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Manual for washing machine Indesit WIUN 82

Indesit WIUN 82 manualThe instruction for the Indesit WIUN 82 washing machine looks rather voluminous, it is not surprising that most people either do not read it at all, or read it selectively. Meanwhile, this document contains a rather large amount of valuable information that the user should understand before using the washing machine. That is why we decided to bring to your attention an abridged version of the instruction, which contains only the most basic information.

Where to put, how to connect?

Carefully unpacking the brand new Indesit WIUN 82 and removing the box to the side, inspect the case. Be scrupulous, examine every inch of the front panel, cover and side walls for damage, and if they are found, contact the seller. If everything is in order, then you can transfer the machine to the installation site. The location where the WIUN 82 washing machine will be installed must meet the following requirements.

  1. No carpeting directly under the body of the machine. Firstly, it will impede heat transfer, and secondly, it is impractical, because liquid can spoil it on the carpet or carpet.
  2. In the immediate vicinity of the installation site of the machine (within 1-1.5 meters), there must be all the communications necessary for its connection: a socket, an outlet for a water pipe, an outlet for a sewer pipe or a siphon.

You can do without a siphon and a sewer pipe, but then you will have to organize the discharge directly into the bath, sink or toilet.

  1. The Indesit washing machine must be placed in the intended installation location. Moreover, the gap between the side walls and surrounding objects, as well as the lid and surrounding objects should be at least 1 cm. There should be a gap of 10 cm between the rear wall and the object, and nothing should be in front of the front panel, as this will prevent the hatch from opening.
  2. The floor under the cabinet must be very strong and preferably perfectly flat. In any case, the machine will have to be aligned using the building level. The best option is a flat concrete base, but even a plank floor will do. Speaking ofinstalling a washing machine we already wrote on the wooden floor in one of the earlier publications.

If the installation location is the best fit for your Indesit washing machine, you can drag it there using hose connectionsomeone else’s help, and then, unscrewing the transport bolts and plugging the holes for them, align the housing and begin to connect. Let's start with a simple one, screw the drain hose to the siphon or insert its end into the sewer pipe. Next, screw the inlet hose to the outlet of the water pipe through the tee tap, not forgetting to insert the o-rings.

Lastly, connect the power cord to a moisture-proof outlet. Pay special attention to the outlet, since the washing machine is a large consumer, giving a serious load on the mains. This means that the power grid must be reliably protected and withstand the load. If voltage fluctuations often occur, connect the washing machine through a special stabilizer.

Powder Tray Device

Do not start washing without understanding how the powder receiver is arranged. Dispenser, powder receptacle, powder tray, all these are the names of the same part of the Indesit washing machine. The dispenser has 4 compartments:

powder receiver Indesit wiun 82

  • No. 1 - for prewash;
  • No. 2 - for the main wash;
  • No. 3 - for air conditioning;
  • No. 4- is inserted in No. 1, for bleach.

By the way! The compartments should be counted from left to right when facing the front of the washing machine.

The prewash drawer needs to be used on those rare occasions when you turn on a prewash program. In all other cases, pouring or pouring detergent into this compartment is not necessary.On the contrary, you should always use the main washing compartment, as well as the air conditioning compartment. But the 4 compartment should be set only when you start the whitening mode (also rare cases).

Start to wash

Well, we understand the device of the powder receiver, now we will study the control panel. On the panel of the Indesit washing machine there are very few buttons and selectors that you will use constantly, it is worth listing them.

  1. Various indicators and function buttons. They are signed on the panel, so you can always see what is selected.
  2. Button that turns on the washing machine.
  3. Button to start or reset a program.
  4. Selector for washing modes.
  5. Water temperature selector.

indesit wiun 82

So, in order for us to start the very first wash, we need to use these elements of the control panel. By the way, the first wash is carried out “idle”, that is, without laundry, to flush the system. Further it will be possible to wash as usual.

Turn on the washing machine. Open the powder tray and put a little funds there. Choose a long washing program, then a temperature of 90 degrees. Close the tray, and then with the "start" button, start the program. As soon as the program ends, the machine will be prepared.

Under normal conditions, preparation for washing is carried out in a similar way. In this case, the laundry is sorted before being put into the drum, and the type of fabric is taken into account when choosing a program.

Essential care

The Indesit WIUN 82 washing machine broke down and instructions will help prevent this from happening, because it contains information on how to operate the "home assistant" correctly. About a third of breakdowns occurs precisely because the owners of washing machines neglect the simple rules for caring for them. What is this about?

  • If you do not use a washing machine, it is best to unplug the power cord from the outlet and block the to get to the garbage filter
  • After each wash, take a dry cloth and wipe the hatch of the hatch, the inner walls of the drum and the powder tray. This way you prevent mold.
  • After each wash, leave the appliance open, do not clog it, because this is the reason for the appearance of a musty smell.
  • Do not use aggressive cleaners to clean, they can damage the gum and the machine will leak.
  • After 3-4 washings, remove the powder receptacle and rinse it under a stream of warm water from the rest of the powder.
  • Once every six months, clean the trash filter and check the inlet valve flow filter approximately once a year. It can also clog up with garbage.
  • Also, check the inlet hose for any damage at least once a year. A hose with microcracks, and even more so with breaks, cannot be operated.

So, we presented a shortened version of the manual, which summarizes all the main points regarding the operation of the Indesit washing machine. If it’s not enough for you, read the full version, which we have posted below. Good luck


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