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Manual for washing machine Indesit WISL 105

Indesit WISL 105 manualFor the brand new Indesit WISL 105 washing machine, the instruction should also be at hand. At first glance, it seems why this instruction is needed, if it is intuitively clear what to press and what to turn in order to start a wash or some function. In fact, the operating instructions for the washing machine help optimize the operation of the equipment so that it is not used at random, but as rationally as possible. Below we have provided an abridged version of this document for you, we hope you will learn a lot from it.

Installation Features

Even before buying an Indesit WISL 105 washing machine, we will arrange a place for it so that later we do not have to redo everything in a hurry. First, figure out where you can put the "home assistant", wherever she stands comfortably and where there is a potential opportunity to connect her. If such a place is found, make careful measurements. It is important that not only the housing of the washer fit between other interior items, but also a gap remains:

When measuring, consider the protruding parts of the washing machine

  • between the rear wall of the machine body and foreign objects - 10 cm;
  • between the side walls and the top cover of the machine and objects - 1 cm;
  • nothing should stand at all in front of the loading hatch.

Check gender. Stand at the intended installation location of the washing machine and rub your feet, and then jump lightly. If under your weight the floor almost does not hold together and does not bend, everything is fine, but if the floor holds together and tries to break, it needs to be strengthened. This is especially true of the plank floor. It is also advisable to remove moisture-resistant flooring at the installation site of the machine and make the floor more even.

On a pipe with cold (or hot) water, we will install a tee crane in advance. To do this, you either have to make an insert into the metal-plastic pipe, or install this tap between the pipe and the hoses supplying the mixer. In this case, there are many recipes, be guided by the place.

connecting the washing machine Indesit

Think about where the machine will drain the waste water. There are several options.

  1. The first option involves organizing the drain directly into the toilet, sink and bath. Such a drain is easiest to do, you just need to fix the second end of the drain hose to the specified plumbing.
  2. The second option requires connecting a drain hose to the sink siphon. Only for this you will need to buy a siphon with a special side outlet.
  3. And finally, the third option involves connecting the machine directly to the sewer pipe. To do this, an insert is made into the pipe, a tee is inserted into it and a drain hose of the machine is connected to the free end of the tee.

In addition to all of the above, you will need to bring a separate waterproof outlet. The socket outlet must be protected RCD and have grounding. In this case, the wiring should be designed for increased load, since the washing machine is considered a large consumer of energy. The socket must have a special, waterproof housing.

If everything is ready, feel free to buy the Indesit WISL 105 typewriter and proceed with the connection. The instruction manual for the washing machine of this brand reminds us that before installing it, you need to carefully unpack the washing machine, remove the shipping items, put them in a separate bag and put them away until better times. If you suddenly have to transport the machine, these elements come in handy. We connect the machine in the following order.

  • We fasten the inlet hose, pre-installing the gaskets.
  • We mount the drain hose by connecting it in one of the three above ways.
  • Connect to an electrical outlet.

After connecting the hoses, check that nothing leaks anywhere.


Getting started with a washing machine brand Indesit WISL 105 is associated with some difficulties.The control panel contains a fairly large number of different elements, from buttons to knobs, the purpose of which the user has yet to learn. In order not to study the control panel using the “trial and error method”, take a look at the manual, which talks about the control panel in some detail.

control panel Indesit WISL 105

So, on the control panel of the washing machine of this brand there are three rotary knobs. The far right knob allows you to select a washing program, the middle one allows you to select the temperature of the water, well, and the far left serves to select the spin speed. Six buttons are also available. A large power button is installed directly above the program switching knob; to the left is the program start or reset button. Further from right to left.

  1. The button above which there is a picture of a container of water and droplets is an additional rinse. We press this button in order to better rinse the laundry from detergents.
  2. The button above which we see the ironing pattern is the so-called “easy ironing”. This function prevents wrinkles from wrinkling, which subsequently facilitates the ironing process.
  3. The button above which the pattern of the soiled T-shirt denotes the whitening function. It is included when it is necessary to perform normal or gentle whitening, provided that the appropriate product is added to the powder collector.
  4. Button with a watch, indicates a delayed start. This function allows you to delay the start of the machine for a period that you choose yourself.

In addition to buttons and knobs on the control panel, there are bulbs. They indicate the stage at which a particular washing program is implemented. In addition, there are light bulbs that indicate whether the machine is running and whether functions are enabled.

How to start?

To start the wash, you still need to figure out where and how to put the powder and other detergents. Open the powder cuvette and look. The middle compartment for ordinary washing, put in it powder whenever you just need to wash. The leftmost section for prewash, put powder in there if the wash mode you activate involves soaking.

The far right compartment is needed in order to add air conditioning. There is also a fourth branch. It must be inserted into the far left compartment if you have activated the bleaching mode. Well, we figured it out with the dispenser, now we know what department to pour in, we can talk about the procedure for starting the wash.

  • Press the on / off button.
  • We push the pre-sorted linen into the hatch and distribute it evenly inside.
  • Turn the knob to select washing modes and select a program.
  • We turn the thermostat knob and set the water temperature.
  • We twist the speed control knob and set the spin speed.
  • Open the dispenser and add funds.
  • Click on the button to the left of the on / off button.

When the wash is over and the machine signals this, you will not be able to immediately open the hatch. This is not a breakdown, but a completely normal phenomenon. Wait a couple of minutes, the lock itself will unlock, and the hatch can be opened.

Car carecar care

Well, a few words about caring for the Indesit WISL 105 washing machine. Although this machine is designed so that it requires a minimum of care, some attention to the "home assistant" is required. Do not allow moisture to trap in the machine, let alone stagnate water. Take it as a rule: finish the wash, wipe everything with a cloth and leave the hatch and the tray open. Clean the drain filter, and approximately once a year inspect the flow filter, which is located on the inlet valve.

Here, in fact, is the entire brief instruction. We have tried to offer you only the most important points. If this is not enough, refer to the factory instructions, which are laid out below. Good luck


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