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What is washing powder used for?

What is washing powder used for?Human dreams are one of the most mysterious natural phenomena. Since ancient times, people have tried to unravel the secret meaning of their dreams and to understand whether it even exists. Be that as it may, certain patterns were nevertheless discovered, for example, why do I dream about washing powder? You will never guess what the dream books say!

It's time to change something in the near future

If in a dream you see how you or someone else pours powder from a package into a basin or other container, this means that in the near future you just need some changes. Moreover, they must be conscious and initiated by you. Perhaps you need to reconsider your view on relationships with your loved one or friends, or maybe do introspection and change something personally in yourself.

Attention! So if on the eve of a dream you had thoughts about starting or changing something in your life (going to dances, changing your hair, buying a new car), powder in a dream is a sure sign that you need to decide and do it.

Fateful turn

Global changes in life await you if there is a lot of powder in a dream. For example, if you carry it in bags. And it is not known whether the fateful turn will be happy or tragic, this remains a mystery.

Laundry also has a double meaning depending on sleep. If you washed the laundry, which became perfectly clean after washing, it means that you will be lucky in some undertaking or money profit. But if the powder did not cope with the task and there were stains on the clothes, then everything is less rosy: most likely, stress, some difficulties or illness awaits you. A woman washing something by hand is a symbol of a successful purchase or an expensive gift, but a man washing clothes is a sign of an unpleasant conversation in the near future.

The Way to Samoyedism

Miller's dream interpretation interprets the powder in a dream as a precursor to overly rigid and categorical introspection. People who tend to constantly digest the events of the past, be tormented by doubts and cheat themselves can often dream of a detergent.

Sometimes it does not hurt to understand oneself, but self-criticism should not lead to stress, lower self-esteem and the emergence of serious complexes. Be honest with yourself, but loyal.

Buy powder

in a dream we buy powderIf you dreamed about buying detergent, there can be a great deal of interpretations here. The main thing is to remember the dream in the smallest details in order to decipher the message. For example, if the focus in the dream was on the process of buying the powder, then there are two options.

  1. If you, without hesitation, chose a powder and immediately carried it to the cashier, this means that soon you will become the object of hot gossip and gossip.
  2. If the purchase is time-consuming and you have no way to make a choice, you will soon fall ill either or you or someone close to you.

If in a dream you clearly saw which remedy you are buying, you need to interpret the dream based on this:

  • powder for white linen - to the good news;
  • powder for black - to minor problems;
  • powder for colored linen - new horizons;
  • means for hand washing - problems with personal life;
  • machine wash powder - to changes in life;
  • a cheap tool promises an ambulance guaranteed failure;
  • expensive - pleasant things, luck.

Important! In a dream, you may dream a combination, for example, too expensive powder for black linen. So, you need to pay attention to all the details and try to assemble the interpretations into a single picture.

Avoid scandal

avoid scandalIf in a dream the hostess spilled laundry detergent, which provoked a negative reaction on her part, this is a warning that a scandal awaits the woman soon. And it is not known whether he will be at work or at home. Such a dream suggests that you need to try to avoid the conflict at all costs, since it will fade out by itself, if you do not ignite it. If you succumb to rage and let the conflict develop, it will have a bad effect on your future.

Did you dream that you were washing your underwear with sprinkled powder? Such a vision promises a protracted serious illness. But if dirty underwear is not far from the sprinkled powder, wait for dirty conflicts.

Good news

you can expect profitWhen you inhale the smell of powder in your dream and enjoy it, it means that soon you will have success in business, a successful deal, etc. Moreover, the undertakings will most likely be financial in nature.

If you are not related to business or do not foresee any business, then such a dream may be a sign of revealing some kind of fraud or secret. In some cases, the smell of powder in a dream can mean an early resolution of a problem that took you a long time, or a pleasant surprise from a loved one.


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