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Manual for washing machine Indesit IWSC 5105

Indesit IWSC 5105 manualIndesit washing machines are one of the most inexpensive machines on the Russian market, for example, the Indesit IWSC 5105 model. At first glance, it seems that it is easy to operate, but before turning on the new appliance, it is better to read the instructions. We offer a short version of the instruction manual.

How to connect?

After unpacking the washing machine, do not rush to plug it into the network and connect the hoses. After delivery, the transportation bolts must be unscrewed from the machine, due to which the moving parts were fixed. These bolts are on the back side. Only after that it is possible to put the car in a previously prepared place, according to the requirements:

  • leveled and reinforced floor;
  • lack of carpeting, as well as moisture-resistant coatings;

    It is preferable to install the machine on a tiled or concrete floor, you can put the equipment on a wooden floor, but only reinforced.

  • the presence within 1-1.2 m of water supply, sewage and an electrical outlet;
  • there should be enough space for the machine so that the back and side walls do not touch objects, and the hatch opens freely.

Connecting the washing machine to the water supply will not take long if you have installed it in advancetee crane or a separately connected water pipe. It remains only to fasten one end of the inlet hose to the tee tap to the thread ¾, remembering to put the sealing ring. The second curved end is screwed to the machine itself. No need to stretch the hose or extend it, in this case you need to purchase a longer hose.

The discharge of waste water can be arranged through a siphon or through the bathroom, securing the end of the drain hose to the edge with a special latch. However, draining water through a siphon will be more correct and safer. And for this, there must be a branch in the siphon, on which you can fix the drain hose with a hose clamp.

The upper discharge point is fixed at a distance of not less than 65 cm and not more than 100 cm from the floor to avoid self-draining.

As for the connection to electricity, a number of safety standards must be observed. It is better to invite a master who brings a wire with a cross section of at least 1.5 square meters. mm and install a moisture resistant outlet. For the Indesit IWSC 5105 washing machine, the instructions do not describe this process in detail, but if you're interested, read the article Connecting the washing machine to electricity.

Control Panel Features

Washing machines of the same brand have different models, which suggests their difference from each other. The main difference is the features of the control panel, a variety of programs and drum loading. The Indesit IWSC 5105 machine has a mechanical control panel, on which there are three selectors and 6 buttons.control panel Indesit 5105

The largest selector (left) is needed to select programs. The other two allow you to adjust the temperature of water heating from 20 to 90 degrees and the spin speed from 400 to 1000. The ON / OFF button turns the machine on and off, the Start / Pause button starts and stops the washing program. The remaining 4 buttons are necessary to select additional functions (from left to right):

  1. EcoTime - a feature that reduces washing time, saving water and electricity. Recommended for lightly soiled items.
  2. Bleaching - a mode for washing white items using a special bleaching agent, but only without chlorine.
  3. Extra rinse. This feature is especially useful for people with sensitive skin and allergies. Not applicable with Express wash 15 minutes.
  4. Deferred stratum - the ability to delay the launch of the program until 12 hours. The time is selected by repeatedly pressing the button in the direction of decreasing time. It can be used with any program.

To the left of the control panel is the detergent dispenser, on which the decryption of the washing programs is written.The dispenser itself has three stationary compartments: the left one is used for prewash, the central one for main wash. The compartment on the right is used for fabric softeners, some do not add air conditioning, and therefore do not use this compartment. In this model there is also a “mobile” compartment, which is inserted into the compartment on the left, funds for bleaching are poured into it.

In addition, the control panel is equipped with indicators that indicate at what stage the washing is, which function is selected.

The burning indicator of the lock notifies you that the drum door is locked, until it unlocks it can burn for up to 3 minutes, so do not pull the door ahead of time, you can break the lock.

First wash

Indesit IWSC 5105The first start of the washing machine must be carried out without laundry, but using powder to rinse the tank from dust. After the test wash, it will be possible to wash the laundry. The inclusion is as follows:

  1. Press the ON button and wait for the Start indicator to flash.
  2. To load things into the drum according to the weight, type and color of the fabric, after checking the pockets, close the door.
  3. Turn the selector clockwise to the desired program.
  4. Adjust temperature and spin speed.
  5. Add powder and conditioner to the dispenser.
  6. Press the additional function button if necessary.
  7. Press the Start / Pause button.
  8. Wait for the end of the program and unlock the door, open the hatch.
  9. Press the OFF button.

The duration of the programs in this washing machine varies from 15 to 170 minutes, for more details on the duration of each cycle, see the full instructions.

Safety and maintenance

Proper operation of the washing machine is the key to your safety and long life of the machine. Do not be guided by the proverb: "Rules are needed to break them." Pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • after use, you need to turn off the machine from the AC;
  • close the water tap;
  • do not allow children and persons with intellectual disabilities to the typewriter;
  • do not touch the machine with wet hands while being barefoot;
  • do not pull out the powder receptacle during washing;
  • remember that waste water may be hot;
  • do not apply excessive force when opening the hatch;
  • check the drum before laying the laundry;
  • regularly wash the detergent dispenser against powder and gels;
  • check and flush the drain pump;
  • once a year check the mesh of the filling valve;
  • after washing, wipe the inside of the drum and rubber with a dry cloth;
  • open the door and the powder receptacle for ventilation;
  • carry out preventive cleaning every six months about scale and odors.

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