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How to use an Indesit washing machine

indesit washing machineAt first glance, the topic of the article seems naive, saying that it’s not clear how to use the Indesit brand washing machine, you take it and use it. But if you have any questions, take the instructions and read, everything is clearly written there.

However, not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. Firstly, the control panel that the Indesit machine has, frankly, is not the most understandable in the world. Well, and secondly, the instructions that now come with modern Indesit machine models are more than brief.

Moreover, if you take a second-hand washing machine of this brand from Europe, then there is generally a “dark forest”. The instruction in foreign languages, on the panel there is not a single adequate signature, it remains only to study the machine automatically using the “scientific poke method”. We decided to help the owners of such washing machines and in this publication talk about the most important nuances of using "home helpers" of this brand.

Start washing

First, let's learn the basics of using an Indesit washing machine. Managing a washing machine of this brand is quite simple, but still it is better to read the instructions. Here she is.

  1. We open the hatch of the washing machine and lay down the amount of laundry that does not exceed the set maximum load of the drum.
  2. We make sure that the machine is connected to the network and press the power button.
  3. Set the program selector to the desired position by selecting the washing mode.
  4. We adjust the washing temperature using the temperature selector switch.
  5. Using the buttons, the description of which we will give below, we adjust the washing program as we need.
  6. We press the start button, and washing begins. If necessary, you can choose to rinse and spin separately or simply spin.

Note! On some models of Indesit washing machines there is no “start” button and for it to turn on you must first select a washing program, set the temperature, and then press the on / off button.

General recommendations

The Indesit washing machine is traditionally not burdened with excess electronics - touch panels, remote and voice controls, wide color displays. On the one hand, this makes it somewhat old-fashioned and unattractive for lovers of modern gadgets, but on the other hand, it makes it much cheaper, and therefore potentially more attractive to consumers.

The lack of newfangled electronics does not lead to the fact that the washing machine begins to wash worse, rather, on the contrary, its control module is simpler, and therefore more reliable. But the quality of the wash depends not only on the technique, but also on the users who turn it on and set it up, so it is very important to use the Indesit washing machine correctly to get the best result. First, we give general recommendations that it would be nice to know for everyone.

  • When laying laundry in the drum, be sure to sort it. It is necessary to take into account not only the color (white / black), but also the durability of the paint, the type of fabric, the presence of loosely fixed elements.labels on clothes
  • Before inserting new things that you haven’t yet to wash into the drum of the Indesit washing machine, check their label labels. Usually, if a thing cannot be washed or it is possible, but in a special mode, the manufacturer makes appropriate notes on its label. You can read more about this in the article. Designations for clothes.
  • Always check the pockets of the garments that you put in the drum. Any needle, pin, or paper clip that gets inside the washing machine Indesit, can seriously harm her. Not much will be better if you wash your passport or credit card in the car, so think yourself to make such a useful habit or not.
  • Always check that the buttons on the clothes that you are going to wash hold well, in addition, fasten all the zippers. And clothes with plastic zippers are generally best washed in a special bag.
  • For the best result, washing T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, sweaters, pants, socks and other clothes is best turned inside out.
  • For better drum balancing, do not wash many large items at once, divide the wash into two or even three batches, and mix large items with small items.

Note! Very large items cannot be washed alone. Put a couple of three small things with them - the washing result will be much better.

  • Do not use handwash powders; they will cause increased foaming.
  • Put detergents in the tray correctly. Each type of detergent has its own powder receiver compartment: the first compartment for prewash, the second for the main wash and the third for the rinse aid.

purpose of powder compartments

  • If you wash clothes without heating the water, then the powder should be put in half less. Otherwise, it will not dissolve and will be removed along with waste water - money down the drain.
  • The choice of the washing program is carried out only at the stopped Indesit washing machine. Failure to comply may result in damage to the control module.

Popular programs

Like in any other washing machine, the Indesit washing machine has quite a few modes in the arsenal, which people rarely use. It always happens, we use some modes 2-3 times for the entire life of the machine, and we use some modes all the time. Our Italian partners conducted a survey of users of Indesit washing machines and found out that most often they use the programs:

  1. heavily soiled white things (on the program selector, number 1);
  2. mixed things (number 3);
  3. colored things (number 4);
  4. medium contaminated non-shedding synthetics (figure 9);
  5. wool (number 14).

Indesit washing machine control panel

If you need to wash heavily soiled white things, select washing mode 1 using the program selector. Next, using the temperature selector switch, you set either MAX or 900C. You can also put 600C, if you do not need to boil things, but no less.

Under the number 3 on the toggle switch of the control panel, the Indesit washing machine has the most popular and universal program, which is called “mixed things”. You can choose it when you need to wash shedding colored things at a temperature of 400With or when you want to wash non-shedding colored or white linen. In this case, the set temperature range is 50-600WITH.

Washing the Indesit automatic machine, users often use the “colored things” mode, which is indicated by 4 on the selector. The popularity of this mode is explained by the fact that it is fast and can be used to wash lightly soiled and medium-soiled things at a temperature of 400C. At the same time, despite the name of the regime, both color and white items can be washed on it.

It is better to wash synthetic things at nine at a temperature of 50 degrees, but for wool there is nothing better than mode number 14.

Be careful! In the “wool” mode, only wool items that the manufacturer allows them to wash can be washed. If there is a designation on the label of a woolen item that prohibits machine washing, you must not wash it in any program.

Selectors and Buttons

We figured out popular programs, if you are interested in the characteristics of all washing modes, look at the instructions for your model of washing machine, although this is not necessary. You can simply try each of the less popular washing modes over time and make a conclusion about their suitability.

Let's start with the basic elements of the control panel that are on each model of Indesit washing machines.

  • Program selector The most important part of the control panel, allowing you to select the desired washing mode by turning the knob.
  • Temperature selector When choosing a washing program, the control module automatically sets the drum speed and water temperature, but all this can be adjusted. The temperature selector just provides such an opportunity.
  • Speed ​​control. With this element you can adjust the speed of rotation of the drum.
  • On / off button. Must be present on all models of Indesit washing machines, with it we activate or deactivate the washing machine.

Note! Usually, an Indesit washing machine is notified by the LED indicator, which is located next to the on / off button.

Now let's look at options for additional buttons that may be present on the control panel of the Indesit washing machine. Here are these buttons with a brief description.

Indesit machine control panel

  1. Half load underwear. This button helps save water and energy when you wash a small amount of laundry.
  2. Reduced load laundry button. This button is a complete analogue of the previous one and helps to save both water, and electricity, and powder. These buttons can be indicated by a weight or inscriptions as in the figure below.
    half load buttons
  3. The button helps to reduce the spin speed. Usually indicated by the spinning laundry icon. Spin speed is often required to be reduced while washing cotton and linen items.
    enhanced rinse and lower revs
  4. Reinforced rinse button, which is indicated by the inscription "Extra Spulen". For some fabrics, more water is needed to rinse them properly, in which case this button will come in handy.
  5. Cold wash button. It is necessary in case you need to rinse not very dirty clothes or wash delicate fabric. By pressing the button you activate the wash without heating.
    cold wash and economical wash
  6. Economy mode 600C. Pressing this button does not allow heating water more than 600WITH.
  7. Spin off. Pressing this button disables the spin. It is designated by the inscription "EXCLUSION CENTRIFUGADO".
    exception spin and stop with water
  8. The button allows you to stop the washing machine with water. The name of the button speaks for itself. It is indicated by a pattern of a shirt immersed in water.

Summing up, we note that everyone can use an Indesit brand washing machine, moreover, when you get used to such control specifics, you will not want to use a “home assistant” of another brand. Do not be afraid to experiment and be sure to carefully read the instructions. Good luck


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  1. Gravatar Zhulduzai Zhulduzai:

    Hello, I also have Indesit, but I couldn’t set it up when the machine pours water, doesn’t wash, the drum does not spin, immediately pours out all the water.

    • Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

      Check the level of the drain hose. If the hose is lowered down, water will pour out immediately.

  2. Gravatar Katya Katya:

    Hello, how to use 4 cells for bleach?

  3. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    Hello, how will Indesit set up the machine? Duration of washing is now up to 3, and sometimes up to 5 hours. What is the reason?

  4. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    Hello. How to configure the machine to wash 1 hour?

  5. Gravatar Anya Anya:

    In my Indesita, I mostly use the fast wash mode 🙂 My machine erases quickly. Maybe you have chosen many modes, so washing takes a long time.

    • Gravatar Elena Helena:

      What mode are you setting? And how much time do you get?

  6. Gravatar Cutie Cutie:

    What is the fastest mode? The number on the scoreboard 3? four? 2?

  7. Gravatar Marina Marina:

    Hello. The machine erases, but does not drain the water. no instructions, took it from hand.

  8. Gravatar Yana Jana:

    Tell someone, please. Installed by the level, jumps per meter and the drum rattles during the spin cycle. Ears are laying. Is it a factory marriage?

  9. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    How to remove the tray from the machine, where the laundry detergent is poured? No matter how you try it is not taken out.

  10. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    Tell me how to wash in an old 461w, we can not configure the modes. Everything seems simple, but she stops spinning the drum after a couple of minutes of work.

    • Gravatar Julia Yuliya:

      Tell me, have you already figured out this washing machine? Could you tell me how to use it? I have exactly the same model, I can not figure it out.

  11. Gravatar Valya Valya:

    Tell me, is it normal that during the course of washing, water is poured over me (the drum twists 2-3 times and is poured again)?

  12. Gravatar Natalya Natalya:

    Which mode to choose if hand wash is required? My machine does not have such a regime.

  13. Gravatar Art Art:

    The machine does not reach the end, why?

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