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Instructions for washing machine Vyatka Katyusha 722р

manual for the car Vyatka 722rSo, the Vyatka Katyusha washing machine was delivered to your home from the store in its original packaging. And of course, I want to quickly open and test it, but there is no need to rush in this matter. First, carefully read the provisions of the instructions for this washer, and then make any manipulations with the equipment. Well, if you are too lazy to read the factory instructions, see its abridged version, which we presented in this article.

Installation, adjustment and connection

First, gently open the packaging and remove the washing machine. You do not need to tear the box, be careful. Next, remove the transport elements. In the picture below you see a schematic image and a brief description of the procedure for removing these elements.

removal of transport elements

Thanks to the transport elements, the drum cross is securely fixed and cannot rotate during transportation of the washing machine.

After you unscrew all the above details, they need to be folded into a safe place, so that later, when you need to transport the machine, you could return them back. Now we need to drag the machine Vyatka Katyusha 722r to where it will be placed constantly. By the way, the place of such accommodation should be prepared in advance:

  • the floor is strengthened and leveled (at least relatively);
  • any carpets are removed, instead of them you can lay anti-vibration mat;
  • in the immediate vicinity of the machine body there should be service communications (water supply, sewage, electrical outlet);
  • There should be a gap of at least 1.5 centimeters around the machine’s body, the clearance between the bottom of the washing machine and the floor should be about 1 cm

Once you can properly prepare the place for the washing machine, you can drag it there and begin to level it. The washing machine housing must be installed strictly according to the level, the difference is allowed no more than 2 degrees. To align the body, you need to tighten the legs of the machine. To do this, first loosen the lock nuts on the legs, and then unscrew the legs to the desired height. It is necessary to provide sufficient clearance between the floor and the body, and most importantly, align the machine, otherwise it will produce more noise during operation.

Next, you can start connecting the machine. The instruction indicates that a separate electric outlet with grounding is required to connect a Vyatka Katyusha type washing machine. It is powered by 1.5 kV copper wire. mm or aluminum at 2.5 square meters. mm, while this outlet must be protected by a machine. We will shove the power cord into the outlet last, first we connect the machine to the water supply and sewage. How to do this is described in the article. DIY installation and connection of a washing machine.

Elements of the machine and their purpose

Before you start using the Vyatka Katyusha washing machine, you need to find out about the purpose of all its most important elements. This is especially true for the elements of the control panel, because its handles and buttons need to be able to use. So, let's list and briefly describe the most important external elements of the washing machine, with which the user interacts directly constantly.

Vyatka Katyusha control panel

  1. Hatch door with locking mechanism and handle. The hatch door reliably insulates the drum during washing so that water does not spill out of it. To ensure that the door closes well, monitor the condition of the manhole cuff and the locking device.

Be careful with the door handle; on Vyatka Katyusha’s washer it’s rather flimsy.

  1. Powder tray. A special drawer where the detergent is placed before washing. In some cases, it is acceptable to put the detergent directly in the drum.
  2. Program selection knob. It is located on the control panel in its rightmost part.Using this knob, you can select any of the presented washing modes.
  3. Knob that controls the temperature of the water. Located next to the program selection knob, its name speaks for itself.
  4. Buttons. Just behind the handles are 4 buttons. The first button from the handles allows you to turn off the spin, the second activates the half load mode, the third allows you to put the wash on pause, and the fourth turns the machine on and off.

In addition to these items on the control panel of the Vyatka Katyusha washing machine, there are two bulbs. One indicator notifies the user that the machine is turned on, and the second indicates that there is heating.

program selection knob and temperature selection knob

Detergent hopper device

powder hopperThe powder receiver of the Vyatka Katyusha washing machine is extremely simple, and it looks like most automatic machines. This is a rectangular drawer, opening which we can see that the inner space is divided into 3 compartments:

  • the first compartment, if you count from left to right, is necessary for soaking the laundry, if soaking is not planned, there is no need to pour in the powder there;
  • the second compartment for the main wash, there we pour the powder most often;
  • the third compartment is for any special additives, from a simple blue to a high-quality air conditioner.

Before putting the powder into the hopper, make sure that there is no detergent left from the previous wash.

Before and after washing

Immediately before washing, dirty laundry should be sorted by type of fabric, color, degree of contamination, etc. Separate so much laundry so as not to overload the drum of the machine. Each item needs to be carefully inspected so that nothing accidentally remains in your pockets. If there are badly sewn buttons or holes, the thing needs to be fixed. Some things will need to be turned out, if there are zippers on the linen, they need to be buttoned.

When sorting underwear, be sure to look at the tags. They have information that will tell you how to wash this or that thing. Do not load too little laundry into the machine, but do not put too much, optimally from 1.5 to 3 kg with a maximum load of 4.5 kg. After sorting the laundry and putting it in the drum, you can start washing.

  1. Close the hatch door tightly.
  2. Pour the powder into the tray and close it.
  3. Press the button extreme from the powder receiver and turn on the washer.
  4. We set the temperature and select the desired program. As soon as the program is selected, washing will start immediately.
  5. As soon as the program selection knob is turned to the “stop” position and the hatch is unlocked, the laundry can be removed.

After washing, be sure to turn off the power and turn off the water. Wipe the detergent bin inside with a dry cloth. You also need to wipe the cuff of the hatch, the inner walls of the drum and the front panel if moisture droplets get on it. Do not close the hatch after washing, in general the hatch should be kept closed only during washing, in all other cases it must be kept open.

Well, we retold the basic information contained in the original instructions. If factory instructions are required, you can find it below the publication text. We hope you find what you are looking for. Good luck


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