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How to get cockroaches in the dishwasher

cockroaches in the PMMSome housewives are even hard to believe that in their clean modern apartment with all the amenities cockroaches can be found, and not anywhere else, but in the dishwasher. Really wondering why cockroaches in the dishwasher start up? What other secluded places in the house there? A cockroach is a creature that obeys ancient instincts, and if it settles in a dishwasher, then there are objective reasons. We will establish these reasons, and at the same time we will find out how to get rid of these harmful insects.

Why do insects like a machine?

Everyone knows that cockroaches are insects capable of rapid reproduction, and if one pair of these creatures appears in the house, in a month this pair will turn into hordes. So you need to take action quickly, but first you need to understand exactly where they live. If you notice a cockroach near the dishwasher, you can say with 80% probability that it was in it that he settled. Most likely, he is not there. Why do we allow ourselves such statements? Our logic is based on the behavior of the insect, as well as its needs.

  1. The dishwasher is always warm and humid. Cockroaches love heat, it promotes reproduction, and they need moisture because these insects do not have enough moisture that they consume from foods. They need water.
  2. There are a lot of safe shelters in the dishwasher, where hot water and detergents do not enter.

The easiest way for a cockroach to find a nook in the pallet of the machine, but it happens that they settle in the door and in the walls of the case.

  1. The dishwasher does not vibrate as much as a washing machine, which means that in its bowels you can relax in the afternoon, to go out at night in search of food.
  2. A dishwasher can also become a source of food if the owners do not take too good care of the “home helper”. The remnants of food that accumulate at the bottom of the washing chamber and in the trash filter will completely feed a whole colony of cockroaches.

It would be possible, having thought, to bring a couple more arguments, but it is already clear that the dishwasher for a cockroach is a paradise. It is better not to find a place in the house, since the main enemy of the cockroach - a person, is unlikely to disassemble the unit in order to stir up the nest.

Where do they come from?

In apartment buildings, cockroaches can move almost freely from one neighbor to another. Actually, the apartment of unscrupulous neighbors is the most likely source where these insects can come from. Getting rid of unscrupulous neighbors is quite problematic, but you can periodically drip on their brains so that they take action and poison the insects.

Another source of insects is the basement of the house. The same neighbors can arrange a real landfill in the basement, where a whole army of insects is safely started. The basement is humid, warm, and food in the form of garbage is present. Only now, if cockroaches are divorced in gigantic quantities, they will definitely leave the basement for the development of new territories. Guess where they come? In this case, you need to put pressure on the management company so that they remove the garbage and call specialists who will pickle the basement.

If your house is equipped with a chute, there is a chance that cockroaches will settle near it. But what, the staircase is warm and food waste is nearby, what else is needed for a full life. In general, there are plenty of places in the apartment building where cockroaches could have started. But how do they get into the apartment? There are many options too.

  1. "Prusak" can jump into the apartment through the front door. While you hesitated with things, going into the apartment, you have given free access to the little "illegal".
  2. A cockroach can come through a ventilation outlet if it is not closed well enough.
  3. Insects come along risers if the gap between the stove and the pipe is large enough.
  4. Cockroaches come from neighbors through the joints of the plates: near the baseboards, near the chandeliers, through the pantry, etc.
  5. Also, cockroaches can come from neighbors and through the balcony in the warmer months if your balcony and the balcony of the neighbors are adjacent to each other.

cockroach at the sinkAs you know, to fence off insects is very difficult, but still possible. All potential cockroach passages must be blocked. The front door must be outlined with a special poison in the form of chalk. A cockroach will pass such a barrier and get into the apartment, but will not live long after that.

The ventilation vent must be reliably covered with a plastic grill, and inside the hole, lay out a special poison for cockroaches. All cracks between the riser pipes and the stove must be filled with construction foam. In general, you need to try to eliminate all the gaps known to you. So more likely that cockroaches in the future will not get into the apartment.

How to get rid?

If cockroaches are still wound up, you need to urgently get rid of them. To remove insects, you need to try to determine where they hide. If you saw cockroaches near the dishwasher, then you have to disconnect and pull out the "home assistant". While you are pulling it out there is a chance that the cockroach will leave its refuge and find its last refuge on the sole of your slipper. The method, of course, is crude, but quite effective.

Then we drag the dishwasher to the balcony, we get effective poison in the store in the form of a spray in the store, we unscrew the side walls of the PMM and etch the internal space, focusing on the pallet. Etching machine should be generous, as cockroaches are quite tenacious.

In the event that it is not possible to dismantle the machine, you will have to acquire professional poison in the form of baits, etc. We would advise putting a Raptor trap for cockroaches at the bottom of the washing chamber. Get rid of cockroaches in dishwasher bosh, folk remedies will also help.

Along with a professional bait, you can roll balls based on raw yolk and boric acid. After eating such a poison, many cockroaches will die. Effective against creeping insects poisoned crayons from different manufacturers. Acquire several species, so that your cockroaches are probably already sensitive to one of them. All means against insects are good, so do not spare the energy and money for chemistry. I would not want cockroaches to win in an unequal struggle.


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