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How to replace the safety device of a Bosch dishwasher

repair PMM BoschAny modern equipment is necessarily protected from electrical overloads. Such protection is provided by safety rules; a household appliance without such protection will not receive a quality certificate. A safety device for the Bosch dishwasher can be found in the power board, which is located in a special plastic case at the base of the power cord. What exactly does this device serve for, how to understand what exactly it broke and how to change it? We will look for answers to all these questions.

Fuse designation

It's easy to guess what the fuse in a Bosch dishwasher is for. It serves to take a hit in the event of an overload in the mains, thus protecting the electrician, and most importantly the electronics of the dishwasher. The principle of operation of the fuse is simple, it must at some point break the circuit by switching off the device and interrupting the harmful effects of voltage on it.

If there were no fuse, the power surge would burn out the wiring in the dishwasher and burn all the microcircuits.

The very first fuses were disposable. After a negative impact, the appliance burned out and had to be replaced with a new one. Modern safety systems are able to recover after a reboot. It is enough to completely disconnect the dishwasher, and then turn it on again and the fuse will function again. But this is in normal conditions. Sometimes power boards along with fuses suffer especially severely and then you have to repair them or even change them, but first you need to understand that the problem is in these details.

Where to find him?

If the fuse fails, the Bosch dishwasher stops turning on completely. With these symptoms, if the outlet is working and the power cord is intact, you won’t think of any other part. Only the fuse can burn out here. Where is the safety system located? Finding it is easy.

  1. First, look at the place on the dishwasher housing where the power cord fits.
  2. At the base of the cord there is certainly a technological access door with a plug that is inserted into the grooves or screwed onto the screws.
  3. We de-energize the machine, remove the plug and gain access to the desired part.

When you get to the fuse, you can immediately inspect the wiring soldered to it and the semiconductor elements themselves. Often on the failed fuse there are traces of soot, this is just the most striking sign that the part has outlived its own. To clear your conscience, you can get a multimeter and ring the fuse and the wires matching it. The device will tell you more precisely, but it will already be so intuitively clear that you need to buy a new spare part. The new part will cost about $ 20, but you can search and cheaper.

How to change with your own hands?PMM parsing

Replacing the Bosch dishwasher fuse is far from the most difficult. To remove the old part, you need to take a picture of it so as not to mix up the wires later. Next, you need to disconnect all the wires suitable for it. On some models, the wires are soldered, so you have to use a soldering iron. Soldered wires should never be torn off. Be careful, unsolder each posting, and then bend them to the side so that they do not interfere. Then do this:

  • unscrew the fastener that holds the fuse in the latch and remove the failed part;
  • take a new fuse, make sure that it is identical to the old one, and then insert it into the latch and fasten in place;
  • Having looked at the previously taken photo, carefully connect all the wires and, if necessary, solder them;
  • plug the power cord into a power outlet and make sure that power is supplied to the control module;
  • put the plug back in place and you can start the dishwasher to work.

If before or after repair electric dishwasher, which means that, most likely, the power wire somewhere is in contact with the dishwasher body. It is very life threatening. You must immediately de-energize the "home assistant" to find the leak and fix it. If you are afraid to do it yourself, invite a specialist, it's even better.

In conclusion, we note that almost everyone can find and replace a power board with a fuse. The main thing here is to observe safety precautions and do everything carefully. Read the instructions in this publication again and go for it. Good luck


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