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Manual for washing machine Indesit W105TX

Indesit W105TX manualInstruction manual for the washing machine Indesit W105TX, was created by the manufacturer in an unusual style for such documents. The whole text is accompanied by funny pictures that fit well with the instructions along with informative images. Apparently, the manufacturer decided to increase the attractiveness of this document for the user, so that people at least flip through it before turning on the typewriter. In this sense, our goals and those of the manufacturer coincide, so we decided to make the instructions easier and more attractive.

Proper installation is important!

In the Indesit W105TX washing machine, the instruction emphasizes the importance of the proper installation of the “home assistant”, rightly pointing out that its life and frequency of breakdowns depend on it. It would seem why, because the machine is created as a fully self-sufficient household appliance. Let's get it right.

  1. The instructions from the manufacturer indicate that the machine should be placed in level on a flat and strong surface. What happens if you put the washer on a swinging wooden floor without aligning the position of the case? The answer is very simple. The negative influence of centrifugal force, which is already decent during high-speed spinning, will intensify many times, destroying the inside of the equipment, from which it will fail at least 2 times faster.

If you don’t install the machine’s body according to the level, the “home assistant” can start to “jump” or even fall on its side.

  1. Suppose we connect the washing machine to the sewer incorrectly. What can happen. First of all,result of incorrect connection of the machine A “siphon effect” is when water from the sewer, obeying the laws of physics, rushes back into the washing machine. Secondly, a commonplace leakage if you did not fix the drain hose during installation. Thirdly, damage to the drain pump from excessive load.
  2. Incorrect connection of the hose that supplies water to the washing machine may result in a breakdown of the inlet valve, leakage and subsequent flooding of the room, or simply the washing machine will give a system error and refuse to work.
  3. If the machine is improperly connected to the power supply, not only the washing machine and the user himself may be affected. In the worst case, the machine can be shocked, in the best case, the power filter will fail. So be very careful when installing, but rather entrust this matter to a professional.

Control panel and dispenser

The Indesit W105TX washing machine has a simple control panel, on which the most memorable elements are toggle switches. In addition to the toggle switches, there are five buttons on the panel, two indicators, a detergent dispenser, and picture cards that help the user activate the correct modes and functions. In the schematic representation of the control panel, we see elements signed in different letters of the Latin alphabet.

control panel diagram

  • The letter “A” signifies the most important switch by which we select and run the washing program. There is no separate button for activating the washing of this model of Indesit machines.
  • The letter "B" indicates the temperature switching knob. With its help, you can choose the temperature of the water in which the washing will be carried out. It is impossible to confuse this pen with any other, since an image of a thermometer is placed above it.
  • “C” marks the spin speed selection knob. The Indesit W105TX washing machine has a maximum spin speed of 1000 rpm.
  • “D” indicates the drawer in which to put the powder. We will talk about him a little later.
  • “E” marks the “easy ironing” button. This button is on the left, the very first among other buttons. Its activation prevents excess jams during washing. A pretty useful feature when things require delicate handling.
  • The letter "F" marks the second button in a row. Using this button, you can greatly save water and electricity, but this will affect the quality of the wash.

It’s most wise to use extra-saving mode when you wash things that aren’t too dirty. When the task is not so much to clean as to refresh.

  • “G” indicates the third button, which activates the quick wash mode. If you need to finish the wash faster, feel free to click on this button. However, keep in mind that this will also affect the quality of the wash.
  • “H” signs the “enhanced wash” button. This function is included when the clothes are already very dirty and need to be washed with all care.
  • The letter "I" indicates the on / off button. There is no need to talk about her appointment, since it is clear to everyone.
  • “L” marks the on / off light.
  • "M" is an indicator indicating the door is locked.

Well, that’s all the elements. In fairness, it should also be said about the numerous pictures that cover the control panel. They are very informative and with their help it is easy to guess what washing programs and functions are in the arsenal of the washing machine.

control panel Indesit W105TX

Now about the dispenser. The powder receiver of the Indesit W105TX washing machine has four sections inside, which are separated from each other by plastic partitions. If we count the compartments from left to right, facing the open dispenser, the first compartment on the left will serve for soaking. The second compartment is the main wash, while the third compartment is for softeners like air conditioning. There is a fourth branch. It is inserted into compartment No. 1 when bleaching is necessary.

How to start washing?

After you get acquainted with the dispenser and the control panel of the washing machine of this model, you can try to start the wash. The manual strongly recommends before starting the machine to check whether the hatch and dispenser are tightly closed, whether the machine is plugged in, whether water is open, or whether the program switch is in the neutral position.

Next, press the on / off button. We sort the laundry, put it in the machine, close the hatch. We put detergents in the dispenser, set the temperature and spin speed. We press the button designating this or that function, we select the necessary program of washing and it went. It remains only to wait until the machine allows you to pick up freshly washed things to dry them on the dryer.

By the way, there are freestanding and built-in washing machines with dryerwhich can not only wash, rinse and wring things, but also dry them. Unfortunately, the Indesit W105TX brand does not have such a function.

We care for the machine

take care of the washing machineIf you don’t shove small things into the machine without first packing them in a laundry bag, and don’t put on clothes whose pockets are stuffed with trifles, the “home assistant” will last much longer. After washing, do not throw the machine with a closed hatch and a sealed dispenser. Ideally, you need to do the following:

  1. Take a dry, water-absorbing cloth and wipe the cuff of the hatch and the inside of the drum.
  2. Leave the hatch wide open for 2-3 hours.
  3. Extend the powder tray to the maximum to dry.

In addition, after 3-5 washings, the powder tray must be removed completely in order to rinse it from the remnants of the detergent. If this is not done, the powder will take on a crust and then it will be more difficult to clean the powder receiver. Also sometimes it will be necessary to open and clean the filter in an Indesit washing machine, the one at the bottom of the case. A large amount of garbage accumulates in the trash filter, but often you do not need to climb there, once every six months it will be enough.

So, we presented an abridged version of the factory instructions for the Indesit W105TX washer, which, according to our experts, is already good. Read the text carefully and “wind up on your mustache”, it will come in handy in life. Good luck


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  1. Gravatar Zinaida Zinaida:

    How to choose a program? For example, the number 7, what does it mean? A 6, and 5? Nothing is written. Need to guess?

    • Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

      These are the numbers of the washing programs, everything is in the instructions, specifically 7 is 30 minutes of washing at 30 degrees.

  2. Gravatar Anna Anna:

    Alexander, please write all the washing programs, if you know. And I don’t understand anything. Thank you in advance.

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