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How to clean the dishwasher from fat at home

cleaning PMM from fatThe vocation of the dishwasher is to clean the greasy residue and food debris cleanly from the dishes. But ironically, the machine itself needs to be periodically cleaned of dirt from the inside, otherwise it will cease to function normally. The remaining fat accumulates on the trash filter, at the base of the lower sprayer, at the bottom of the washing chamber and needs to be disposed of in time. How to clean the dishwasher of fat? We will definitely tell you about this.

Single start

If you once opened the door of your “home assistant” and found that a thin film of greasy residue remained at the bottom of the washing chamber, take action. Do not wait until the fat accumulates at the bottom in a thick layer and you have to figure out how to get rid of it. When the fat is low, start the dishwasher idle. What does it mean?

  1. We open the door of the dishwasher and take out everything superfluous from it: dirty dishes, baskets for dishes, cutlery trays.

Baskets and trays can be washed separately and even soaked in a large container with some powerful household chemicals.

  1. We put powder or a tablet for washing dishes in the cuvette (depending on what you use). These products contain concentrated anti-fat formulations. In the absence of dirty dishes, they will dissolve fat on the walls of the washing chamber, inside the trash filter and in other places.
  2. Close the door and start washing dishes in hot water, at least at 600C. The program should last at least 3 hours.
  3. At the end of the washing, open the door and stuff everything that we previously pulled out of the washing chamber into the washing chamber.

These simple "bath procedures" allow you to effectively clean the dishwasher from the inside. Most often, this is enough to completely get rid of fat, but only on condition that you will do such procedures regularly. If the machine has not been cleaned for a long time, it is worth resorting to another method.

Manual cleaning

PMM filter cleaningTo clean the dishwasher from old fat at home is possible only by hand. And you don’t really need to explain anything here, you yourself understand everything. If you wash greasy dishes, and then leave the machine alone for 1-2 weeks, the remaining fat will dry out to the details of the technique. A solid layer forms, which is not so easy to dissolve. The only way is manual cleaning.

You can clean the dishwasher using any convenient brush and some good fat-dissolving chemistry. The cleaning technique is understandable to everyone, you apply the product on the brush and forth. Pay attention to inaccessible places where fat settles in large quantities:

  • under and around the lower sprinkler;
  • on the impeller of the sprayer;
  • in the trash filter;
  • on the grate of the trash filter;
  • at the corners of the washing chamber;
  • in the lower part of the back wall of the washing chamber.

Draining dried fat is still a pleasure, but you will feel what it is and will continue to wash the dishwasher on time. It is possible to apply dishwashing liquid on the inner surfaces of the washing chamber an hour before cleaning, then the work will go easier.

We use special chemistry

Specialdishwasher cleaner use most expediently. Dishwasher repair masters recommend regularly using such chemicals to extend the work of “home helpers”. However, acquiring such chemistry, see that the manufacturer is famous, and the price is not too low. Sometimes, under the guise of dishwashing detergents, aggressive chemicals hazardous to equipment and to human health are sold.

Finding out how to clean the dishwasher, people take ordinary vinegar and pour it without measure, hoping that it will destroy all the dirt. In fact, vinegar does not remove all the dirt, while harming the details of the machine, therefore, we recommend either not to use it at all, or to use it rarely and in small concentrations.

Proprietary dishwasher cleaners are very easy to use. It is enough to pour it into the compartment for powder or tablets, choose a long washing program, remove dirty dishes from the washing chamber and start the program. When the program ends, the machine will be cleaned from the inside.

So, to clean the machine from fat is not always easy. Sometimes this is a difficult but necessary physical work. It is important to remember one thing: the more often you cleanse your “home assistant” from fat, the easier it is to do it. It’s worth a couple of times to forget “about bathing procedures”, and the equipment will grow dirty, and this will mean the most unpleasant thing - manual cleaning.


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