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How to replace the water valve in the dishwasher

replacement of the filling valve in the PMMIf your beloved “home helper” refuses to wash the dishes due to the fact that water does not enter it, it is most likely that the water supply valve in the dishwasher needs to be replaced. The valve is a simple part that is often installed by the manufacturer directly on the inlet hose, but even if you do the repair yourself, it can “get a pretty penny”. In this publication, we will describe how you can personally change this valve by spending only 20 minutes on it. In addition, we will tell you how to reduce the cost of repairs by saving on new parts. Stay with us.

We make a replacement

Replacing the valve of interest to us is a simple repair, even by the standards of a beginner, and they are afraid there is nothing needed. Before you start it, you need to prepare a little. Take a set of screwdrivers and a multimeter. We need a measuring device to check the valve. It is necessary to make sure that it is really broken, and maybe some other “tricky” malfunction is masked under the valve breakage. Getting started.

  1. We dismantle the dishwasher to make it convenient to work with.

If you have a freestanding dishwasher, you can do without dismantling, the main thing is to get to the right part.

  1. Next you need to get to the valve. On some machines, like the Hansa dishwasher, the valve is attached directly to the inlet hose and is located outside the housing. Find a plastic box at the base of the hose - this is the valve. For other models of dishwashers, the valves are located in the lower part of the housing in the pan. It is not difficult to find them either, since inlet hoses are connected to them.
  2. If the valve is located in the pan, then to make it easier to get to it, tilt the dishwasher forward a little and substitute something so that the case does not fall.
  3. We take a multimeter and check the valve coil. After making sure that the part is defective, remove it, after checking if the water is blocked. When removing wires, remember on which pin, which wire was standing, or photograph the valve coil.
  4. We install in place of the old valve a new one and connect the dishwasher.

In general terms, the whole repair looks like this. If it seems to you that we have described the course of work too broadly, do not rush to conclusions. Try to do all the work yourself, and you will see that everything in life is even simpler. One thing is not happy - the cost of spare parts.

For example, on some seedydishwasher Hansa ZIM4677EV the valve can only be supplied with the hose in the kit and this kit costs about $ 70. In our opinion a little expensive. Valves for other machines are a little cheaper, but these expenses are depressing. Is there anything you can do about this? Now you will certainly find out about everything.

How to reduce the cost of repairs?filler valve

The water valve in the dishwasher is quite simple. But the most important thing is not even that. All valves have a different design, but the principle of operation is the same, and if you wish, you can "a little bit under pressure" to adapt a cheap inlet valve instead of an expensive one. As a necessary spare part, you can take the inlet valve from a machine that has served its washing machine. We will do repairs using the example of a valve connected to the inlet hose of the Hans dishwasher.

So, unscrew the old hose with the inlet valve. Cut off a broken valve with a knife without regret. We take a double valve from the washing machine. We put a rubber plug on one outlet, and on the second free end of the inlet hose, just from the side where the "native" valve used to be. The junction is best clamped with a clamp.

Now our task is to connect the new valve to the power supply. For this, the wires supplying the valve must be phoned to determine which wire to which contact to connect. We fix the valve, connect the wiring and test the dishwasher.It turns out that you do not have to spend money on a new valve, well, if you don’t have an old dishwasher in your garage, buy a valve for analysis. It will cost no more than 3-4 dollars.

In conclusion, we note that if the inlet valve does not work, do not despair. You can replace it yourself, using a minimum of tools, the main thing is not to be afraid to roll up your sleeves. Good luck


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  1. Gravatar Misha Misha:

    If cleaning the filter did not make the dishwasher work as usual, then something more serious happened to it. Let's figure it out together!

  2. Gravatar Maxim Maksim:

    I climbed under the sink (I have a water connection there). He disconnected the hose with the valve, then gently) cut off the old valve with a knife in place with wires, a hose and an outer braid. A friend removed the used valve from the washer He threw it away, broke. From a typewriter to a valve connected with a clamp, the store is sold in any order. From the valve to the tee with an old hose from the washer, I randomly threw wires, I don’t know whether it is necessary to observe the polarity or not 🙂 The collective farm, of course, succeeded, for that it all rattles!

  3. Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

    Class, everything works, thanks!

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