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Which motor in the washing machine is better inverter or standard

Which motor in the washing machine is better inverter or standard Which motor in the washing machine is better inverter or standardAutomatic machines equipped with inverter motors began to be produced relatively recently, but they have already firmly established themselves in the household appliance market. Compared with its "collector" brothers, this type of engine is characterized by a higher cost and is in many ways superior to standard motors, namely, in terms of operational reliability and greater wear resistance.

Today, the competition between these types of engines reaches its peak, and the consumer should deal with the advantages and disadvantages of each of them in order to decide whether to choose an inverter or standard motor.

Why is the inverter considered better?

An inverter motor for a washing machine has a large number of advantages. The advantages of an SMA equipped with an inverter are noted by both specialists and most users of equipment. Washing machines with such an engine are characterized by:

  • reduced consumption of electric energy and increased efficiency (this result is achieved by reducing the working parts of the unit);
  • durability - there are no brushes on the inverter, unlike a conventional motor, and therefore you will not have to replace this quickly wearing element;
  • reduced noise level during operation (this is achieved by a reduced number of machine parts in contact with each other);
  • suppression of vibrations and shaking that occurs during washing, this ensures and maintains an even distribution of linen on the surface of the drum;
  • instant machine output at the required speed and constant support for the desired speed;
  • softer and smoother launch;
  • the possibility of spinning at high speeds (up to 2000 per minute), this allows you to get clean items from the drum almost dry.

Agree, the listed advantages are quite significant. We can conclude that invertor washing machines are much more economical than collector ones, more reliable, they allow to provide high quality washing and spinning.

Compare the engines

Inverter type of motor - Korean development. It has been used for a long time, it was originally intended for microwave ovens and air conditioners. But since the filing of global brands Samsung and LG since 2005, engines began to be introduced into washing household appliances to increase its resource saving and reliability.

differences between machines with an inverter motor from ordinary

The principle of operation of the inverter engine is as follows: when the motor rotates, a frequency converter, called an inverter, is created. Here, the alternating stream is converted to constant, so when you exit you can see the current of the required frequency. This procedure makes it possible to precisely control the torsion speed of the motor and maintain the optimal number of revolutions.

The inverter motor for an automatic machine differs from the collector engine in structure - it is not equipped with brushes rubbing against each other, but supports rotation using an electromagnetic field.

Brands of cars with similar motors

Modern automatic washing machines of the global Samsung brand are equipped with inverter motors. Washer Series Crystalstandard in addition to this advantage, it can offer the user the Eco Bubble technology, in another way - the bubble washing method, which will ensure high quality removal of the most difficult stains. The huge functionality of Samsung models will allow you to choose the washing parameters for any type of fabric, and a large number of interesting additions will make the process of using the device even more convenient and enjoyable.

The Yukon washing machine series with inverter motors is also equipped with the Eco Bubble feature. The unit has the ability to clean laundry with a “dry wash” using steam. This ability will be relevant for products from wool, holofiber and costumes.

The famous brand LG can offer customers the latest development - inverter machines that operate on the principle of direct drive. We are talking about the DirectDrive series. They work almost silently, without creating any inconvenience for family members even at night.

It is worth highlighting the 6 Motion model, which has the ability to rotate the drum in six different modes:

  • standard - most often used during the main wash;
  • reverse - helps to dissolve washing powder well;
  • wiggle - it is recommended to include at the stage of soaking clothes;
  • torsion;
  • saturation - allows you to evenly distribute powder and other detergents throughout the fabric);
  • smoothing - provides washing without strong creasing, provides easy ironing.

CMAs on the home appliance market equipped with inverter motors continue to prove their reliability and effectiveness. European manufacturers of Electrolux, Bosch, Virpul in recent years also produce machines with a similar engine. The AEG brand gives a ten-year guarantee on inverter washers, because there is no doubt about their quality and reliability. If you prefer to buy domestic equipment, you can study the Belarusian "Atlanta".

Car with inverter: buy or not?

LG and Samsung washing machines with invertersDoes it make sense to overpay for an inverter motor in a washing machine? The indisputable advantage of the inverter is great energy efficiency, increased reliability and wear resistance. Compared to conventional motors, technologically advanced machines consume 20% less electrical energy.

To finally decide between an inverter or standard motor, it is best to analyze the pros and cons of a specific example. Suppose a user loads 2 kg of laundry for washing (with a permissible load of 6 kg). The converter motor will rotate the drum at the maximum possible speed for the machine, while the inverter will select the optimal number of revolutions based on the mass of loaded things. Electricity consumption will be reduced, as the device optimizes and stabilizes the torsion speed of the drum in each case.

Basically, electricity is used to heat water, the inverter will allow at this stage to save from 2% to 6% of energy, if the drum is not loaded to the maximum allowable weight.

Direct drive inverter motors operate completely silently. Therefore, if this criterion is significant for you, we advise you to pay attention to the LG models of the DirectDrive series.

Another argument in favor of inverter machines will be spinning at high speed. On some models, the drum can spin up to 2 thousand revolutions per minute. However, it should be remembered that such a strong spin may negatively affect the state of things.

As for durability, here you should figure out how long you want to operate the washing machine. If it is 10–13–15 years, then the converter of the middle price segment will also cope with this period of service. Moreover, for such a period of time, washing devices will certainly be released, several levels higher than those offered for sale now. But if you buy equipment for 20-30 years, then perhaps it is worth overpaying for a more durable inverter.

It is also worthwhile to understand that inverter washers are units with the most modern engine. Manufacturers give a long guarantee on the device, but if suddenly a breakdown does happen after the warranty period has elapsed, be prepared that the motor repair will result in a tidy sum.

Chooses the right technique

When purchasing an inverter-type automatic washing machine, you must carefully study its technical characteristics. So, what indicators should focus on.

  1. Class of electricity consumption.It is better to purchase devices with the category "A", "A +", "A ++" or "A +++". The more pluses are after the letter “A”, the less electricity the washer will consume.
  2. The speed of the drum during the spin cycle. Most inverter devices allow you to wring things at 1600 rpm. However, such a quick rotation can damage things, so chasing this indicator is not necessary.
  3. Maximum load. Here you need to focus on the size of your family. For 1-2 people, you can install a machine with a drum that holds up to 5 kg of linen, for families of 3 or more people, it is better to find more comprehensive washing machines.
  4. Noise level - for comfortable use of the device, it should not be higher than 75 dB.
  5. Functionality programmed in intelligence. The more additions and washing modes are provided, the more convenient it is to operate the machine. A modern machine should have basic washing programs, it is advisable to choose a device with Eco Bubble, AddWash technology, steam washing, easy ironing, the ability to record your favorite parameters, delayed start, blocking from child intervention, etc.

Choose an AGR that provides protection against accidental leaks!

Determining the model of a washing machine, it is not at all necessary to chase the presence of a new generation engine in it. The criterion of “induction engine” should not be basic, it is much more important to pay attention to the main indicators of the washing machine, its functionality, ease of use, and protective properties. And let the item "inverter motor" be a pleasant bonus to purchase.


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