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Italian washing machines - overview

Italian washing machinesWhat does the first person come to mind when they hear the word Italy? Quality shoes, stylish clothes from world famous brands. Did you know that Italy makes very good household appliances. Italian engineers focus on washing machines.

Italian washing machines belong to the middle and high class price and quality and is represented by the most famous brands: Zanussi, Indesit, Ardo, Candy, Ariston.

Washing machine Indesit

Indesit washing machinesThe brand takes its beginnings back in 1975, when one of the Merloni brothers began to produce large household appliances. And in 2005, the company was renamed the Indesit Company, better known to us.

The washing machine of this brand was one of the first to appear on the Russian market. The brand has in its lineup a huge number of washing machines. Here are just a few of the most popular models in our market.

Indesit wisn 82

This washing machine belongs to class A. This means that it has the highest energy saving class during operation, and the quality of washing clothes is also at the highest level. Spin belongs to class C, but this does not impair the quality of the spin.

Automatic washing machine with a load of linen up to 5 kilograms. Frontal type of loading of linen. The number of revolutions during the spin cycle is 800 revolutions / minute. The tank of the machine itself is made of plastic.

Judging by the reviews, this model took a middle position, between “good and bad”. The advantage of this model: it perfectly launders and rinses linen. No extra rinsing required. The price attracts buyers, which is quite affordable for the average layman, as well as the size of the washing machine. They are standard. However, this model also has disadvantages. This model does not have special weighting balances inside. Therefore, during the spin, the machine vibrates strongly. She also has a plastic tank. Conclusion This model quickly fails.

Indesit Witl 106

It is one of the affordable washing machines of this brand with a vertical load of linen. It belongs to the economical class of power consumption, A. Washing the laundry, as well as the economical consumption of water during washing, make this model so popular. The rotation speed of the drum during an extraction of 1000 rpm.

Advantages: there is a washing mode for sports shoes. Easy to operate. Full value for money. Spacious compartment for collecting foreign objects. Disadvantages: poorly rinses the laundry. And this despite the fact that an additional rinse is carried out. Caring for a washing machine is quite problematic. For example, the powder falling compartment is inconvenient to clean. In this regard, after some time an unpleasant odor appears.

Washing machines Ariston

Ariston washing machinesAriston brand belongs to the brand Indesit, so the story of the brand’s creation is about the same as that of Indesit. However, Ariston washing machines are no less popular in the post-Soviet space.

All models of this brand belong to the energy-saving class A. The same applies to washing. Beautiful design of all models fit any interior. It has convenient controls, perfectly launders and rinses linen. It has both frontal and vertical loading. The number of revolutions per minute does not exceed 1200.

Cons: when spinning, in most percent the machine shakes, and sometimes it even “jumps” through the bathroom. It makes a lot of noise. But it will last not one or three years, which is the main advantage of this brand.

Washing machines Ardo

Ardo washing machinesThe most popular brand of washing machine in our country, as the number of washing machines sold by this manufacturer breaks all records.

This brand was founded by one of the Merloni brothers, Antonio.Like its Italian get together, the story of the creation of the brand originates in the thirties of the last century.

The line of washing machines of this brand has a relatively low price. The amount of loaded laundry reaches nine kilograms. And the number of revolutions during the spin up to 1400 revolutions / minute. The tank of the washing machine is either made of steel coated with an anti-corrosion compound, or stainless steel. This extends the life of washing machines of this brand.

Excellent washing and rinsing. There is an additional function of drying clothes. Design models suitable for any interior. In the event of a power outage, the washing machine saves downloaded programs. All this can be attributed to the merits of this brand.

Not without flaws. At the very beginning of use, there is a persistent smell of plastic, which disappears after several washings. At the same time, the machine does not have an additional function of protection against children, which is not uncommon in economy-class washing machines. Inaccurate fitting of parts during assembly (although not in all models). This inaccuracy for the user results in a difficult press of some buttons.

But, nevertheless, such shortcomings are not so significant. Therefore, the technical characteristics of Italian home appliances Ardo are fully consistent with the stated price.

Washing machines Zanussi

Zanussi household appliancesThe history of the brand originates in 1916. It all started with the creation of a stove. Today, the company's products are easily recognizable and in demand in the product market of many countries.

A huge selection of washing machines Zanussi dates the right to choose the washing machine you need.

So, the general characteristics of the Italian washing machines Zanussi. The load of linen can be selected, both vertical and horizontal. The amount of loaded laundry varies from 3 kilograms to 9 kilograms. The washing machines of the brand presented belong to the class

And, which saves energy consumption during washing. The number of revolutions during the spin cycle is from 500 to 1400 revolutions / minute. The drum of the washing machine is made of stainless steel, which is a positive aspect of the technical characteristics of washing machines of any type.

The largest number of positive reviews received the so-called built-in models of washing machines. Such models can fit in any headset.

Advantages of Zanussi washing machines: perfectly launders and rinses clothes. When spinning, the machine is stable enough, though it shakes a little. True, not much. Power saving mode. The machine is easy to operate.

Cons: over time, the white plastic of the case acquires a yellowish tint, which is a minus in terms of the aesthetic appearance of the product. Three or four years later, some basic parts break down, the cost of repair of which is equal to the cost of the product itself.

Candy washing machines

Kandy washing machinesCandy was one of the first to launch the first semi-automatic centrifuge washing machine. The company has been supplying its products to the Russian market for the past eleven years.

Washing machines of this series have both vertical and front loading of laundry. There are also embedded models. The minimum load weight of dry laundry is 3.5 kilograms, the maximum is 8 kilograms.

The spin speed depends on the selected model, but on average from 800 to 1400 rpm. Several types of washing modes make it the most attractive, and the presence of an additional function of protection against children has made her a favorite model of many housewives.

The positive moment of Candy washing machines was their affordable price. Of all the models of Italian-made washing machines, it is considered the most budgetary. The models are compact and well suited to different stylistic trends in the interior. Capacious tank for linen.

She has flaws.The first thing they pay attention to is that it crashes almost immediately after the warranty period for service. It erases well, but it has a disgusting rinse. There is no way to install all the programs at once. You have to start everything manually. And in some cases this is extremely inconvenient.


Italian household appliances have good quality. Provided that it was collected directly in the country of manufacture. Since Italian-made washing machines belong to the budget series, the quality is fully consistent with the price. The initial price of washing machines from Italy starts at 12,000 rubles, which is a positive point for the buyer.


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