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Which washing machine to choose and how?

How to choose a washing machineIf you are considering buying a car, but have not yet decided which one, then this article will help you. Here we discuss the different types of washing machines and what details are important when choosing.

Types and Types

Washing machines may differ in various ways. The most popular option for Russia is front-loading cars. And in the USA and China, top-loading cars are more in demand. Let's analyze their features.

Top Loading Machines

Top-loading washing machineIn cars of this design there is no hatch familiar to many from the front of the case. It is replaced by a hinged lid, which is located on top. It is through her that dirty laundry is loaded into the drum. It can be opened with the lock button.

In most such models, to extract clean items after washing, you need to turn the drum so that the opening wings are on top. Also, in some models, at the end of washing, the machine automatically places the drum flaps so that it does not need to be rotated. This function is called “Drum Up”.

One of the most important benefits of a top-loading washing machine is space saving. Using this model, you do not need to consider the presence of additional space on the front side of the machine to open the hatch. Since there is no front hatch in it, but there is a lid that opens up. The volumes of this unit themselves are approximately the same as those of the usual frontal devices (about 80-95 cm high, about 40-45 cm wide.). The depth of the vertical cars is about sixty centimeters. And for machines with loading from the front, it can be different from 40 to 60 cm.

It is believed that this type of household appliances drum is characterized by increased reliability. But experts do not confirm this. And they say that there are no fundamental differences in the drums between washing machines of various kinds.

The quality of washing, rinsing and spinning in frontal and vertical machines is not particularly different. But for those who like to see the washing process, the “vertical” is not suitable, for the reason that it does not have a transparent door or some kind of window. They are simply not provided by design.

Front-loading cars

Front-loading washing machineAs we mentioned above, in Russia this type of household appliances is very popular. And when most Russian people think of a washing machine, they imagine this particular model. It is distinguished by a round hatch with a transparent wall located in front. For fans to watch the course of washing clothes, this option will be the most suitable. Since through the glass window of the hatch you can see everything that happens inside the machine.

"Frontalka" can wash from 3.5 to 10 kg of linen, depending on the technical characteristics of each particular model. Of the minor disadvantages, it should be noted that when installing and using the machine, you should always consider that there should be free space on the front side of the machine for the hatch to open freely.

The height of most machines of this type is 80 plus or minus 15 cm. There are also front-loading washing machines, adapted for small rooms. For example, narrow ones that do not exceed forty centimeters in depth. Or mini models. They are significantly smaller than standard. And easily suitable even for the smallest rooms. But it is worth considering that these models will have a lower capacity for laundry. And maybe less power.


  • Standard. They have a height of about 90cm. Their width and depth is approximately equal to 60cm. Allows you to wash 5-7 kg of laundry.
  • Compact. Their height is about 70 cm (plus or minus 2 cm). Width about half a meter. And the depth is about 45 cm. Loading 3 kg of linen.
  • Narrow. Height and width are the same as standard machines. Depth is about 40 cm. Depth is 35-40 centimeters.It can be washed at a time from three and a half to five kilograms.
  • Super-tight. Height and width are the same as standard models. Depth is about 35 cm, sometimes a little less. Loading from three and a half to four kg.

Comparison of frontal and vertical washing machines


  • Frontal cars have a large assortment in the Russian market of household appliances.
  • Also, they are often cheaper than their vertical "colleagues."
  • Using frontal washing machines, you can see the entire washing process through the transparent part of the hatch.
  • The standard models include a fairly large amount of linen.

As small minuses, it should be noted that it is necessary to bend down to remove the washed laundry. And the fact that you need to have some free space for the normal opening of the hatch.


  • Most models are narrow and suitable for small rooms.
  • The capacity is quite high.
  • There is no need to bend much when removing and loading laundry.
  • It is possible to report things even during washing.

Of the minuses, it can be noted that such cars, as a rule, are more expensive. Also, most household appliances of this type do not have special differences in size. That is, if you want to find a mini "vertical", then you are unlikely to succeed.

How to choose the right one?

Choose a washing machineThe types of washing machines we have already discussed. And you can go to the next no less important parameters that apply to both types of cars. Let's start with the drum capacity. When buying new household appliances, it is worth considering the number of people who live with you. If you live from three to five people, then the machine should be able to wash at least 5 kilograms of laundry at a time.

It should also be borne in mind that different types of tissue may require a different amount of space. So one woolen sweater can replace 5-6 cotton t-shirts.

Be careful! Do not overload the washing machine. Put no more laundry in the drum than the instruction permits. Also, do not put too little laundry. No need to wash one T-shirt or T-shirt. Wait until at least 1.5–2 kg has accumulated. Things in need of washing.

How to save?

From the point of view of cost savings, it is more profitable to take standard size cars. But if you are limited in free space, then your choice is narrow or compact models. A significant drawback of such options is the small amount of laundry that can be washed at a time.

If you want to save on water and electricity, then it is better to purchase economical household appliances. How to determine which washing machines are economical? Cars are divided by energy classes. The highest classes are those that consume less. And the lowest - more.

Energy Consumption by Class:

  1. The A ++ class is the most economical class at the moment. This technique consumes less than 0.15 kWh / kg.
  2. Class A + is a very economical option. Electricity consumption when using this type of machine is less than 0.17 kWh / kg.
  3. Class "A" - such machines need 0.17-0.19 kWh / kg.
  4. "B" consumes from 0.19 to 0.23.
  5. “C” - 0.23-0.27.
  6. “D” - 0.27-0.31 is required for this class.
  7. Other classes - more than 0.31 kWh / kg.

By the way, the presence of the drying function in the machine increases the consumption of both energy and water.

Also, the quality of washing is also determined by Latin letters. And the designation of the quality of washing with the letter "A" will mean that the washing machine copes well with its responsibilities.


Spin occurs at the very end of the wash. And how wet things will depend on the strength of the spin cycle. And how easy it will be to stroke them. The number of revolutions during this washing step can be set independently. This is usually done when choosing a mode for a particular type of fabric. For delicate items, use a low spin. For coarser fabrics, a strong spin can be used. Spin is also divided into classes.We will not consider them in detail.

Machine with dryer

Washer dryerThe plus of washing machines with a drying function is obvious - you get dry laundry immediately after the washing and drying mode. This is much faster than expecting it to dry on its own when hung. But there are also disadvantages. After drying in some fabrics it is very difficult to smooth them even with an iron. And besides, when using this function, the energy consumption increases. On the one hand - such a machine is more convenient. On the other hand, it is more expensive. Is it necessary to save on washing or is it better to get dry laundry faster? The choice is yours.

Drying occurs due to heated air, which removes moisture from things and collects it in a special container. Models can be with timer drying. In such, drying automatically starts after washing. And by humidity. These machines use a special sensor that analyzes humidity and decides when and how much time it is necessary to dry the laundry. The latter type of drying is considered more modern and is used in new washing machines.


Machines that are produced in our time have an integrated control system. Usually it is quite simple and intuitive. As a rule, in order to set the mode and start the wash you do not need to do any complicated things. Just click on a couple of buttons. The machine will do the rest itself. It has built-in control and monitoring systems for the entire washing process. And at the right time, there is a change of water, rinsing, spinning, temperature control and so on.

Recent models are increasingly equipped with a display. On it, you can set programs and monitor the information that the processor tells you.

Types of protection

The developers of cars tried to protect consumers as much as possible. Therefore, in the new washing machines you can notice various protective systems. For example:

  • From leaks. This system protects the machine from internal leaks. In the event of breakage or damage to the hoses, the water is blocked. This will help to avoid a large amount of liquid on the floor. And protect you and your neighbors from this trouble.
  • From accidental opening of the door during washing. The lock, which is present in all modern typewriters, is made so that during washing, rinsing and other processes, the hatch of the typewriter cannot be opened. It fixes the closed position of the hatch to the very end of the machine.
  • From children. This protection feature is not available on all washing machines. But if you have small children, then you need it. The whole essence of this function is to use the combination of certain keys to lock and unlock. There is something similar on mobile phones, so that buttons are not accidentally pressed when it is in your pocket.


The number of modes and their types are often updated. Manufacturers strive to make the most convenient and interesting household appliances for the buyer. And, of course, the availability of new features increases the cost and attractiveness of the machine. The most common programs that are found in almost all machines are as follows:

  • Delicate mode
  • Quick wash,
  • Cotton wash,
  • Wash for colored laundry.

These are the most requested features, so they are used in most washing machines. If you need some special modes, you can talk with sales consultants. Good hardware stores usually have qualified staff. Employees in such places will be happy to answer all your questions.

A variety of different modes and programs are usually larger for those machines that are more expensive. And lower for those that are cheaper. Therefore, we recommend choosing washing machines that suit your needs and the amount of money you want to spend.


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  1. Gravatar Suzanne Suzanne:

    For me, a machine with vertical loading is better - you can add forgotten things to it and stick it into even the smallest bathroom.

  2. Gravatar Lisa Liza:

    I have a front-loading Bosch machine - you can see what happens with the laundry, and the funniest thing to watch is how our cat is following the washing course, it's just hilarious! In addition, the car "moonlights" with our nightstand, it’s so convenient to put something on it. Now it is in our bathroom, but if desired, it can be built into the kitchen, which cannot be done with the vertical.

  3. Gravatar Lena Lena:

    I trust the German manufacturer, they make all the equipment efficiently. Itself is now in search, so far it has settled on a Siemens iSensoric smart machine with innovative technologies.

  4. Gravatar Ralif ralif:

    We have ardo TL800EX In March there will be 11 years! Super car! Track. I would also like to ARDO.

  5. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    I can not help but share. Vyatka is an automatic machine. The "Old Woman" worked for 27 years. With the only repair - the hose was changed. Do you have Vyatka in nature now?

    • Gravatar Ruslan Ruslan:

      There are, only, it seems, they are harvested in China.

  6. Gravatar Ko6ka Ko6ka:

    And I have a Candy Aqua, compact. It stands under a special large sink. The bathroom is small, but it doesn’t interfere there at all! A load of 4 kg, copes with a double bed set, with a terry bathrobe, she washed her coat on the holofiber in it - excellent. Only the spin set 400 revolutions, on the recommendation of the coat manufacturer. And he doesn’t jump - the master is well aligned, plus he stands on special rubber legs; swaying slightly at work, but does not hit either the bath (a gap of a couple of centimeters) or the coil from the other side. I am very pleased!

  7. Gravatar Anna Anna:

    Now verticals also run into me more, although earlier I hadn’t particularly focused on them. And indeed they seemed strange to me. Vertical Indesit was generally presented to us by the relatives of the husband. At first I thought to take her to the cottage, and buy a frontal apartment. But it's good that I tried it in practice and quickly changed my mind.

  8. Gravatar Anastasia Anastasia:

    I heard that there are some good models of vertical Hotpoints, but I don’t understand them and I can’t remember! Tell me please!

  9. Gravatar Dima Dima:

    I looked at Yandex Market, chose Whirlpool because of the good reviews and the normal price. It works well, it just didn’t fail.

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