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What to do if sneakers turn yellow after washing

sneakers turned yellowFavorite white sneakers turned yellow after washing, their appearance is no longer attractive. What to do? Is it possible to throw out shoes and abandon white forever? We think that you should not do so dramatically, we suggest trying to return the former whiteness to sneakers. There are several ways to do this, we decided to share them with you.

Why sneakers turn yellow after washing

To return the sneakers to their former white color, you need to understand why they turn yellow at all. What is the nature of the yellow spots? Maybe this will help in the fight against them. There may be several reasons for yellowness on shoes.

  • One of the most common causes is improper drying. Most shoe owners, in order to speed up the process, dry shoes on the street, in the sun. Indeed, sneakers dry faster, but after a while under the influence of ultraviolet light they begin to turn yellow. Perhaps not immediately, but after a few dryers.
  • Rinse in a small amount of water. In other words, the detergent is poorly rinsed from the sneaker fabric, which, after drying, appears as yellow spots.

    Water for washing and rinsing should be warm, but not hot! From this, sneakers can also turn yellow.

  • Another reason is an improperly selected detergent or poor quality yellow stains on sneakersfacilities.
  • Rarely, but the cause of yellow spots can be improper preparation of shoes for washing.
  • The reason may be chemical reactions during the interaction of the powder and the sole material.
  • Pay attention to the water in which you are going to wash the sneakers. Is it clean? It happens that water pipes change in a microdistrict, and then small particles of rust appear in the water, the water becomes cloudy.

Yellow spots can appear not only on the outside of the shoe, but also inside. In people suffering from excessive sweating, yellow spots may appear due to sweat. With improper washing, such stains appear. No matter how accurate you are, you have to somehow deal with these spots.

Bleach and soap

The first thing that comes to mind on removing stains from white fabric is, of course, bleaches. There are many, but it is best to choose oxygen. Before washing sneakers with bleach, they need to be prepared:

  • pull out the laces and insoles;
  • wash the sole from dirt.

Remember! Only clean shoes are bleached, otherwise there will be no desired effect.

Next, the shoes are soaked in warm water with the addition of bleach or washing powder with bleaching properties for a couple of hours. But this does not mean that they need to be put in water and left for two hours. From time to time, you need to rub the sneakers with a brush, you can take a toothbrush. We clean not only the top of the shoe, but also inside.

If the yellow spots do not respond, take a tooth powder. Pour the powder onto the stain and brush it. You can repeat the soaking procedure a couple of times, while changing the water. As soon as the sneakers get the desired color, start rinsing them, not sparing clean water.

toothpaste cleaning

If yellow spots have just appeared and have a light shade, then you can try to bleach them with soap. Just take for this not laundry soap, but bleaching. For example, soap "Eared Nannies", "Sarma", "Clean & White". Shoes need to be wet, lather and rub, leaving for 30-40 minutes, then rinse off the foam. Repeat the procedure several times.

Toothpaste and brush

Toothpaste works well with yellowness on shoes. For such purposes, it is not necessary to take an expensive one, an ordinary one with a whitening effect is also suitable. The color of the paste itself should also be white, without blue and red particles. Otherwise, instead of bleaching, sneakers will be painted.

The procedure is performed as follows:

  • slightly wet the surface of the shoe, it should not be wet;toothpaste and brush
  • we apply the paste on a damp sponge, a white cloth or a toothbrush;
  • three contaminated areas of shoes;
  • leave the paste for 20-30 minutes;
  • once again we clean everything;
  • wash off the paste;
  • rinse thoroughly;
  • dry.

Note! Toothpaste whitens not only the shoe fabric, but also the rubber sole.

Peroxide and ammonia

An old proven tool - ammonia will help get rid of yellow spots on a white fabric sneaker. Some underestimate it due to improper use, but there is still some sense in it. Before the procedure, the sneakers should be clean and dry. Take a bandage or cotton pad and moisten it with ammonia, rub the yellow area of ​​the fabric. Leave on for 20-30 minutes, rub again. The spots do not begin to fade immediately, so you have to repeat the procedure up to 10 times, which will require patience from you. At the end, the shoes are rinsed and dried.

clean sneakers with ammonia

You can restore the white color using hydrogen peroxide. To do this, it is mixed with vinegar and washing powder in a ratio of 1: 1: 1. The resulting paste is rubbed sneakers and left to interact with spots. After 30-40 minutes, rinse, rinse and dry.

We are trying to paint over

white shoe paintAnd finally, an extreme measure is the staining of yellowed shoes. Stores offer special paint for shoes, which is very easy to use at home. The paint will hide not only the yellowed areas of the fabric, but also other spots.

The paint is supplied in cylinders; instructions are attached to it. Therefore, before use, carefully read it and do not neglect a single point. As a result, you get new, snow-white sneakers.

Washing rules

If there are no glued small parts on the shoes, and the manufacturer allows washing the sneakers in the washing machine, it is quite possible to try machine wash. Some people are very afraid to wash any shoes in the automatic mode, thinking that they will immediately end. This is not fair, because if you follow the rules for automatic washing of sneakers, then such washing will cause shoes much less harm than hand washing. What rules are we talking about, how to wash shoes?

  1. Before washing, sneakers need to be lined up, the insoles removed, and then put the shoes in laundry bag and only then put in the drum of the washing machine.

If the shoe is heavily soiled, it must be treated before machine wash, with detergents.

  1. Choose powders and cleaning gels that do not contain chlorine. Chlorine-containing “sink” will make sneakers darken.shoe wash bag
  2. Choose a gentle washing mode during which the drum will spin slowly. Spin must also be turned off without fail.
  3. Shoe laces should be washed by hand. If you put the laces in the washer, there is a risk that they will slip into the tank and then get stuck in the drain pipe.
  4. If the washing machine has a “drying” function, in no case turn it on. From forced drying in the drum of the washing machine, the sneakers will definitely turn yellow and deform.
  5. Use the extra rinse function.

When washing shoes manually, you also need to remember some rules. The main rule: do not use aggressive chemicals, especially those that contain chlorine and acids. When washing shoes in a basin, do not exert too much effort, wiping off the dirt - do not harm the shoes, also make sure that the brushes do not have rough abrasive surfaces and bristles. Wash and rinse products only at a temperature of 30-35 degrees. Rinse at least 5 times.

The more carefully you relate to the departure of white sneakers, the longer they will last you. The less likely they are to turn yellow. We hope you now know how to wash white rag shoes. Be careful!


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  1. Gravatar Oksana Oksana:

    For a long time I tormented my sneakers. And finally I found a solution. So, we washed out the washed white sneakers or gym shoes manually. Then we push the paper inside. And most importantly, take thin napkins and wrap completely.So that the paper is saturated and glued. Then you can put it in an ordinary warm place. All yellow spots will remain on paper, and you will again be in white sneakers. Good luck to all!

    • Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

      Huge thanks! I did not expect so easy to get rid of stains. Such a large article, and all that is needed, is to take your advice!

    • Gravatar Christina Kristina:

      Thank! The advice is actually effective.

    • Gravatar Lyudmila Lyudmila:

      Thanks for the advice! I tried and it turned out, super!

  2. Gravatar Valya Valya:

    You have no price, Oksana! Thank you very much!

  3. Gravatar Marina Marina:

    Oksana, hello, yesterday I read about your advice, I tried it right away. It really works. All yellowness remained on paper. And the sneakers became snow-white! Thank you very much, I was almost disappointed.

  4. Gravatar Svetlana Svetlana:

    Useful article! Thank!

    • Gravatar Guzel Guzel:

      Have you washed by hand or in a typewriter too?

  5. Gravatar Luba Lyuba:

    Yellow stains after washing the sneaker, apparently due to hard water appear. If the last 2 rinses are done in warm filtered water, or in boiled water, there are no stains. At least it helped me.

  6. Gravatar Lesa Lesya:

    Better still white toothpaste and toothbrush. Rub, leave for 20-30 minutes, rinse. Well, you can wash it once. The main rules: the water should not be hot, rinse well with detergent and dry in the sun. So they will definitely turn yellow without you 🙂

  7. Gravatar Denis Denis:

    Yesterday I washed the sneakers, then threw them into the dryer and as a result, yellow stains appeared along the entire edge. What to do, tell me?

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