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How to replace a circulator pump in a dishwasher

circulation pump replacementThe circulation pump is an essential part of a dishwasher. Without it, it is impossible to create the necessary pressure in the system and wash the dishes. If such a part fails, the machine completely ceases to function. Replacing the circulation pump of the dishwasher will require considerable expenses. Firstly, it will be necessary to purchase the part itself, and secondly, to pay the master, who will replace it. You can reduce costs slightly if you repair yourself. Let's try.

Symptoms and causes of breakdown of this part

If you find that the dishwasher is collecting water, but refuses to wash the dishes, do not rush to change the circulation pump. This part is relatively reliable and rarely breaks. More often the clogged filter is clogged or the nozzles of the sprayer become clogged, which leads to problems.

Turn off the dishwasher, open the door wide and look at the very bottom of the washing chamber. There you will see a plastic object similar to a glass and a metal mesh. If the net or “glass” is clogged with food residues, they must be cleaned, only then re-run the dishwasher. If at this stage there are problems, read the article Replacing and cleaning the filter of the dishwasher. It has many useful details that will help you.

On a Bosch machine, the filter is twisted by hand, without much effort, and the mesh is pulled off and pulled out.

The sprinkler impeller should also be carefully checked. It is necessary to pull out the impeller, and then clean each hole with a toothpick or needle. Once you get the water to flow freely, the problems should disappear.

To make sure that the circulation pump is broken, listen to how the machine behaves after water is drawn. If typing water, the machine stops without making more sounds - 98% of the CN broke. If there is a buzz, but the dishwasher does not wash, you must first clean the paths from dirt, and only then climb to the part. Why does the circulation pump break? According to the masters, the main reasons are:

  • manufacturing defects;

    circulation pump

  • improper use of the dishwasher;
  • voltage drop in the mains;
  • damage during transportation;
  • handicraft repair.

The last point should be paid special attention to lovers of homemade products. It is important to remember that before climbing to any device, you should study it, and only then start repair. And if there is such an opportunity, it is better not to repair the recirculation pump with your own hands, but to entrust this matter to a professional. The master will have to pay, but he will do everything quickly and professionally.

We prepare the dishwasher

Nevertheless, it’s better to entrust some repair work to a professional, but we also understand that a good owner always “scratches his hands” to repair the dishwasher independently. We will try to help. Let's start with the proper preparation of the dishwasher, without it anywhere.

  1. We de-energize the machine, remove all hoses and pull out the case to a place where it will be convenient to work with it and begin to disassemble the unit.
  2. Unscrew the screws that hold the side walls, and then remove the walls.
  3. Turn the dishwasher upside down and remove the noise insulation from the side walls.
  4. A mechanism for smooth opening of the door is installed on the side walls, which consists of a cable, plastic blocks and springs. These springs must be uncoupled and the door must be held so that it does not fall.
  5. The entire pallet rests on several hooks that are located at the corners of the housing, they must be unlocked with a screwdriver.
  6. At the base of the pallet, where the hoses of the dishwasher enter, there are still hooks that need to be released. Plugs with wiring are also suitable there. They should be disconnected.
  7. After removing the hooks, you need to carefully raise the pallet up, after which disconnecting the inlet pipe, remove it and put it to the side.

The inlet pipe disconnects quite hard, you will have to make an effort and carefully pull it out.

As soon as the pallet is removed, before our eyes we will find all the most important parts of the dishwasher, and in the very center is not a working circulation pump. You will not confuse this part with any other, because it is the largest and several bundles of wires fit it.

Inside the circulation pumps of the Bosch or Ariston dishwashers, flow heating elements are also installed, but they cannot be changed individually. So if the heating element burns out or something happens to the engine, you will have to change the entire unit, that is, the entire circulation pump. On this preparation can be considered safely completed. We proceed to replace the part.

Change the partwhere is the circulation pump

Where to buy a new circulation pump and how to check the old? Let the professionals take care of checking the old pump, it will be difficult to do it yourself. You can buy a new pump in company stores or on selling sites. When you order the item, be sure to tell the seller the model of your dishwasher. So, we will not postpone further, we will remove the old circulation pump.

  1. Disconnect all chips with wires. There are a lot of chips and wires for the pump, so it’s better to take a picture of how everything stood before your intervention, so that you don’t mix anything up when you put in a new part.
  2. At the very base of the pump is a small metal clamp, it must be removed. We pry the hook of the clamp with a flat screwdriver and disconnect its parts.
  3. In the place where the clamp stood, the circulation pump is connected to the rubber pipe. Disconnect the pump from the nozzle.
  4. Now disconnect the circulation pump from the distribution block, which is located nearby.
  5. Now the pump is left hanging on one suspension. We remove it and remove it to the side.

We take out a new circulation pump from the packaging. We hang it on the suspension, connect all the pipes and install the clamp. Lastly, we connect all the chips with wires. The main thing is not to confuse the sequence. We assemble our dishwasher in the reverse order, connect it and carry out a test run.

So, if the circulation pump does not turn on, it may be out of order and it needs to be replaced. Do not be alarmed, not everything is so complicated. If you try and read our instructions, then you can make such a replacement yourself. Be careful, take your time, and you will succeed!


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