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How to place a dishwasher in a small kitchen

PMM in a small kitchenAbout 15-20 years ago, many of us did not even think about the dishwasher, considering it an attribute of luxury, a kind of excess, which has no place in the average kitchen. Today everything has changed, and there are more and more different techniques in the kitchen, it’s a pity that the kitchens in the houses of the Khrushchev’s building were both small and remained. It’s completely not clear where to put the dishwasher, because there’s nowhere to turn around. There are some acceptable solutions to this, which we want to share with you today.

Possible solutions

The problem is really serious. How to fit a stove with an oven, a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a microwave and a whole bunch of different appliances in addition to furniture in a small kitchen? How to optimize the space so that the kitchen can meet the needs of the family to the maximum? First you need to sit down in the kitchen and calmly in silence think about what solutions really exist and are available at a given time, and we will help you.

  1. Careful space planning. If appliances and furniture have not yet been bought, you can plan the space by centimeter and accommodate everything you need, possibly abandoning something not so necessary.
  2. If there is no space, you can buy a narrow built-in dishwasher, which takes only 45 cm wide. In addition, it “hides” in the furniture and will not “callous eyes”.
  3. In the absence of space, a narrow compact dishwasher will help. She will need incomparably less space than any other dishwasher.

Compact dishwashers are called desktop dishwashers, since the weight and dimensions allow you to put them directly on the table, somewhere in the corner.

  1. And finally, to solve the problem of free space, the 3-in-1 technique will help, about the features of which we will talk a little later.

Interested in? Then let's look at these possible solutions in more detail. We hope our experience and our advice will really help you.

Careful space planning

If you have nowhere to put the typewriter, then you need, first of all, to think about space planning. You might say that your room is too small to think about any planning there, but in fact, a sober look and careful calculations work wonders. Calculations need to be done in a room where even a rough repair has not yet been carried out in order to take into account every little thing from the characteristics of the future flooring to the location of outlets.

If you find it difficult to calculate the space of your own kitchen, invite a designer. He will take some money for consulting services. But it will help to draw up an interior plan, according to which you will create your own composition. The one into which the new dishwasher will organically pour. What do you need to pay attention to?

kitchen planning

  1. The kitchen set must be made exclusively to order according to individual sizes. It is necessary to calculate the number of objects and their size, taking into account the thickness of the material. First list what you need, and then cross out the items that can be neglected from the list.
  2. Think about what appliances, in addition to the dishwasher, will stand in the kitchen. If there is a financial opportunity to completely upgrade the equipment - fine, you can buy narrow and compact models and thereby save a little space. It is, first of all, about overall equipment like an electric stove or a refrigerator.
  3. Try to make the most functional use of your usual furniture. For example, some dishwashers are placed under the sink. This is not the best solution, but it also has the right to life.
  4. Part of the furniture and even appliances can be hung on special brackets to the wall. Do not neglect this. Of course, you won’t hang a refrigerator or an electric stove on the wall, but you can do some kind of cabinet where you can put things from an extra cupboard.And the freed up curbstone can be simply removed, and there will be a place for PMM.

On the brackets you can hang a microwave, bread machine or slow cooker.

  1. You can free up space for the dishwasher by reducing the size of the open countertop. The bottom line is that the countertop is made retractable or folding. When folded, it is very small. And if the hostess needs a working space, she simply pushes the countersunk part and receives a worktop of full dimensions.

In general, we want to tell you that a solution can always be found, the main thing is not to stop searching. Even a hopelessly small room can be turned into such a "sweetie" that it will include not only a dishwasher, but also a washing machine.

Narrow built-in machine

You can save a little space if you carefully select the equipment for your kitchen. For example, a narrow built-in dishwasher can save as much as 15 cm, because unlike standard models, it does not have a width of 60, but 45 cm. There are even models that do not reach 45 cm, so you can choose. In what difference between built-in and non-built-in dishwashers we will not discuss it now, but move on to more pressing issues. We will only say that for a small room, built-in models are always a priority.

an example of placing a dishwasher in a small kitchen

It happens that literally 1 cm, or even less, is not enough to accommodate a narrow dishwasher. There is nowhere else to gain extra space from, but there is a solution. You can remove noise insulation from the body of the built-in dishwasher. The technique will work louder, but you will get the missing centimeter and solve the problem.

Compact dishwasher

another example of placing a dishwasher in a small kitchen

Wondering how to place a dishwasher and refrigerator? Do not rack your brains, everything is obvious. You can’t refuse a refrigerator, and it’s better if it is roomy, but you can refuse a conventional floor dishwasher in favor of a compact model. Desktop dishwashers are a real find for those who are forced to live in cramped conditions. It can be placed on top of objects, such as a table, and it will work perfectly there. True, one will have to endure some disadvantages:

  • limited capacity within 6-7 sets of dishes;
  • the inability to wash large items that simply will not fit;
  • loud sound during operation.

Excessive noise is the “disease” of most compact dishwashers. It is difficult to get rid of it, but if this does not bother you, then you can not bother.

Note that compact dishwashers are placed in cabinets suspended from the wall or fixed with special strong brackets directly to the wall. In this case, the machine will not take up useful space at all and will remain as functional as if it were standing on a table. Compact models of dishwasher fit well in the sink under the sink. There they also do not bother anyone and function perfectly, in addition, there are no problems with the connection, since all communications are nearby.

Technique 3 in 1

Candy TRIO 9503Strange name, isn't it? 3 in 1 technique, what is it and where does the dishwasher and space saving in the kitchen? In fact, the 3 in 1 technique is the solution to the problem. We give an example, and everything will become clear to you. Candy TRIO 9503 is an electric cooker with a glass-ceramic worktop, oven and dishwasher. Everything is combined in a compact package. At the top is a stove, in the center is an oven, and at the very bottom is a dishwasher, very convenient and judging by the positive feedback from users, practical.

What types of 3-in-1 techniques exist today? This technique does not differ in species diversity. Today, only Candy TRIO products with electric and gas stoves can be found on the market; unfortunately, there are no other options. But this option is quite acceptable. What are the disadvantages of the 3 in 1 technique?

  1. High price.This disadvantage can be considered relative, since a stove, oven and dishwasher in total will cost more than if you bought a 3 in 1 option.
  2. Relatively low reliability. Customers complained about the first 3-in-1 equipment samples, now positive reviews prevail, apparently the manufacturer nevertheless draws conclusions and corrects the flaws.
  3. Limited in a functional sense. There is nothing to be done about it. The 3 in 1 appliance has a small oven for 1 baking sheet and a small dishwasher for 6 sets of dishes. But she has a full stove - 4 rings.

So, in a conceptual sense, we have figured out how to place a dishwasher in a small kitchen. Perhaps some will say that in our article there is little specificity, but the topic is also quite abstract. If you could see before your eyes a specific kitchen into which you need to shove a dishwasher, then specific advice could be given. And so it is necessary to dispense with general recommendations, but even in certain circumstances they can be valuable. Ask specific questions in the comments to the article or on the forum, we will be happy to discuss this topic in more detail. Good luck


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