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How to wash jeans in a washing machine?

how to wash jeans in a carComfortable and casual clothes like jeans also require proper care. Despite the fact that denim looks durable, it can also lose its appeal. Jeans can sit down, shed, fade, and in some cases tear. That is why, people often ask how to wash jeans in a typewriter machine?

Preparing jeans for washing

The rhythm of life and technological progress led to the fact that a person completely entrusted part of his work with household appliances. And this is right, because she copes with the tasks set perfectly. The same applies to washing jeans. After all, what could be simpler: put them in the typewriter, chose the desired mode, and after a while the jeans are already clean. One has only to imagine heavy wet jeans, drying for hours on a rope after hand washing, you immediately understand that it is better to machine wash.

However, in order for this process to be effective, and the result not to disappoint, some rules must be observed. First you need to prepare the jeans for washing in a machine.

  1. Fasten all locks, buttons or buttons.
  2. Check pockets for small items (coins, hairpins, scarves, etc.)
  3. If there are leather inserts, then grease them with glycerin, which will prevent cracking of the skin.
  4. Turn the product inside out. This will protect the jeans from excessive deformation, and the drum of the machine from contact with locks and buttons.
  5. Put the jeans in the laundry bag. This is especially true for those jeans that have stripes of beads and buttons.

The question arises, is it possible to wash jeans in a typewriter if they have designer jewelry and embroidery? Such jeans, we would recommend washing by hand, so as not to spoil the decor. Most regular cotton and denim jeans are machine-washable.

Important! Do not wash dark and light jeans together. But you can wash them with other clothes that are suitable in color.

Set the washing mode

To determine the washing mode, you need to read the information on the label. By the basic notation, you can understand at what temperature to wash, how to wring out, what means can be used. We will deal with everything in to wash jeans in a car

The optimum temperature for washing jeans should not exceed 400C, ideally wash them at a temperature of 300C. Moreover, the number of revolutions should not exceed 800. According to these recommendations, suitable modes can be:

  • Jeans Mode - This mode appeared on many modern models of washing machines, which made washing easier.
  • Hand Wash Mode - in this mode, the machine delicately erases clothes without making full revolutions. A similar mode is on many washing machines.
  • Delicate Wash Mode - This mode is also suitable for washing jeans. But in this mode you need to set the temperature no more than 400C and revolutions for an extraction no more than 800.
  • Mini 30 or Fast 30 mode can only be selected for denim jeans with minimal pollution. This mode is good in that the water does not overheat, the jeans are in contact with water for only 20 minutes. This reduces the risk of molting and shrinkage.

Having chosen the mode, you need to choose the right detergent. Liquid detergents are best suited as they are better rinsed from the fabric. In addition, among them there are gels designed specifically for washing jeans. Here are some examples of tools:

  • Domal jeans - German-made concentrated detergent that preserves the natural color of jeans.
  • Bagi Jeans - Israeli-made liquid detergent also designed for washing jeans. It contains not only color-preserving substances, but also softening fabrics.
  • Big Wash by Jeans & sport - Russian-made liquid detergent. Suitable for washing jeans and sportswear.
  • BiMax Jeans - Russian-made liquid detergent for washing jeans, cotton and linen.
  • Drift black - liquid detergent for black clothes, suitable for washing black jeans.

In general, jeans can be washed with powder marked “automatic” for colored items. In this case, you can add fabric softener that will soften the fabric.

General washing tips

The answer to the question of how to wash jeans in a washing machine is not only that washing jeans in a carwhich washing mode to choose and how to wash, but also how to dry the product, how to prevent shedding and much more. For this reason, we have formulated some more jeans care tips.

  • The first washing of jeans after purchase is best done manually or in the car, but do not put other products with them. At the first hand wash, you can do without powder. As a rule, during the first wash, excess paint is washed out of the fabric.
  • Jeans should not be washed in hot water, since dye from the fabric is more washed out in such water.

    Note! High-quality jeans should not fade.

  • As a fixative for dye, you can use table vinegar, adding it a little while rinsing.
  • It is not recommended to soak the jeans before washing, as this leads to fading of the product. And metal parts can leave a rusty mark on jeans.
  • Dry jeans after washing in the shade. In the sun, the dyed cotton fabric becomes very dull and rough.
  • Drying in the drum of the machine is not recommended, since after such drying, the jeans sit down. You need to dry jeans in a car with delicate mode and not to the end, it is better to dry them on a rope.
  • Before drying jeans, they need to be well aligned at the seams. And then hang by the top of the belt. If you roll the jeans at the knee level, it can remain a hall, which is subsequently heavily smoothed.
  • It is best to iron the jeans a little damp. In addition, jeans will sit less and will be softer.washing jeans
  • During one wash, no more than five pairs of jeans can be put in the drum of the machine, as they are very heavy when wet. But everything will depend on the specific model of the machine.
  • Washing jeans is recommended as it gets dirty. Experts say that jeans are clothes that do not require washing after one sock. Frequent washing harms the fabric. Jeans can also be dry cleaned.
  • If the jeans have lost their original color, and it is a pity to throw them away, you can try to return them to color using home dyeing. How to do this, read the article How to dye clothes in the washing machine.

How to get stains with jeans

A lot of people are interested in the question of how to wash jeans in a washing machine, if they have stains? Very dirty jeans will have to be pre-treated before washing. You can soak the jeans in lukewarm water with powder (well dissolved) for 30 minutes. And then gently rub the place of pollution. Do not make great efforts so that instead of a dirty stain, a wiped pale stain does not appear.

  • Oil stains and paint stains are well removed by kerosene. It is enough to moisten a cotton pad in kerosene and rub it gently, and then rinse with cold water.
  • Greasy stains and stains of lipstick are rubbed with a dishwashing detergent and allowed to lie down for half an hour.

    Important! You can not remove stains with jeans means containing bleach.

  • To remove chewing gum from jeans will help a good freezing of the product in the refrigerator.

Only after preliminary manipulation can jeans be washed in the car.

To summarize, we note that washing jeans in a typewriter is easy. In most cases, this is a common procedure. And if the jeans are very expensive and some special, then in this case, think it might be better to wash them by hand.


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