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The principle of drying in the washing machine

The principle of drying in the washing machineOften the question of drying the washed things causes doubts among the hostesses. Of course, if the apartment is equipped with a balcony or at least spacious enough, then problems with drying can be avoided, just hang things in the air or in a remote room. And what to do in case of a catastrophic lack of space in the house and the absence of a loggia? Washing and drying equipment will help get rid of a headache. We will understand how drying works in a washing machine, and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of such a technique.

How does it work?

The 2 in 1 equipment copes well not only with washing clothes, but also with its quick drying. Washers and dryers take up almost as much space as conventional washers, but completely solve the problem of further care for wet does drying work

The principle of operation of the drying function in the machine is extremely simple. Behind the drum there is a second heating element, the main task of which is to heat the air. Warm air flows to the laundry, causing moisture to evaporate from the fabric. In the process, the drum rotates slightly, which leads to shaking of the products and, as a result, uniform drying. After the heated air, supersaturated with steam, undergoes a cooling procedure. Moisture condenses and overflows into a separate tank.

At the end of drying, completely or almost dry things can be taken out of the machine, if necessary, slightly smoothed out and put into the cabinet.

Specific settings?

Some models of modern washer-dryers allow the user to customize the drying process. The owner can optimize the procedure, focusing on their own preferences and wishes. Adjustment is made according to one of the criteria.

  1. By time. It means setting the duration of the process before starting the program. When the timer signals the end of the allotted time, the equipment will stop working. The main disadvantage of this method is the difficulty in determining the time needed for optimal drying. Having set the wrong number of hours and minutes, there’s a great chance to get wet or, on the contrary, overdried clothes.washing machine modes with dryer
  2. By residual moisture. A more preferable setting option, in which the user himself decides which state to dry the textiles to. Starting the drying process, the hostess sets the optimal level of residual moisture in the clothes, and the intellect performs the task.

For the convenience of users, some 2-in-1 machine models, instead of the standard values ​​of residual moisture (3-10-15%), have indicators that everyone understands: “In the cabinet”, “Very dry”, “For further ironing”, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages

Today, only a few housewives choose washing and drying equipment instead of the usual automatic machines. Despite the visible advantages of the combined models, there is an opinion among buyers that they are unreliable. In fact, there are not many shortcomings in 2-in-1 machines. In the process of use, the following disadvantages are identified:

  • when the drum is fully loaded, drying all the laundry at one time will not work. You will have to shift some of the clothes into the basin, and run the drying mode twice. Such a measure increases the consumption of electrical energy;
  • low class of energy saving. Combined devices “eat up” much more kilowatts than mono-tasking washers. When choosing washing and drying equipment, focus on the energy consumption class, it is better that it is higher than group “B”.

In fact, there are only two obvious drawbacks of washing machines with a drying function. The advantages of owning and using equipment are an order of magnitude greater:

  • elimination of the need to hang clothes from the drum, looking for unoccupied places in the apartment. Having bought a car, you can forget about the layout of linen on the balcony, bulky dryer, etc .;
  • saving personal time of the hostess. Owners of dryers do not have to wait for your favorite outfit to dry. Only a little more than an hour the car will need to dry;you take out dry things from the washer-dryer
  • no need to display separate meters for the dryer. Technique 2 in 1 fits perfectly into the place previously reserved for the washer;
  • Prevention of excess humidity in living rooms.

Soberly evaluate all the pros and cons regarding the purchase of washing and drying equipment. If you live in a tiny odnushka without a balcony, buying equipment can be a salvation in solving the problem of lack of space for drying.

The myth of the high cost and unreliability of such a technique

In most cases, the frightening stories of acquaintances and colleagues become an obstacle on the way for housewives to purchase a tumble dryer. Making a decision to purchase an aggregate is not easy because of this.

  1. High price. Washers and dryers cost about 50% more than their automatic machines. However, comparing a 2-in-1 machine and stationary drying chambers, it is better to make a choice in favor of combined equipment;
  2. Insecurity. This argument is most often heard by service center wizards. Hybrids can actually fail much faster than their counterparts.

If the unit is properly operated and serviced on time, it is possible to ensure long-term and maintenance-free operation of the equipment.

When choosing a model, be sure to delve into all the little things about using washing and drying equipment. Understand the functionality of the unit, think about whether it meets the requirements of your family. Analyze how adequate the cost of the device is.


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