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How to wash a down jacket in a typewriter machine?

Washing a down jacket in a washing machine with ballsA down jacket is a very convenient thing. It saves from the cold and does not freeze in the winter. Many people wear down jackets. And when worn for a long time, any clothes become dirty. And then the question arises: how to wash a down jacket in an automatic machine? It is important to wash it correctly. After all, with proper washing, he will maintain his positive qualities for a long time. It is necessary to use the necessary programs, set the correct push-up and drying. Next, we will discuss these and other issues related to washing this type of clothing.

It is quite strange that when buying a down jacket, not every person pays attention to the shortcut. After all, it is on it that the signs are indicated that tell us about exactly how to wash it, whether it is possible to iron and so on.

It is important to study the label that is attached to things even before purchase. After reading it, you can find out that some items of clothing can not be machine washed. And it is possible to put in order only by hand washing or dry cleaning.

Light fabrics usually get dirty pretty quickly. And if you get a white down jacket, then be sure to wash it in the washing machine. After all, if manufacturers recommend washing it by hand, then you will spend a lot of time. And if they say that it can only be cleaned with dry cleaning, then you risk spending a rather large amount on it.

Fluff in the palmsA down jacket is a clothing in which down is used as a heater. The English word “down” on the label will inform us that this garment is perfectly insulated. It must be handled with care. It protects well from winter cold and is not often sold. The following set of characters: "50/50", tells us that a mixture of fluff and feather is used as a heater. The ratio of both fifty and fifty percent.

This product is suitable for moderately cold weather. The presence of more down in the down jacket will inform you that the thing is warmer. By the way, fluff is indicated by the first digit. Also fluff is quite light. Therefore, down jackets with a large amount of such insulation are not heavy. Down jackets are also common, in which fluff is not used. There it is replaced with wool, cotton or sintepon. On the labels they are indicated as follows:

  • Cotton (cotton) - cotton wool,
  • Wool - wool
  • Polyester (polyester) - synthetic winterizer.

Prepare a down jacket before washing

Liquid detergent for down jacketsFor washing down jackets, it is advisable to use not ordinary washing powder, but liquid. You can also use a detergent specifically designed for this type of clothing. It is especially important to use such a tool if your down jacket is made of easily soiled material. Since in this case you will wash it often.

We will not advertise specific brands of such detergents for washing down jackets here. To buy it, contact the store of industrial goods or the department of household chemicals in the hypermarket.

Before you start washing, remove all items from the pockets of the down jacket. It is also advisable to see if there are spots or stained places on it. The following places are often contaminated:

  1. Pockets area
  2. Cuff zone
  3. Collar area.

If you find places of severe pollution, it is advisable to additionally treat them (wipe) with soap. The best is a laundry soap. One that is not dark. It is even better to replace it with a special soap from stains.

The lightning must be brought into the closed position. All other closing elements, such as buttons, rivets and fasteners, also fasten. Experts say that before washing it is necessary to turn the down jacket inside out. Wash one down jacket at a time.In the event that you decide to wash more than one at a time, there is a chance that the clothes will not come off or the rinse will not remove the detergent from the fabric. It is also not recommended to wash the down jacket with other items of clothing.

Even before washing, it is important to pay attention to the seams. If fluff actively climbs out of them, then there is a chance that washing will ruin such a thing.


How to wash a down jacket in a washing machineThe down jacket must be washed correctly. This will help him stay clean, beautiful and wearable for a long time. In order to start washing, we need to select its mode. This type of clothing must be washed under special conditions. You should not choose a temperature above 30 degrees. Thirty degrees is the best option. Next, choose one of the types of washing for delicate fabrics. For example, for wool, synthetic fabric or another similar option. Similar modes produce a neat wash. Therefore, after it, fluff should not come out of the seams of clothes.

It is also important to choose a washing program that includes an extra rinse. Or add it using a separate function. A down jacket is a very dense thing. And this forethought will help you to thoroughly clean it from detergent. Excessively strong spinning can cause the fluff to go down inside the down jacket. Therefore, do not use it.

In addition, it is better to use special balls for washing. They improve the quality of washing the down jacket. There are several different types of similar balls. Which one to choose is up to you. Usually such products are not expensive. And if you want to save money and refrain from buying, you can use a couple of tennis balls (not to be confused with ping-pong balls). If tennis balls turn out to be of poor quality, they can shed. Therefore, you can conduct the first test wash without a down jacket, washing only the balls.

Drying down jacket

Drying down jacketAfter the wash is finished, remove the down jacket, open all the fasteners. Open the zipper. Then pay attention to how the fluff has settled down. Usually he gets piled up in his cells. Try to bring it to its normal position. That is, in such a way that it is evenly dispersed throughout the cells. Then place it in a hanging position on the trempel. So it should dry.

There is an opinion that it is better to dry a down jacket by putting it on towels. That is, in a horizontal state. Unfortunately, such drying can ruin a thing. Since there is a possibility that the fluff will not dry out and begin to rot. In this case, an unpleasant odor appears. And the heat-insulating qualities of fluff will become worse.

Do not dry the down jacket under the influence of hot air. That is, it is not worth using a battery, heater and other appliances in order to produce drying. This will ruin the pen. The best option for drying is the creation of free circulation of air and warm temperature in the place where the down jacket is located.

During drying, you can shake the down jacket lightly and evenly place the down in the cells. If the thing is crumpled, then instead of the iron you need to use special steamers.

Pooh lost!

If you washed unsuccessfully and all the fluff turned into lumps. And with all your efforts, you cannot bring him to a normal position, which means you have violated some of the washing rules. Or, for some reason, the washing machine executed an incorrect program. In this case, we recommend that you remove the down jacket with special balls for washing. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated 2-3 times.


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  1. Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

    I want to share my joy.Favorite down jacket pulled away and did not go astray! And I was afraid: a brand down jacket, dear. Everything turned out to be very simple: Washing at 30 degrees with a liquid product for sportswear, which I placed in a special container directly in the tank of the car. The mode is sportswear. Spin 800 rpm. Gentle drying at low temperatures. The result: 40 minutes of washing and 40 minutes of drying. That's all: Down jacket as good as new. You can immediately put on and go!

  2. Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

    I forgot to add an important detail: Washed and dried with tennis balls (balls for tennis 10 pcs.)

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