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How to wash sneakers in a washing machine

Washing sneakers in a washing machineSneakers - versatile shoes, indispensable for walking, in the gym, has become an everyday attribute on vacation and work. She needs to be cleaned outside and inside more than any other shoes. Therefore, the practice of washing sneakers in a washing machine is becoming more common. However, the result obtained is not always effective: the spots did not slip or the sneakers were hopelessly damaged. Before you put them in the washer, you need to know when automatic washing is possible, in what modes and what means you can use.

What shoes should not be machine washed

Not all sneakers are machine washable, it is contraindicated in the following types of shoes:

  • from genuine leather - needs special dry cleaning for leather shoes, in a washing machine from hot water and mechanical friction it is strongly deformed and cannot be restored;
  • from nubuck and suede - any kind of wet washing is strictly prohibited; dry cleaning or manual cleaning with special compounds is also necessary;
  • with artificial or natural fur - does not tolerate high humidity, the fur can become bald after the first wash;
  • with decorative ornaments (rhinestones, rivets, beads, sequins, embroidery, prints, appliqués, retroreflective elements) - even if the shoes themselves can be washed, the decor may fall off, and in addition, damage the machine;
  • with glued elements - a rare glue withstands the effects of hot water and detergent;
  • with damaged or torn parts - the water cycle in the drum will only worsen the situation and permanently ruin the shoes, and pieces of foam rubber, insoles, etc. can clog machine filters.

What to do with “indelible” shoes

Many shoe manufacturers apply care recommendations in a box or on a shoe label.

For shoes made of natural materials (leather, suede, nubuck) only manual cleaning is allowed without unnecessary water procedures. In shoe boutiques, there are many products for the care and cleaning of such shoes: aerosols, shampoos, special erasers for suede and nubuck, water-repellent impregnations. If you follow the instructions, you can achieve good results.

In the absence of these funds, it is recommended to use water with ammonia (for 1 liter of water - a few drops of ammonia). Shoes that are cleaned of dirt are wiped with a soft cloth dampened in the prepared solution. After such a procedure, the pile of suede and nubuck is combed with a rubber brush or reanimated with hot steam, for example, from a teapot. In conclusion, water-repellent impregnation is applied to the shoes. Leather sneakers are preferably treated with a cream of the corresponding color or colorless.

Sneakers made of synthetic material, textiles can be cleaned with a soft brush and soapy solution, only you need to act quickly, without waiting for a complete wet. The use of bleach is undesirable; irreducible whitish spots may remain.

What sneakers can be washed

Sneakers black and whiteBefore machine washing your sneakers with regular powders, carefully study what they are made of. Fabric or rag sneakers are mostly suitable for machine wash. A washing machine is perfect for sneakers made from the following materials:

  • artificial leather;
  • synthetic fabric;
  • textile;
  • mesh of nylon and polyester.

Pay attention also to the sole, rubber or foam will not fall off during automatic washing.


Proper washing of the sneakers in the car requires serious preliminary preparation. The best way to check if your shoes can be washed in a car is to soak them for 10-15 minutes in a bowl of warm water and washing powder. This test drive will show if the shoes do not fade, whether the sole is sticking out, or whether decorative elements fall off.The further preparation algorithm for “bath procedures” consists of the following actions:

  • free shoes from insoles and laces;
  • clean from dirt, stones on the tread of the sole;
  • put the shoe pair in a special shoe bag or in a regular mesh bag for washing, which is always included with the machine;
  • to protect against mechanical damage, it is advisable to add unnecessary things, rags, etc. to the machine, since the sneakers grunt on the tank and the surface of the machine deteriorates.

Membrane sneakers require special attention. The answer of the largest manufacturer of membranes, Gore-Tex, producing high-tech films for shoes of companies such as Adidas and Nike, to the question “Is it hygienic to wash sneakers in a machine” is clear: yes! The main recommendations of the manufacturer for washing membrane sneakers:

  • temperature - not higher than 30 ºC;
  • the use of liquid products without bleaches;
  • rinse thoroughly.

Laundry Appliances

In new washing machines, where there is a mode of washing shoes, there are special hooks for hanging sneakers so that they do not break when washing. In conventional units, to avoid this, the sneakers can be put in a mesh bag, a shoe cover, which is usually applied in a shoe box or any other bag with ties. In an extreme case, an old pillowcase can serve as such a bag; a nursery is very suitable. The main thing is that the bag is not colored and does not fade during washing.

Laundry Detergents

Conventional laundry detergent for clothes is used with great care, as it is more aggressive than liquid forms of detergents. Therefore, for sneakers, washing gels, liquid powders or soluble capsules are preferred. Consumption rates - 1 standard dose of gel or 1 capsule per pair of sneakers.

White sneakers also not every bleach can withstand, it is necessary to use oxygen bleaches. Before laying white sneakers in the car, you can previously use a chlorine-free stain remover, having processed the places of strong pollution.

There is no point in using a fabric softener when washing sneakers. Its antistatic or mitigating effects will not have the desired effect.

Mode and temperature

The answer to the question “How long does the program last” depends on the modes of the machine. A new generation of washing machines has a special mode for washing shoes lasting 20-25 minutes. If it is not available in your equipment, then you can use manual, delicate modes or any other for gentle washing.

The main parameters for washing sneakers:

  • temperature - not higher than 30-40 ° C;
  • washing mode - gentle;
  • duration - no more than 25 minutes;
  • disabled spin and drying modes.

Automatic spin and dry

The intensity of automatic spin in a car can distort sports shoes. Therefore, do not automatically squeeze the shoes. In extreme cases, a gentle spin program can be used if it is in your washer.

Machine drying for sneakers is also not recommended. Too hot air will adversely affect wet shoes; it may lose shape.

How to dry

Sports shoes will have to be dried for a long time and in the simplest, almost antiquated ways:

  • on the balcony in sunny weather, but in the shade;
  • on a newspaper near radiators, but not on the hot batteries themselves;
  • stuffing shoes with paper (not a newspaper, it may stain) or a soft cloth that periodically needs to be changed to dry;
  • using silica gel as a filler for drying, which is applied to each pair of shoes and if you managed to save it.

After drying, it is advisable to cover the sneakers with water-repellent impregnation according to the instructions for use: outdoors, in 2 layers. Such impregnation will protect the sneakers from further pollution.


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  1. Gravatar Astra Aster:

    The most annoying thing is washing dirty sneakers in a washing machine. I’m washing the linen there, lace and here these ...

  2. Gravatar Anna Anna:

    Astra, and you look at the cars from hotpoint ariston, they are many there with auto-cleaning, so you can do it first, sneakers, and then bed or baby, auto-cleaning will do it yourself 🙂 and a program not only for sports (where you can also wash your sneakers) , but even there is a program for down jackets

  3. Gravatar Veronica Veronica:

    I also have Hotpoint Ariston, and I don’t even get washed with a word wash at all. After bedding and everyday clothes, as well as after dirty crosses, I have nothing left in the drum. And everything is washed off normally. So maybe you should just change the machine?

  4. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    Also, by the way, I use the Hotpoint washer. I was surprised when the first time I washed crosses in it, and then they were absolutely white. Before that, there was a machine that washed dirt off sneakers with a creak.

  5. Gravatar Valeria Valeria:

    Indesit, by the way, also has a self-cleaning function. I have such a washing machine. No smell starts up, and delicate things can be washed without fear after the same sneakers.

  6. Gravatar Roma Roma:

    And my Ariston also cooks for a couple 🙂

  7. Gravatar Nikita Nikita:

    I erase on delicate mode in my Virpul, everything is always excellent.

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