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Instructions for the washing machine Siemens IQ300

instruction for Siemens IQ300When the instruction for the washing machine is urgently needed, it is not at all necessary to look for its printed version, especially if you do not remember where you put it. Faster to find such instructions on the Internet, moreover, a shortened and adapted version. For example, for the Siemens IQ300 washing machine, the instructions are presented below.

Installation and safety

Installation of the washing machine begins even before it is delivered home, you need:

  • prepare a place to place equipment, leveling the floor;
  • make a branch in the water supply and sewerage;
  • mount a grounded outlet.

As soon as the machine is unpacked, it is necessary to remove the transport bolts. Put the machine closer to communications and start the connection. We take a water inlet hose with a thread ¾ and wind one end of it to the water outlet, and the other to the machine. We connect the drain hose to the branch in the siphon, tightening it with a clamp 24-40 mm, or we organize a drain into the bathroom, fixing it to the clothespin over the edge.

The minimum lifting height of the drain hose is 60 cm and the maximum is 100.

In addition, when connecting the machine, remember the safety rules:

  • gently lift the washing machine, it is better to do this together, as it is heavy;
  • arrange all the hoses so that they do not trip over them later;
  • Do not lay the connection hoses in a room with a low temperature, this can lead to their breakthrough;
  • when installing the washing machine on the base, be sure to fix the legs with the WX975600 pads;
  • keep shipping bolts for subsequent transportation of equipment;
  • connect the washer only to cold water and only using the hose included in the kit;
  • tighten the screw connections of the inlet hose only by hand, avoiding pulling;
  • After final installation, check that the hoses are not kinked.

Powder tray

In Siemens washing machines, the cuvette has a rectangular shape and is divided into three compartments. The compartment under the number I, the one in the picture on the right, is designed for falling asleep detergents for prewash. Powders and gels in the main wash are put in the compartment under the number II. And the fabric softener is poured into the central compartment with the designation “flower”.

siemens tray

To remove the cuvette for washing from the remnants of detergents, it is enough to press a finger on the central part of the cuvette, where there is a small notch, and then pull it towards you. Insert a cuvette is also simple, it should not cause difficulties.

Machine control

Before the very first wash, start the machine in any mode without laundry, adding a small amount of powder. This will rinse it from debris and dust. After that, load the laundry, sorting it by color, type of fabric in accordance with the volume of the drum and the maximum load for a particular mode. Next, follow the algorithm:

  1. plug the machine into the network;Siemens typewriter
  2. open the water tap;
  3. press the on button;
  4. turn the toggle switch to the desired program;
  5. press the start button.

Separately, you can set and change the following washing parameters:

  • spin - you can change the speed or turn it off;
  • program start time - you can delay the start of no more than 24 hours;
  • reduction in washing Speed ​​Perfect;
  • extra rinse.

Note! Unfortunately, it is impossible to change the water temperature for a separate program in this model of the washing machine.

In addition to the above, there are several more useful features. For example, blocking the control panel. It is carried out by holding the Start button for 5 seconds, after which the key lights up on the display. When you start the program, you can reload the drum, in case you need to put something or vice versa to get it.

To do this, press the Pause / Start button and wait about a minute until the word YES appears on the display. While a program is paused, it can also be changed to another program.A complete instruction manual contains a detailed description of each of these programs.

Car Care

The new generation automatic washing machine Siemens IQ300 is really capable of taking care of the laundry almost without human intervention, and the housewives quickly get used to it, paying attention to the “home assistant” only when you need to wash something. Do not get it wrong, there is nothing wrong with that, you just need to remember that the machine also needs minimal care.

If you do not follow the machine while it is brand new and clean, it will soon become very dirty and begin to exude a monstrous stink. Inside, mold may form, which will smell unpleasant, and even contaminate laundry. It turns out that the machine does not wash, but rather pollutes the laundry - a pun, and nothing more! After each wash you need:

  • Dissolve a little soap in warm water and take a soft cloth.
  • Rinse the cuff of the hatch, the inside of the drum, and the powder receptacle with this solution.
  • Take a dry cloth and wipe all indicated surfaces so that no moisture remains.
  • Leave the sunroof and powder receptacle open for ventilation.

Imagine that the machine is already pretty running. A lot of dirt has accumulated in it and there are traces of mold, and when you open the hatch, an unpleasant smell beats in the nose, in general, a complete set. Here you will not get off with soapy water and a rag, you will have to carry out a washing with the help of special odor control and dirt.

Then you will have to carefully clean the trash filter, pipes and internal walls of the tank, which can be reached by partially disassembling the washer (through the hole for the heater). Only then will the machine acquire almost pristine purity. The question arises: is it worth bringing your machine to such a state, is it not better to take a little care of it after each wash? Answer this question for yourself!

The instructions for the Siemens IQ300 in our opinion should look just like that, everything is short and clear. No unnecessary information, in a couple of minutes I read and understood everything. Well, if something became unclear, you can read the factory instructions. Good luck


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