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What is the weight of the dishwasher

dishwasher weightHow much does a dishwasher weigh? Not all people are interested in this issue out of idle curiosity. Someone needs to know about the weight of the car, because he plans to independently install and deliver it.

Someone is engaged in business and he needs to calculate the total weight and dimensions of the cargo, the motives may be different, we will not focus on them, but we will devote a further narrative to how much this or that dishwasher weighs.

What affects the weight of the dishwasher?

Quite a few factors can affect the weight of a dishwasher, but not many are the main ones. To better understand this issue, you need to look inside the dishwasher and understand which elements will have the greatest weight. In fact, the main internal volume of the dishwasher is occupied by a washing tank and this is understandable, because somewhere you need to put dirty dishes.

The circulation pump pump and other units are located in the pan of the dishwasher. How much each of them weighs is difficult to answer, because the machine models are different and the weight of the parts, respectively, is also different.

  1. The whole pallet weighs no more than 8-12 kg.
  2. The body itself, baskets, rocker weighs about 7-10 kg
  3. The door is another kilogram 3.

In total, a maximum of 25 kg is obtained. Given that the manufacturer’s declared weight of the dishwasher can reach 55 kilograms or more, where did the extra 30 kilograms come from? The answer to this question lies all the same inside the dishwasher.Bosch Dishwasher

The fact is that the manufacturer in order to increase the stability of the dishwasher during operation, installs special counterweights or a counterweight on it, like those that are placed on the washing machine. The larger the body of the dishwasher, the heavier and wider the counterweight will be, because the washing chamber is also large, which means that the centrifugal force will be substantial, and it must be extinguished so that the dishes do not break. There is only one solution - a heavy counterweight.

It can also be noted that the total weight of the dishwasher is affected by the presence or absence of a turbo dryer in the machine (after all, this is an additional engine, fan and heating element), a heat exchanger, additional decorative panels and the like. For pharmaceutical accuracy, you can consider a couple more details that slightly affect the weight of the dishwasher, but I think this is already superfluous.

Note! Usually, freestanding dishwashers have a slightly larger weight, since they have a double case and internal insulation, built-in dishwashers weigh an average of 1.5 kg less.

Dishwashers of standard dimensions

To begin, let's see how many cm dishwasher standard dimensions? It is generally accepted that the standard dimensions of W x D x H are 60x60x85 cm, but not everything is so simple. Standard fully integrated machines are not suitable for these dimensions. The width is generally 60 cm for everyone, but the depth is 55 cm, 60 cm, and 57 cm. The height is also different - 80 cm, 81.5 cm, 82 cm, and so on. More details about the sizes of dishwashers You can read in the article of the same name published on our website.

How much do 60 cm dishwashers weigh? Here are examples of several models and brands of machines 60 cm wide and see.

  • BOSCH SMV50M50RU - 37 kg.
  • BOSCH SMV53N20RU - 39 kg.
  • BOSCH SMV50E10RU - 35 kg.
  • BOSCH SMV30D30RU ActiveWater - 31 kg.

Important! Experts note that the smaller the weight of the dishwasher is 60 cm, the inevitably it works louder, because a heavy counterbalance dampens the negative effects of centrifugal force, and hence the sounds that vibrating and swaying equipment makes.

  • GORENJE GV6SY2B - 45 kg.
  • GORENJE GV6SY2W - 45 kg.
  • GORENJE GV 64311 - 42 kg.
  • GORENJE GV 63311 - 41 kg.

The average dimensions of GORENJE dishwashers W x D x H are 59 x 55 x 81 cm. Their weight is not much larger than the size and design of the BOSCH dishwashers, as well as the level of noise emitted by them.

  • Electrolux ESF9862ROW - 46 kg.
  • Electrolux ESF9862ROX - 45 kg.
  • Electrolux ESF9551LOX - 42 kg.
  • Electrolux ESF9520LOW - 45 kg.

The bulk of the full-size models of dishwashers 60 cm Electrolux, quite light. Their weight is within 45 kg. But at the same time, tests show that both the noise level and vibration of these machines are within normal limits. Why so, how do you manage to extinguish centrifugal force without counterweights. The secret lies in the unique arrangement of details. Engines and moving parts are arranged so that minimal vibration occurs, and the casing remains stable with a relatively small mass.

Narrow and compact cars

Now let's talk about how much narrow dishwashers weigh 45 cm wide. Generally speaking, the weight of the dishwashers is 45 cm less than the weight of similar full-sized dishwashers of the same brand somewhere around 5-7 kilograms. Although there are more serious discrepancies, consider specific examples.compact dishwasher

  1. Bosch SuperSilence SPS53M52RU - 41 kg.
  2. Siemens SR26T897RU - 45 kg.
  3. Electrolux ESF9450LOX - 36.5 kg.
  4. Hansa ZWM4577WH - 37 kg.

Experts say that in order to achieve good stability, a narrow dishwasher (with a height of 85 cm and a width of 45 cm) must have a properly distributed weight of at least 40-45 kg. Models with less weight, one way or another, lose in stability.

Note! If you believe the feedback from consumers, the models of dishwashers Electrolux ESF9450LOX or Hansa ZWM4577WH are really noisier than Siemens SR26T897RU.

Now let's say a few words about small or desktop dishwashers. How much do they weigh? Compact dishwashers weigh an average of 20-25 kg. The main weight is made up of parts and the case; there are simply nowhere to shove the balances in such machines, although some manufacturers manage to do this. Stability to a small machine gives a small height and relatively large width.

Having the shape of a parallelepiped, the machine, in theory, should better withstand centrifugal force, but it wasn’t there. In fact, without heavy counterweights, the car is tight. During the intensive washing process, some models of small dishwashers vibrate and jump, making a fairly loud noise. Tests have shown that such machines operate even more noisily than their "full-sized counterparts", and all because of the lack of weight and compact arrangement of parts.

  • Bosch ActiveWater Smart SKS62E88RU - 21 kg.
  • Flavia TD 55 Valara - 26 kg.
  • Candy CDCF 6S-07 - 21.8 kg.
  • Bosch SKS51E22RU - 21 kg.

In conclusion, we note that dishwashers of any type do not have a uniform weight, nor do they have a uniform size. Different brands and models of dishwashers have their own weight. To find out how much a standard dishwasher 60 cm wide weighs, you need to open the instructions for the model you are interested in and see how much it weighs. Happy research!


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