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How to return a dishwasher

dishwasher returnIt often happens that the user acquires a dishwasher, and then changes his mind: he did not guess the color or miscalculated the dimensions of the equipment. He needs to return her to the store, but sellers refuse to take the machine back. And it happens even worse. A person takes a dishwasher, and it turns out to be faulty. It would seem that we are processing the return of the dishwasher and “the deal is in the hat”, but it wasn’t there, sellers again refuse. What to do in this case? What kind of rights does the buyer have when purchasing a dishwasher, let's study.

Dishwasher works

To begin, consider the situation when a person wanted to hand over a workable dishwasher, which, for some reason, did not fit him. He admits that the technique has no shortcomings, but he does not need it. In this case, the buyer does not demand the exchange of equipment or its return, the seller has the right to refuse.

The fact is that the dishwasher belongs to a special list of technically complex products that cannot be exchanged if they do not have any drawbacks. The seller will refuse and will be absolutely right from the point of view of the law.

It doesn’t even matter whether the buyer has kept the packaging or not. He may not even unpack the machine, bring it yourself to the store 1 hour after purchase. Anyway, a failure may follow.

Another thing is that the seller does not want to spoil his reputation and hopes that the buyer will come to him again. You can “lightly press” this, ask the seller to enter a position, in general, apply his gift of persuasion. Oddly enough, in most cases, sellers go to meet them. The seller knows the fact that a technically complex product is not refundable, but he also knows how to count money and knows the price of his reputation. Try to talk. If you still managed to lure the seller to your side, keep in mind that:

  • the PMM box must be fully saved, it should not be seriously damaged;
  • must be on hand documents confirming the purchase;
  • instructions and other proposed documents should also be;
  • contact the seller for exchange / return, you must within two weeks.

The machine does not work well or does not work

Now consider situations where the machine has minor or significant flaws. Everything is simpler here, because the law is largely on the side of the buyer. It is best to return the dishwasher in the first 14 days after making a purchase. In this case, the buyer has the maximum number of rights. Even if the dishwasher has flaws that do not directly affect the operation of the appliance, sellers are required to exchange it or refund it at the request of the buyer.

It is very important to keep the packaging and documentation, in this case, the exchange can be made in the shortest possible time. Keep in mind that the seller has the right to demand the conclusion of a specialist service center, who, in turn, must issue such an opinion as soon as possible.

A fourteen-day period shall be considered from the date following the date of purchase of the goods, excluding weekends and holidays. It turns out that if the purchase was made on June 8, then the deadline for handing over a dishwasher, which has minor defects, is June 22.

If the seller postpones the acceptance of the dishwasher to another date, require him to give you a document confirming the timely appeal of the buyer. If the seller refuses to communicate with the buyer, a complaint can be sent to him. The day of sending the claim will automatically be considered the day of contacting the seller.

Worse if the buyer missed the fourteen-day period allotted by the legislator for the delivery of the dishwasher back to the store. In this case, the seller will be obliged to accept your machine only if it is inoperative or has significant shortcomings that impede its normal operation.

  1. Immediately the seller will not return the money and the goods will not be exchanged.
  2. He will direct the machine to a service center for examination.
  3. If the examination confirms the materiality of the deficiencies and the inappropriateness of the repair, the seller will return the money or change the machine.
  4. If the examination shows the possibility of repair, the seller will have to pay for this repair, and it will be carried out within a reasonable time.
  5. If the examination does not confirm the materiality of the deficiencies, the buyer's request will be rejected.

In the latter case, the buyer can send the machine for an independent examination to a third-party service center. If an independent examination shows results different from those shown by the initial examination, you can contact the seller with a claim, and then write a statement of claim to the court.

Is it worth writing a claimPurchase returns

Going to court is still an extreme and rather costly measure. You need to hire a lawyer who will represent your interests and write a statement of claim, but the lawyer must be paid. Also, legal proceedings are time-consuming, so the first thing you need to try to solve the problem, if not amicably, then at least in the complaint procedure.

Start with an oral conversation. Sellers quite often agree to a compromise, and even offer it themselves. Most likely, you will be able to agree. If the seller does not want to listen to anything and is “bending his line,” try carefully scaring him with the fact that you have already begun to draw up a written complaint, which today will fall on the desk of the senior manager. After such words, some workers at the counter give up and agree to accept the goods.

If threats do not help, we must move on to action. To get started, make a claim. A complaint may be written to the organization and its leader. It is compiled in any form. For this, you do not need a legal education, just state your point of view in the document, even without reference to the law. The seller will be required to accept the document from you.

If no one wants to accept your claim in the store, send it to the organization by registered mail. Do not worry about the deadlines, the day you send the letter will be considered the day of treatment. Did not receive an adequate response to the claim? Go to court.

So, we figured out thatdishwasher Electrolux ESL95201LO or any other, is a complex product and not quite ordinary legal rules apply to it. But all the same, the replacement and return of the dishwasher is quite possible, only you need to act correctly. Good luck


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