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Manual for washing machine Indesit WITL 86

Indesit WITL 86 manualSome people don’t even know how the Indesit WITL 86 washing machines look like instructions, and this is despite the fact that they have been operating the “home assistant” for several years. And it happens that the instruction that came with the machine is thrown out along with the box. After some time, a “contingency” situation arises, a person begins to look for instructions, but it does not exist. It’s good that there is a computer, the Internet and, in particular, our website on hand where you can find all the necessary information.

Getting the machine to work

The place where you plan to put the Indesit WITL 86 machine must be taken care of in advance, especially if it is planned to integrate equipment between pieces of furniture. The base under the machine must be strong and stable. It is best to have a flat concrete or tile floor, but a strong wooden base will also work, the main thing is that it be prepared in good faith.

When organizing a place for a washing machine, do not forget to leave a little space for the communications of the machine (hoses, network cable). A place in front of the machine also needs to be left so that it is possible to freely approach the “home assistant”.

The upper part of the body must be open, since this machine is a vertical loading, respectively, the hatch and control panel are located on top.

Indesit WITL 86

In the immediate vicinity of the washing machine housing, it is necessary to create points of connection to the water supply, sewer and electricity.Do-it-yourself installation and connection of the washing machine We have repeatedly described, we will not repeat. We only note that certain requirements are imposed on communications that provide a washing machine.

  1. The socket must be separate, wiring with a cross section of 2.5 mm with grounding, protected by an automatic machine.
  2. The pressure in the water supply must not be less than 1 bar. If the pressure is low, a special circulation pump can be installed.
  3. The water drain must be raised at least 60 cm above the floor. If this is not done and the drain hose is not bent properly, water from the sewer can go back to the machine.

Control panel device

The upper location of the hatch and the control panel of the Indesit WITL 86 washing machine is very popular with older people and people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Why is that? Everything is very simple, this machine does not need to bend down. Stand calmly at full height, put the laundry in the drum, press the necessary buttons and go. No discomfort. Speaking of buttons and other panel elements.

  • Swivel handles. There are three regulators of this kind in this machine. And they are located very conveniently in a row. On the right side is the program selector, a little to the left of the thermostat knob, and to the left of the spin adjustment knob. The system is electromechanical, so no surprises, I turned the knob to the desired position, got the result.
  • Buttons. The buttons are also conveniently arranged in a row, right above the switches. The button on the far right is the most important one; it turns our “home assistant” on and off. It is impossible to confuse it, since it is larger than the others in size. Even people with vision problems will distinguish it without any problems. To the left is the program start button and then the function buttons.
  • Light bulbs. The indicators are also very important, since the WITL 86 model does not have a display, which means that an important function lies on the bulbs - the transfer of information from the machine to the user. Basically, the indicators show the stages of the execution of the washing program and the inclusion / deactivation of certain functions.

control panel Indesit WITL86

The inscriptions and drawings printed on the control panel will tell the user which buttons are worth clicking and which are not.

Also a few words should be said about the powder receptacle. Of course, the powder receptacle in top-loading washing machines is not part of the control panel, but without it you will not be able to do a good wash.

Dispenser machine model WITL 86, located on the inner surface of the hatch. It does not look like the powder receptacle of a front-loading machine. Its compartments are made in the form of special plastic pockets in which the detergent is put up to the specified level. We will describe these pockets from left to right.Dispenser Indesit WITL86

  1. Pocket number one, used only if the selected program provides for soaking (prewash).
  2. The second pocket is slightly wider than the first and it serves to ensure that you put detergent or gel in the main wash.
  3. The third pocket is for the air conditioner.
  4. The fourth pocket is for bleach.


Run Indesit WITL 86 should be just like any other machine of this brand. We press the large oval button and wait until the indicator to the left of it starts to blink. Next, open the hatch and add detergents to the pockets of the powder receiver. Now open the inner lids of the drum and lay the pre-sorted laundry inside. We close internal covers and the hatch. It remains to select the program with the handle, adjust the temperature and the spin speed, and start with the corresponding button.

If you need to enable any additional function, feel free to click the desired button.

Care Features

To use the machine every day you do not need to refer to the instructions, however, it is necessary to read it at least once. At the end of the document there is very important information on how to carry out maintenance and care. In fact, there is absolutely nothing terrible in this.

  • First, after finishing the wash, do not close the appliance tightly, let it air.
  • Secondly, after washing, wipe the drum lids and the inner walls with a cloth and do not forget about the dispenser.
  • Thirdly, sometimes clean the filters. The one at the filling valve - once a year, trash 2 times a year.

Dispenser flushing Indesit WITL86

This will complete the presentation of the short version of the manual for the Indesit WITL 86 machine. If you still have questions after reading the above material, download the full version of the document by clicking on the link below the text. Good luck


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