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How to clean a dishwasher with vinegar and soda

soda and vinegarMany people have the idea to clean the dishwasher with vinegar and soda, because this is a cheap home chemistry that is always at hand. In addition, vinegar and soda are well known to us, this is not some new-fashioned branded composition that may well cause allergies in households. Nevertheless, you need to understand that vinegar is not as safe for the details of the dishwasher as it might seem at first glance. Read our publication to the end, and you will understand what we mean.

What is the danger of using vinegar?

Sodium bicarbonate or ordinary soda is a completely safe chemistry, but it is not suitable for cleaning the dishwasher from the inside, in any case, it is not suitable alone. For these purposes, vinegar essence is much better suited, which leaves no chance of dirt or scale. But she can easily ruin the dishwasher.

Acetic essence can negatively affect some parts of the dishwasher, for example, a heating element. After repeated exposure to acetic acid on the heating element coating, the latter failed.

Masters with great experience found a direct connection between breakdowns of dishwashers and the systematic use of vinegar essence in them, and this is no joke. From our point of view, even if you decide to use vinegar to clean the dishwasher, then do it extremely rarely, no more than 1 time per year. In addition, the concentration of vinegar must be reduced, since the use of a 70% solution is extremely dangerous.

Deep vinegar cleaning

Complete internal cleaning of the dishwasher with vinegar consists of three steps. We will not describe the first stage so far, since its essence lies in manual cleaning of the machine. We will return to him later. The second stage involves the use of diluted vinegar essence. The third stage: getting rid of the smell of vinegar. Let's start with a description of the second and third PMM soda

  1. We remove the baskets and the cutlery tray from the dishwasher.
  2. We take a shallow glass or ceramic bowl and pour 8 tablespoons of vinegar essence and 8 tablespoons of water into it.
  3. We put the bowl on the bottom of the dishwasher so that the lower sprinkler does not touch it.
  4. We include the longest washing program at high temperature.
  5. We wait until the program ends. In the meantime, prepare a pack of soda so that it is at hand.
  6. As soon as the program ends, quickly open the door of the machine and generously fill the bottom of the washing chamber with soda. Try to do this quickly so that the smell of vinegar does not have time to fill the kitchen.
  7. Quickly close the dishwasher door and start a short washing program.

When the short program ends, soda will almost completely destroy the smell of vinegar. Only a faint odor can be reconciled, especially if the kitchen is thoroughly ventilated.

Soda paste cleaningPMM cleaning

Returning to the first stage of cleaning the dishwasher, we need to use the remaining soda in the pack. Manually cleaning the dishwasher at home is a snap. First we wash the trash filter and mesh in hot water. These parts are easy to find at the bottom of the washing chamber.dishwasher asco or any other.

Now we take a small bowl of clean and warm water, a sponge and a pack of soda. Pour soda onto a wet sponge. Soda is impregnated with water and soda slurry is obtained. With this gruel we begin to clean the inner surfaces of the washing chamber of the dishwasher and all the details that can be reached. Pay special attention to sprinklers. Their small holes can be cleaned with a toothpick. Using a soda gruel, you can clean the dishwasher from the outside, but be careful not to use brushes so as not to scratch the case.

So, you can completely clean the dishwasher with soda and vinegar in three stages. First hand cleaning with a sponge and soda, then dry cleaning of the insides with vinegar and odor removal with soda. Carry out the procedure with extreme caution, but rather use more gentle chemistry instead of vinegar. Good luck



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