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Manual for washing machine Indesit WISL 103

Indesit WISL 103 manualIf you need an instruction for the Indesit WISL 103 washing machine very urgently, then by opening our publication, you have come to the address. Here you will find not only the original document from the manufacturer, available for download, but also an adapted version of it, which we retold specifically for you.

Installation tips

The instruction manual for a washing machine of this brand describes in detail the process of installing and connecting a “home assistant”. Each stage of the work is accompanied by understandable schematic images, so we will not rewrite these provisions, however, we will add to them a list of tips that the experts formulated. These tips will be a great addition that will help you complete the installation work without errors.

  1. Do not rush to unscrew the bolts intended for transportation of the machine and remove the hoses from the mounts before you put the "home assistant" in place. So it’s more convenient to drag it from place to place.
  2. Firmly fix the base under the body of the washing machine. If you have a plank floor, then place additional lags under it at the place of installation of the washer. It would be ideal to pour a concrete pedestal under the flooring and level the floor surface as much as possible.
  3. Remove floor coverings unsuitable for installation of the washing machine: ordinary (non-moisture resistant) laminate, carpet, carpet, woven walkways and more.

Leveling and strengthening the floor will double the life of the washing machine. In addition, it will work much quieter, even when spinning at high speeds.

align the body of the machine

  1. If it was not possible to make the floor perfectly smooth and there are obvious differences, it doesn’t matter, you can align the body of the machine by twisting the legs. To do this, put the building level on top of the machine body and begin to alternately twist the legs until the washing machine can be installed evenly.
  2. Install in advance on the pipe outlet with cold water, at the place of installation of the machine, a crane tee. Thus, you will create a connection point to which it remains only to screw the inlet hose.
  3. Install a side siphon to connect the drain hose. If there is no sink near the installation site of the machine, but there is a drainage of the sewer pipe, make a tie-in and install a tee. Generally about how to connect the drain hose of the washing machine to the sewer, we already told, so we won’t repeat ourselves.
  4. Pay special attention to the new outlet for the washing machine. We have already talked a lot about this earlier and will repeat it again: you cannot connect the washing machine to an outlet with other devices, and even more so use an extension cord. A washing machine is a large consumer, it needs a separate, machine-protected, moisture-proof outlet. If you can also organize grounding, then it will be generally super!
  5. From the points of connection of the washing machine to various communications to its body, there should be no more than 1 m. This is especially true for sewerage. The longer the drain hose, the sooner the pump will fail.
  6. Before connecting the machine to the water pipe, make sure that the water pressure in it is sufficient. If you opened the cold water tap to full, you could not get a glass of water in 6 seconds, the pressure in the water supply is insufficient to connect the washing machine Indesit WISL 103.

Buttons, knobs, indicators

The Indesit WISL 103 control panel has three large rotary knobs, each of which has its own very important function. So, let's face the washing machine and pay attention to the far right handle. With it, we can choose any washing program from the list that is listed in the instructions or on the powder receptacle cover. Each program is assigned a number. To select a program, just turn the knob.

control panel for washing machine Indesit WISL 103

To the left of the program selection knob is the thermostat switch. With it, you can easily set the temperature of the water in which the laundry will be washed. The leftmost handle will serve us in the event that we need to adjust the spin speed. You can set the "no spin" mode, you can put 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 or 1000 rpm.

Above the switches are six buttons. The far right allows you to turn on the machine and turn it off. The second on the right is the stop / start button of the program. Third on the right is an extra rinse. The fourth on the right is easy ironing. The fifth on the right is whitening. And finally, the sixth - delayed launch.

By the way! You can delay the start of the washing program with Indesit WISL 103 for 9 hours.

On the control panel of the machine of this brand there are indicators. Some of them indicate the progress of the program, and some indicate the activation of a function. In any case, you need to pay attention to them.

Approximately 1/3 of the control panel of the Indesit WISL 103 washing machine is occupied by the powder receptacle. This is such a special drawer of relatively small sizes, in which it is necessary to put the detergent before washing. In it lay:powder receiver Indesit WISL 103

  • washing powder;
  • air conditioning;
  • starch;
  • salt;
  • liquid detergent;
  • bleach etc.

The powder cuvette is divided into three parts. Put it forward and look. The middle part is reserved for the main wash, and it will have to be used most often, the remaining compartments are optional. The left one is for soaking programs, and the right one can add a softener. Sometimes you have to turn on the bleaching mode, and users, in this regard, ask what compartment to pour bleach into. As can be seen in the figure, a special compartment is needed for the bleach, which is inserted into the far left section of the powder receiver.

Launch the washing process.

If everything is installed and connected correctly, starting to wash with the Indesit WISL 103 washing machine is as easy as shelling pears. First, press the large button, which is located immediately above the program switch. We sort the laundry and lay its first batch in the machine. Using the program selector, select the desired washing mode. Then twist the remaining knobs, set the water temperature and spin speed. We open the tray of the powder receiver and add to it the funds that are needed to ensure high-quality washing.

Next, press the button, which is located right to left immediately after the on / off button. We will only have to wait until our beloved “home assistant” removes, and then unlocks the hatch, so that we can pick up clean linen.

Care Features

wipe the machine after each washTake care of the Indesit WISL 103 washing machine in time, especially since it does not require any special care, so little things. Wipe with a cloth wherever we can reach, because excess moisture can cause mold and unpleasant odors. Sometimes we clean filters: garbage and flow.

Often you do not need to climb these filters, but you can’t throw them at all. It will be optimal if you clean the trash filter after 6 months of operation of the "home assistant", but a flow filter after a year.

Here is such an instruction. It may seem to some that it is too short, but in fact, everything that is needed is in it. If you need more information, download the instructions from the manufacturer. Good luck


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