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Instructions for the washing machine Siemens IQ500

instructions for Siemens IQ500The factory operating instructions for the washing machine of the brand Siemens IQ500 are written in an understandable language. In it you will find a lot of information regarding the operation of the washing machine. It is the instruction that answers the standard questions of users about the Siemens typewriter, but users are not particularly keen to read it. We will try to rectify the situation by offering you the main and shortened versions of this critical document.

How to use a washer?

We omit the various background and start with the most important. Consider the steps you need to take in order to use a Siemens brand washing machine.

  • Insert the plug into the outlet and open the water tap.
  • Open the hatch door and put in there pre-sorted linen.

Do not put too much laundry. Overloading the machine negatively affects the quality of the wash, in addition, this can cause a system error.

  • Close the door, pressing it down until it clicks. You don’t need to push too much. If the door does not close, contact an authorized service center.
  • Turn the selector to select the desired program.
  • Press the “start washing” button and wait for the process to finish. The end of the wash is indicated by the inscription “END” on the display.
  • Return the selector to its original position and close the water tap.

how to use a typewriter

Controls and displays

The general procedure for controlling a washing machine from a Siemens brand machine is clear to us, now there are a few details. Let's look at the elements of the control panel that help the user to effectively interact with the machine.

  • Firstly, this is the program selector we mentioned, which is a rotary knob with a black circle that determines the position of this control. The programs and functions that the selector allows you to activate are all signed, so there should be no problems.
  • Secondly, these are seven buttons allowing you to select the washing temperature, spin speed, various functions. In addition, there is a button that launches any program and it is located in the far right of the panel, separately from the rest.control panel elements
  • Thirdly, there is an informative liquid crystal display. A bunch of different information is displayed on it, which will be useful when operating the washing machine. Fourth, the panel has an indicator. It is only one, since with a display there is no need for indicators. There is a light bulb directly above the "start / stop program" button.

An element of the control panel can be considered a small drawer, which is called a dispenser. Laundry detergent and other detergents are placed in it. Perhaps it’s worth talking about it a little more.

Where to add powder?

The Siemens IQ500 washing machine has one of the simplest, from the point of view of the device, powder cuvettes. Its powder receptacle extends comfortably and is easy to pull out. And his sections are the simplest, without any frills. For this simplicity, you can easily feel the German reliability and thoroughness.

  1. The central cell of the cuvette is indicated by the common flower icon. It follows from this that air conditioning should be poured into this compartment or starch should be poured.
  2. To the left of the cell with the flower is a compartment with the Roman numeral II. In this compartment, according to the factory instructions, you should put the product if you intend to start the main wash, bleach or just soften the water with salt.
  3. To the right of the compartment with the flower, there is a compartment in which they put the powder, if you need to soak the laundry. Of course, for this you need to turn on the mode, involving pre-wash.

Useful Tips

By operating the washing machine for a long time, the user notes for himself a bunch of nuances that she did not even know about when she just bought a new "home assistant". This knowledge would be very useful at the beginning and would avoid many mistakes. And this is another argument in favor of a careful reading of the instructions, because most of these nuances are directly or veiled there. Let us give them thesis.sorting linen and removing everything from pockets

  • Take the sorting of dirty laundry seriously before washing. When arranging things in heaps, consider: the type of fabric, its color, the nature of the pollution, the quality of dyeing. And be sure to study designation on clothes for washing (signs, badges, symbols).
  • Before putting dirty laundry into a Siemens washing machine, check your pockets. They must be empty. In addition, if buttons hang on clothing or there are holes, this must be corrected.
  • Shirts, sweaters, etc. before washing, you need to fasten all the buttons, or with a zipper and turn inside out.
  • Before adding this or that product to the powder tray of the washing machine, make sure of its quality and without fail follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding dosage and application features.
  • Put detergents and washing gels directly into the drum of the machine only as a last resort. If necessary, dissolve the powder in a small amount of water, and then add the solution to the drum. So there is less chance that the product will ruin the clothes. The same recommendation applies to washing gels.
  • For miniature and thin clothes, there are special laundry bags. Throwing them into the drum just like that is not safe. They can get stuck between the walls of the tank and the drum or get into the nozzle and make a blockage.
  • Hooks from curtains and curtains should be removed, or wash such textiles in a bag.
  • Do not wash old textiles with new ones.

Here you have a shortened version of the instructions for the Siemens IQ500 brand washing machine. In most cases, the information we provide is sufficient. But if you certainly need instructions from the manufacturer, you can download it from our website (the link is located immediately below the text of the article). Good luck


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