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Instruction for washing machine Indesit WIUN 81

Indesit WIUN 81 manualThe instruction manual for the Indesit WIUN 81 washing machine contains a huge number of tips that will be useful to the novice user of the automatic "home assistant". However, there is so much information that you can easily get lost in it, especially if you read everything in a row. We decided to highlight the main thing from the instructions and state this information in the article. That's what we got.

Adjust, install and connect

The washing machine should always be started with proper unpacking and checking. What is meant? The box should be opened carefully, in case the equipment has to be returned to the store. Next, carefully inspect the front panel for scratches, chips or more serious damage, such as dropped buttons or torn handles. See that the kit includes a water inlet and a drain hose, a warranty card, legs and an instruction manual.

If everything is in order, you can remove the transport bolts, plug the resulting holes with plugs and drag the machine to the installation site. To move the washing machine, one should use someone else's help, because it is very heavy.

The installation location of the washing machine must be prepared in advance: to level and strengthen the floor, conduct communications, push objects that interfere with the installation.

foot adjustment

Moving the machine to the place of permanent placement, you should, taking the building level, level its body. It is better to place it perfectly perfectly, but if it does not work perfectly, then allow a difference of no more than 2 degrees. You can align the Indesit WIUN 81 machine by alternately twisting the legs. Next we do the following.

  1. We connect the inlet hose to cold or hot water supply, do not forget to put the rubber o-rings. Connections should be as tight as possible.
  2. We connect the second end of the drain hose to the sewer or sink siphon. The first end of the hose is already connected to the housing of the washing machine. How to better organize the connection of such a hose, you can read in the article How to connect the drain hose of the washing machine to the sewer.
  3. After making sure that the hoses are connected properly, insert the plug of the power cord into a previously prepared moisture-proof outlet and check our new “home assistant”.

Control elements

To start using the Indesit WIUN 81 brand washing machine effectively, you need to study its basic controls. What elements are we talking about?

  • Dispenser
  • Control panel buttons;
  • Control panel indicators;
  • Control panel program selection knob.

control panel indesit wiun 81

In fact, the control elements of a typewriter of this brand are very simply arranged, which means that you can deal with them on a hunch, without resorting to instructions. Nevertheless, the abilities of all people are different, so we will briefly describe each of these elements, and talk about their purpose.

The first in our list is a dispenser or, as it is also called, a powder cuvette. We devoted a whole point to him, so now we will not talk about him, but right away we will move on to the buttons. The buttons on the control panel are designed to solve various problems and there are four in total. The largest button is located directly above the program selection knob. It is needed to turn on and off the power of the "home assistant". The next button, if you count from right to left, starts the program or stops it, if necessary. The third and fourth buttons are needed to select functions.

In addition to the buttons on the control panel, there are 6 indicators. Two indicators are located above the function selection buttons and notify the user which function is disabled and which is activated. To the left of the button is an indicator that indicates that the power of the machine is on (blinks), and that the hatch is locked (lit).Immediately under the “Indesit icon” are three indicators indicating the current phase of washing:

  • upper indicator - wash;
  • middle indicator - rinse;
  • lower indicator - spin.

The powder receiver displays a list of programs and functions supported by the washing machine. It can be useful if, of course, the machine is Russified.

Powder cuvette

indesit washing machine powder cuvetteIn order for the Indesit machine to wash in the best way, it is necessary to learn how to use the powder receiver correctly. The powder cuvette of this automatic washing machine is extremely simple. If you open it, you will see only three compartments.

  1. Compartment No. 1, counting from left to right, for prewash. If the washing program involves soaking, put the powder in this compartment.
  2. Compartment No. 2 is the most demanded, since during the main washing the detergent should be put in it.
  3. And finally, compartment No. 3, which has a slightly different design, is designed for air conditioning.

Remember! Pour conditioner or liquid detergent into the cuvette immediately before washing. Otherwise, it will drain into the drum and may ruin the laundry laid there.

We serve the machine

washing the washing machineAn automatic washing machine is good because it does not need constant attention. However, you shouldn’t completely throw her to the mercy of fate, otherwise, after a while, she will throw out some unpleasant “fortel”. After each wash, it is very important to shut off the water and disconnect the equipment from the mains. Also, after each wash, you just need to thoroughly wipe and ventilate the machine. In no case do not clog the sunroof and powder receptacle, as mold will get into the machine or worse.

Remove the powder cuvette by lifting it and pulling it towards you to rinse it off the powder residue. Every time you do not need to do this, but sometimes it is necessary. Do not forget to unscrew and clean the dust filter. Read how to do this in the article. How to open and clean the filter in an Indesit washing machine? If, nevertheless, the Indesit WIUN 81 washing machine breaks down, the instructions are unlikely to help you solve the problem, you need to contact the master.

This is what the shortened version of the Indesit WIUN 81 washing machine manual looks like. If you still have questions after reading it, see the factory version of this document. Good luck


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