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Reviews of Calgon for washing machines

calgon reviewsHow many anti-scale detergents for washing machines are on store shelves. But the most publicized of these is Kalgon. There are few people who would never buy it. Those who tried, were divided into two camps: for the use of this tool and against its use. We turn to real reviews of people on this topic.

Opinions for

konovalov.kardan, Novgorod

In the city I live, the quality of the water leaves much to be desired. The content of impurities and lime exceeds the permissible norm. The fact is that in our region there are underground salt and mineral springs. On the one hand, it seems to be good, but if you look at the statistics on diseases, you will find that the most common disease among our population is kidney stones.

For this reason, in our family, water passes through the stages of cleaning before drinking. First, we run it through the filter, then we defend it for a day, boil, again we defend a little and only after this use for cooking and drinking. Because of such water, such household appliances as a kettle, water heater, washing machine fail very quickly, which is in the hands of sellers.

However, there are some ways to reduce the risk of machine breakage from scale. For us, this method is called Calgon. It was recommended by relatives, whose machine has been working without failures for 8 years, when using this tool constantly. Practice has shown that not only the machine is protected, but also linen is protected from lime. Note that all major manufacturers of equipment recommend Calgon.

This tool, although it is expensive, but justifies itself.

You have to put it to the maximum with such water, but the powder, as written on the package, can be put a little less. Saving in this, of course, no, but the machine is protected exactly.

Alla2, SamaraCalgon tablets

I don’t save on funds for a washing machine. I always buy Calgon to soften water, I take a package of 550g for about 200 rubles. This tool improves the performance of the technique. Thanks to him, the machine does not break, it does not form scale. I noticed that with Kalgon the washing quality is higher: the linen is softer, the color is not lost, white things do not turn gray.

This product is sold not only in the form of powder, but also in the form of tablets, which are very convenient to use. This tool can be added even with the Delicate items mode. I advise everyone to Calgon 2 in 1 in powder, it lasts for a long time if you have medium hardness water.

Evgeniya GG, Almetyevsk

Since we recently bought a washing machine, we immediately thought about protecting it. Advertising in all colors shows the effectiveness of descalers, but is it really so? I will share my impressions and five years of experience with the use of Calgon (using the example of an old machine).

I added it at every wash in the dosage indicated on the packaging for medium hard water. The machine was loaded vertically, and the drum was viewed very well. Once I saw a video in which they told us about how they “fool us” and make us pay a lot of money for a useless tool. After such anti-advertising, I felt uneasy, I was upset for the money thrown into the wind for 5 years, and what do you think? I did not buy it anymore.

After six months of budget savings, a white coating appeared on the walls of the drum, over time it became larger.

Since the machine was decided to be replaced because of its disadvantages, it continued to wash without Kalgon. As a result, after two years of such operation, the drum turned white outside, you can imagine what happened to the other parts of the machine.

The master to install a new machine also said that you can not add Calgon when washing, a good enough powder. But when we showed our old washing machine with a touch of lime, he was surprised.After that, all doubts disappeared, I know for sure that Calgon is necessary. The linen is always clean and soft without prior curing and soaking.

khabibi1993, city of ArsenievCalgon Powder

All my friends said that when washing, you need to use Calgon, since in our city there is hard water. I myself noticed the water quality from the scum that forms in the teapot, which I often boil with citric acid, since the scum appears quickly. In connection with these, I decided to save a new washing machine and bought Calgon. After a while, I found an advice on the Internet: instead of constantly using Kalgon, clean the washing machine with citric acid. But this advice seemed stupid to me, since my “home assistant” would not work without things.

I decided not to save and use the tool. Outwardly, you will not see plaque, if you do not apply Calgon. The drum will always shine inside. In a rented apartment, a very old car was used, in it the drum shone like a new one. But when the machine broke down, her husband dismantled it and was in shock, since the tank and ten were covered with lime. So, make a conclusion.


Disputes about the means of Calgon have been ongoing for a long time, confirmation of this is the numerous forums on the topic: "Calgon reviews." Many consumers refuse it because of the price, because it is quite expensive, and the market offers cheap substitutes. My experience has shown that saving a budget can result in a breakdown of the machine. That is exactly what happened, now we have a new machine. We don’t even think about buying Kalgon powder, we take it and add it at every wash.

It contains tripolyphosphate, which fights corrosion and slows down the wear of internal parts. Having killed one washing machine, I don’t want to lose the second, so now we know everything about Kalgon.

Cons Opinions

JuliaLa, Kursk

Calgon is an absolutely useless tool, and all the information on the packaging is nonsense. A home appliance repair technician who came to my mother-in-law’s call assured us with confidence that Calgon was ineffective. Thanks to him, our budget was saved. But we really did not notice any effect, naively believing that he was saving the machine. The master advised cleaning with ordinary citric acid, cheaply and cheerfully. It’s enough to add 200 grams of lemons to the car during start-up at a temperature of 90 degrees. And the scum will not be scary to her.

belka634, Ozersk

I think that Calgon is just an expensive and publicized substitute for ordinary soda. If we take, for example, Antikipin, then its composition is no different from Kalgon, but it costs several times cheaper. The master who repaired the machine from my mother said so that this tool is just a money transfer. Only the observance of the operating rules will help to preserve the equipment.. Do not wash too often at high temperatures around 90 degrees. And the most important thing is to install it correctly so that vibration is minimized.

kotenok2102, Orsk

Not a word of truth in the advertisement about Calgon means. It doesn’t help against scale in the washing machine or in the dishwasher. I used this product for a very long time, pouring it every time when washing, but over time, the scum still appeared. During the repair, the master took out a ten, which was all covered with scale. So much for Calgon, “like a goat’s milk”!

It is better to use citric acid, it not only prevents the appearance of calcareous deposits, but also wash the old ones well.

Fox Maroussia, Altai

Not so long ago, an unpleasant odor appeared in my washing machine. I decided to clean the machine, for this purpose I bought a pack of Kalgon 550 g. I read that this tool:

  • maintains cleanliness in the machine;
  • eliminates unpleasant odor;
  • protects from scale;
  • softens water.

Believing in the promises, I added the detergent to the powder. As a result, after the first washing, I found a lump of powder in the powder receiver. After the second wash, the lump formed was larger. I concluded for myself that the remedy is terrible, I will not advise it to anyone.


I didn’t think that I would ever fall for the trick of advertising. The persistence of the master from advertising took up, but because I bought a pack of Calgon. Before you fill it in the machine, I decided to disassemble it and look at the heater, anyway the warranty period has already expired. There really was a scum on the heaters, but not much. He collected the machine and began to use the tool. After a year of operation, I decided to look again at the ten. There was no limit to surprise, because there was more scale.

The question is, what for bought? For the sake of curiosity, I read a chemistry textbook and found out that citric acid works well with scum, which I later tested in practice. I concluded: I had to study hard!

Pink Ice

After 5 years and 1 month of using Kalgon during washing, my washing machine broke down, the heater burned out. The repairman just said that there was no benefit in it, you should not overpay. You must regularly clean the machine, for example, citric acid at maximum heating temperature.


My opinion on the Calgon anti-limescale product is that it's crap. Read carefully the composition of modern powders, they already have everything you need to soften water and protect the washing machine. I do not advise you to overpay and buy this tool.

To summarize, the opinions of users of this tool are really divided. Someone is confident in its effectiveness, others, on the contrary, do not see any benefit in it. We just noticed that out of ten reviews, only three are positive, the remaining seven are negative. Decide for yourself whether to use this tool or not.


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