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Manual for washing machine Indesit WISL 83

Indesit WISL 83 manualThe Indesit WISL 83 washing machine is a rather old model among the machines of this brand. Some have been using it for more than 6 years, the age of individual Italian representatives reaches 12 years. Sooner or later, the operation of the equipment fails, the user begins to read the instructions, but the printed version may be without a Russian translation. Do not worry, this instruction has been translated and posted on the Web more than once. We suggest you familiarize yourself with it, most likely you will find what you need.

How to connect?

Most instructions for Indesit washing machines begin with a description of the unpacking and installation of the appliance. There is nothing difficult in this work, considering that everything is prepared for you, namely:

  • aligned installation location;
  • cold water is supplied or a splitter and a tap are installed on the cold water mixer;
  • a siphon is installed on the sink with a tap for draining waste water from the washer;

    To the knowledge! You can organize a drain directly into the bathroom or toilet, but this method is unsafe and not aesthetic.

  • a power outlet is grounded, grounded according to all safety regulations (a three-core cable with a cross-section of 1.5 sq. mm is used, there is a difavtomat).

After unpacking the washing machine and examining it, you need to remove the transport holding bolts from the back of the equipment and close the holes with plugs. Next, we put the machine closer to the installation site and begin to connect the hoses. The inlet hose is screwed by hand with fitting washers at one end to the water outlet, the other end to the machine. This is one of the easiest ways, but you can also connect to a faucet in the kitchen orto the mixer in the bathroom.

Arranging a drain should also not cause you problems. The nuance is to prevent the drainage hose from pulling and self-draining. To do this, you need to correctly fix the upper drain point, which is described in detail not so much in the instructions as on our website in the article How to connect the drain hose to the sewer.

With a properly installed outlet, the network connection is to insert the plug into the outlet. If there is no such outlet, forget about extension cords and adapters. Call an electrician who will lay the cable and do everything according to the requirements.

Machine description

We will not describe the entire design of the washing machine, it is important for the user to know only how the powder dispenser and control panel are arranged, and we will stop on them. The control panel of the Indesit WISL 83 washing machine is equipped with three selectors and six buttons. Selectors are intended (from left to right) for:

Indesit WISL 83 control panel

  • regulation of the spin speed;
  • choice of washing temperature;
  • selecting a program indicated by a number. There are 13 such programs, the decoding of the names of which is presented on the front of the powder receiver.

The button necessary to turn on the machine is the largest button, next to it is the start or pause button of the program. The remaining 4 buttons allow you to select additional functions (from left to right):

  1. delayed start of washing;
  2. stain removal, which involves bleaching or additional washing, this function cannot be used simultaneously with the ironing function;Indesit WISL 83 powder dispenser
  3. easy ironing - involves stopping the machine with water in the drum and then draining it by selecting the appropriate program;
  4. extra rinse.

Distribute the powder in this clipper located on the left. The powder for main washing is poured into the middle compartment, and with preliminary washing it is poured into the left. To soften laundry, use an air conditioner, which is poured into the compartment on the right. In the case of bleaching, you need to insert a removable container into the extreme compartment on the left and pour bleaching agent into it.

Important! The bleach should not contain chlorine, firstly, it spoils the fabric, and secondly, it negatively affects the inside of the machine.

How to use?

For the Indesit WISL 83 washing machine, the instruction offers a brief description of the program launch procedure, and indeed, what to paint here, everything is intuitive:

  1. Turn on the machine by pressing a button.
  2. Load the laundry, after dividing it by color, type of fabric, volume. Do not forget to sew the tearing off elements, to pull out small objects from pockets, and also to close lightnings.
  3. Close the drum door.
  4. Powder and conditioner according to dosage.
  5. Turn the programmer to the desired mode.
  6. Adjust spin and temperature.
  7. Select an additional function if necessary.
  8. Press start.
  9. Upon completion, turn off by pressing the button.

The first wash cycle in the new machine should take place without laundry in order to wash the machine.

Safety and maintenance

Safe operation of the Indesit WISL 83 washing machine the instruction also does not pass by. If you violate at least one of the rules listed in it, the manufacturer is not responsible either for your health or for the safety of equipment and property. So what you should not forget about:

  1. The machine is a household appliance for home use, not a professional one.
  2. Disconnect appliances after washing.
  3. Manage and control the operation of the machine should be an adult.
  4. When working with equipment, make sure that your hands are dry, do not touch the body with wet hands.
  5. Do not pull out to distribute the powder during washing.
  6. Do not pull the door, trying to open it after washing, the lock will unlock after three minutes.
  7. Carry the machine together, it is very heavy.
  8. Check the drum before laying the laundry, there may be foreign objects in it.
  9. Do not overload the machine, this reduces the service life of parts, but washing too little is also not worth it.
  10. Do not forget to care for the machine. Wipe its outside from dust and moisture, wipe the cuff and powder receptacle after washing. Perform general cleaning using special descaling agents, odors and bacteria. Rinse the drain filter and tray.


In the event of a malfunction, make sure that you yourself cannot solve it. It is not uncommon for a filter or a strainer in front of the inlet hose to become clogged with debris, as well as an overload of the machine. All these problems are solved independently. If the internal components of the machine break down, it is best to contact a service center, especially if the machine is under warranty.

If there is no money to pay for repairs, then read the full instructions that describe possible malfunctions and our article Repair faults in the Indesit washing machine, which describes how to resolve these errors.

We hope that the information presented above was useful to you. Now you know where to find instructions for your washing machine.


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