Favorably distinguishes the company and unique software for the control system of machines.It is easily flashed and repaired, while for similar boards from other manufacturers only replacement helps.Xiaomi MiJia Washing Machine

A limited assortment can be considered a drawback, but the company is actively working on the release of new models. The latest novelty is the Xiaomi MiJia Washing Machine, which pleased consumers with a record low price and high functionality. So, a machine with a capacity of up to 10 kg, a modern design and built-in dryer costs only 330 US dollars. The main operational characteristics are presented in the review.

  1. Machine power - 1800 watts, drying - 1200 watts.
  2. Spin intensity - up to 1400 rpm.
  3. Noise level within 62-72 dB.
  4. Class of electricity consumption - A +.
  5. Complete leakage protection.

Also, the machine is not without backlighting, electronic controls and a touch screen. Attracts the introduction of special technologies that ensure economical use of resources. There are no alternatives with similar characteristics and parameters for the assigned price.

Automatic washing machines Hisense

Washing machines from the Chinese manufacturer Hisense are only gaining popularity in the Russian market, but specialists predict a promising future for them. Most likely, in 3-5 years, this brand will stand on a par with the well-known LG Bosch or Indesit, at least for the Russian consumer. There is already a production base for responding to growing consumer demands - thirteen factories in China and several other factories in other countries.

But two models from Hisense are already loved by Russian and European customers. These are the WFEA6010 and WFEA6010S. We offer to get to know them better.

Hisense WFEA6010 is an ultra-compact washing machine with a body depth of only 45 cm. Despite its modest dimensions, the machine is capable of washing up to 6 kg of laundry in one cycle. The spin speed reaches 1000 rpm, and the approximate flow rate of water is 40 liters. The user will be pleased with the variety of programs with the possibility of delicate, fast, economical, prewash, as well as super-rinse and separate modes for woolen and silk products. Facilitates the use of washing machines and a delay timer for starting within 23 hours.

Hisense WFEA6010S Hisense WFEA6010

The front-facing Hisense WFEA6010S has a digital display, electronic control and a silver-colored case. The maximum load is limited to 6 kg, which is very convenient with the compactness of the unit with a depth of 45 cm. Consumers will appreciate the economical energy consumption of A ++ class, child protection, unbalance control and spin up to 1000 revolutions with the possibility of varying the intensity of rotation of the drum. There are 8 standard programs, including super-rinse, quick wash, economy mode and pre-stain removal. Additional "chips" models will be the memory function, delayed start up to 23 hours and free choice of water heating temperature.

Automatic machines Midea

Among the most famous Chinese suppliers of washing machines is Midea Holding Co. Since 1968, small and large household appliances have been produced under this name. It all started with refrigeration equipment, and units were manufactured in a small workshop in the town of Beijiao, Guangdong Province. The starting capital was an amount of 5 thousand yuan, which was collected among 23 local residents.

The founder of the company, He Xiangjiang, remained the president of the company, and currently there are more than 130 thousand employees in the state of Midea - foreign highly qualified engineers, experts and laboratory assistants. Already in 2013, sales exceeded $ 18.7 billion, and exports - $ 7.2 billion, and so far the financial turnover has only grown. Now about the brightest Midea models, which have gained immense popularity among Russian consumers.

  • WMB6121 is a 6 kg front built-in washer with a white body, a polymer washing tub and a simple design. The machine is full-sized with dimensions of 83/60/54 cm and weighing 57 kg.Electronic control is provided, leakage protection is complete, and the spin does not exceed 1200 rpm. The machine boasts a diverse set of programs, among which, in addition to the standard ones, there are modes for delicate fabrics, children's clothes and wool products. The noise level varies between 57-74 dB, energy consumption is included in the discharge A ++, and the water flow per cycle does not exceed 48 liters. The cost of WMB6121 is approximately 32,490 rubles.
  • WMF612E is a budget free-standing front-type machine with a polymer tank and a capacity of up to 6 kg. Such an automatic machine costs about 15,990 rubles, which is very inexpensive for having functional. So, the washing machine has an economical energy class A ++, washing level A, is capable of accelerating during spin up to 1200 rpm and consumes no more than 48 liters per cycle. Also, the user will be pleased with full protection against leaks, a delayed start, a wide range of programs and a dashboard lock from children. The case is narrow, as the depth is 47 cm.
  • ABWM612G2 18462. Another freestanding frontal Chinese washing machine with a maximum load of 6 kg. The tank is made of polymers, which together with a direct drive reduces the noise level to 59-76 dB. Other characteristics are not inferior: delayed start, spin up to 1200 rpm, power consumption class A +++, child lock and leakage protection. Among the standard set of modes there is a program for children's underwear, delicate fabrics and wool washing. Dimensions 85/60/45, weight 50 kg, and the cost is 10,990 rubles.

Midea ABWM612G2 Midea WMF612E

All companies supplying household appliances from China cannot be considered within the framework of one article. There are a lot of them, and to find among them high-quality and not overpricing manufacturers of washing machines is quite realistic.


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