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Instruction for washing machine Indesit WIUN 102

Indesit WIUN 102 manualIf you are reading this article, it means that you have an Indesit WIUN 102 washing machine, an instruction to which was lost for some reason. Even if you don’t feel like looking for it, just read the shortened version of this manual in this article and you will find answers to your questions. Let's start in order.

Unpacking and connecting

Installation of the washing machine and its operation begins with unpacking. At least on a new, at least on a used washer it is necessary to remove the transportation bolts. It is impossible to transport equipment without them, since movable elements can fail. So, having removed the packaging, you need to unscrew these bolts from the back side and close the holes with plastic plugs.

Next, the machine must be placed on a pre-aligned floor, in the place where at a distance of no more than 1.5 m there are communications and a failed outlet with grounding, follow these steps:

  1. Put the machine closer to the place where it will stand, take the inlet hose. Screw its curved end to the outlet of the washing machine.

Do not forget to put a rubber gasket in the place where the hose and tube connect, for a more tight connection. Tighten the fitting washer by hand, without overtightening it.

  1. Spread the drain hose and, if necessary, use the latch on the back wall to fasten the upper drain point at a height of 65-100 cm.
  2. Slide the machine into a niche or under the countertop where it will be located, while the gap between the side walls and other objects must be left at least 1.5 cm. Leave 5-7 cm behind so as not to transmit hoses.
  3. Route the hoses to the water supply and drain. Connect the inlet hose to cold water, and the drain hose to the outlet in the siphon, securing it with a hose clamp.
  4. When retracting the machine, do not forget about the power cord that you need to pull out from the back of the machine and bring it to a power outlet. Extension cords and tees must not be used, but a voltage stabilizer is recommended. Although you can do without it.

When connecting the washing machine, it is not allowed to build up the drain and inlet hose to a length of more than 1.5 meters. If extension is necessary, it is necessary to contact the service center, in no case do not use used hoses. Violation of any of the connection requirements is fraught with consequences, and the manufacturer is not responsible, even if the machine is under warranty.

Detergent dispenser

By connecting the machine, before the first start-up, which, incidentally, must be done at high temperature and without underwear, study its basic elements. Start with a detergent dispenser, i.e. a tray. AT ctyrant typewriter indesit This model is divided into three stationary compartments:

  • the leftmost compartment is needed for the means used in pre-soaking;
  • the next compartment is used for the main wash;
  • the rightmost compartment is needed for air conditioners.

powder tray Indesit

In addition, there is a fourth compartment, which is inserted into the compartment on the left and is intended for bleaches. It is used only if necessary, if you are not going to bleach linen, then this container is better to remove.

Launch washing

washing panelLaunching of washing is carried out through a mechanical control panel, on which there are 5 buttons and 2 rotary knobs. To run the program, you need:

  1. Plug in the machine and remember to open the water tap.
  2. Press the power button (first button on the right).
  3. Load the laundry, close the drum and add the detergent.
  4. Turn the program selection knob clockwise to the desired program, the decoding of which number you see on the detergent dispenser.

    For the Indesit WIUN 102 washing machine, the instruction gives a detailed description of all 11 programs, if you are interested, you can download it from the link below.

  5. Turn the temperature selection knob to the desired value.
  6. Press the start button.

Of the additional features in this washing machine there is only:

  • “Easy ironing” - provides for stopping the program with water in the drum, is not used with the “Whitening” function, as well as for the programs: “Intensive washing” and “Daily washing 30 min”;
  • Spin speed reduction;
  • Whitening - is used for all programs, except for “Wool”, “Silk” and “Daily wash 30 minutes”.


Exploiting the "home assistant", do not forget to look after her. After washing, be sure to wipe it using a dry cloth, if necessary, you can first wipe it with a cloth soaked in soapy water, only no cleaning agents. Wipe the control panel from drops, be sure to wipe the rubber cuff and drum, pay attention to the glass.

Then pull out the powder tray by gently lifting it and pulling it towards you. Wipe the area under the tray, and then wash the tray itself. Return it to its place, but do not completely close it, let it air out so that mold does not form, by the way, also keep the door ajar. Flush the drain filter located at the bottom of the washer every six months.

Important! After washing, turn off the machine from the network and block the water, so you will save the equipment from voltage drops and pump breakdowns.

No matter how carefully you relate to technology, it can break. The Indesit machine is no exception. To understand what to do, download the Indesit WIUN 102 washing machine instruction manual, which contains fault decoding table. Perhaps you can handle it all yourself. Good luck


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