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Manual for washing machine Indesit WIUN 100

Indesit WIUN 100 manualThe instruction manual for the washing machine may contain a lot of useful information, only the user thinks about it after the first test of the equipment. It’s better to read the instructions first, if you don’t have time to read the printed version, you need to read at least a short version of the manual. Below is such a version for the Indesit WIUN 100 machine.

Important Installation Points

After making sure after delivery of the washing machine that it is not damaged, you can proceed with its installation and connection. First, unscrew the transport screws and store them in case of transportation. Then the machine needs to be put closer to the installation site, which is prepared in advance according to all standards:

  • if possible the surface is leveled;
  • if it is a plank floor, then it must be strengthened;

    Important! The machine must not be placed on moisture-resistant material, such as laminate and carpeting.

  • water supply with a tap must be connected to the installation site, or a tee tap must be installed on the sink mixer;washing machine installation location
  • the sink siphon must have a tap for connecting the waste water;
  • next to the connection is socket, if possible connected to the energy source through a difavtomat, plus is a properly organized grounding. Connecting the machine through an extension cord or together with other devices into the same outlet is prohibited.

To connect the washing machine, a drain and inlet hose are supplied, their length does not exceed 1.5 meters, so be aware of this beforehand and do not stretch the hoses. Docking is also not recommended, if absolutely necessary, you need to purchase a longer hose at a service center.

The inlet hose is screwed onto the water pipe of the machine manually, as it has plastic washers. The drain hose is fixed to the branch of the siphon with a hose clamp or fixed to the edge of the bathtub with a special latch. Both methods of draining the water have a place to be, but connecting to the siphon is safer. It is important that the drain point in the siphon is not lower than 65 cm from the floor, but also does not exceed 100 cm.

Programs and Features

For the Indesit WIUN 100 washing machine, the manual contains a detailed table of program descriptions and functions, we will only list them briefly.

For cotton products, you can choose one of the following modes:

  1. prewash for very dirty items in white at 90 degrees;
  2. intensive washing for white products without pre-soaking at 90 degrees;
  3. ordinary washing of colored linen at 60 degrees;
  4. delicate washing of things of moderate pollution at 40 degrees;
  5. colored fabrics - a mode for refreshing things without heavy pollution at 30 degrees.

There are four modes for synthetic fabrics:

  • intensive cycle - washing dirty products at 60 degrees;
  • normal washing - washing products at 50 degrees;
  • delicate fabrics - washing colored synthetic things at 40 degrees;
  • everyday washing - shortened washing of uncontaminated items for 30 minutes at 30 degrees.

For delicate things there is a “Wool” mode and a “Silk” mode. Under these conditions, especially delicate cashmere products, organza curtains, curtains, etc. can be washed. All of the listed modes are set by turning the selector.

By turning the selector, you can also select a separate rinse, delicate rinse, spin and delicate spin, drain the water from the drum of the machine.

As for the additional functions, there are only two of them, they are rendered by separate buttons on the control panel (from left to right):

  1. reduction in spin speed from 1000 to 500 revolutions;
  2. shorter cycle times to save energy and water; if necessary, wash a small amount of laundry.

Launch washing

Commissioning of the machine after connection starts with the start of a single wash.This means that you need to select a mode with heating the water to 90 degrees, put the powder in the cuvette and start the program without laundry. The question is, where to put the powder? Everything is simple - in the main compartment of the cuvette, located in the center. To the left of it is a compartment for preliminary cycles, and to the right - for fabric softeners.

Indesit WIUN 100

Launching laundry is carried out as follows:

  1. Connect the machine to the network and press the start button.
  2. Load the laundry according to the maximum load of the machine, sorting it and checking the pockets.
  3. Turn the selector to the desired program.
  4. Add detergent to the cuvette.
  5. If necessary, press the additional function button.
  6. Press the program stratum button.
    If you need to reset the program, hold the Pause button for 2 seconds.
  7. When finished, wait for the hatch to unlock, remove the laundry and press the machine shutdown button.

Cleaning and care

Timely cleaning of the washing machine will extend the service life of the equipment, and even outwardly it will look better. What needs to be done to keep it in good condition?

  • Wipe the body of the machine regularly from dust, water droplets and dirt using a damp and dry cloth. Neither solvents nor cleaning agents can be used, but a mild soapy solution can be used.
  • Flush the drain filter located behind the bottom plastic panel. It is enough to do this 2-3 times a year.
  • Wipe the inside of the drum and cuff from water after washing so that mold does not form.
  • Keep the hatch ajar.
  • Rinse the cuvette of powder and liquid detergents, pulling it completely out of the machine. You can do this after 3-4 washings.
  • Carry out internal cleaning of the machine by starting a single wash with a special descaler and plaque.

For washing machine Indesit WIUN 100, the instructions also include a description of the faults and safety precautions. Compliance with all the rules is mandatory, because the manufacturer is not responsible in case of accident. Download the full version and study the manual in more detail.


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