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Manual for washing machine Indesit IWSB 5085

Indesit IWSB 5085 manualHaving bought a brand-new washing machine of the brand Indesit IWSB 5085, do not rush to start using it without reading the instructions. A lot of self-confident users cause serious damage to technology by starting its independent connection and use, which leads to extra costs. Our advice: do not rush, study the instructions, but if you are too lazy to read the factory version of this document, here's an abbreviation for you.

Machine installation

As soon as the movers bring new equipment into your home and the Indesit IWSB 5085 washing machine is at your feet, do not rush to sign the documents and let the guys go home. First, right with the loaders, carefully open the box, trying not to cause it much harm, check whether all the parts included in the kit are present in the package. Ask the movers to help you pull the washing machine out of the box and carefully inspect its body. Even if the machine had no defects in the store, they could appear during transportation.

If everything seems normal, sign a document on the acceptance of the goods and begin to prepare for the installation of the washing machine. First you need to prepare a place. Any place does not fit, because it has certain requirements.

  • There should be enough space to accommodate the washing machine, in addition, nothing should stand in front of the body. Between the cover, side walls and surrounding objects, we leave a gap of 1 cm, between the back wall of the body and the wall at least 7 cm.
  • Under the machine there should be a flat and strong floor, without carpeting and preferably without expensive floor coverings that are afraid of water.
  • Near the connection point of the machine there should be a water pipe, there should be a connection point to the sewer or ordinary drain. It is also necessary that within 1 meter of the machine a separate electrical outlet is organized.

No objects sensitive to vibration should be placed near the machine body.

We unscrew the transportation fasteners, close the formed holes with plugs and drag the washer to the prepared place. First of all, we connect the inlet hose, then the drain hose, but in the end we leave the connection to the mains, since it is carried out in one motion. About, how to install and connect a do-it-yourself washing machine, read in the article of the same name posted on our website.

Control Panel

Shortened instructions for the use of a washing machine of this brand will not do without a description of the control panel of this technique. Each element of the control panel is important in its own way and if used correctly, the quality of the wash will increase markedly. We'll have to talk about three categories of elements: pens, buttons, indicators.

Indesit IWSB 5085 control panel

  1. The program switching knob, which allows you to turn on 13 main washing programs and 3 subprograms.
  2. Thermostat knob, which allows you to leave the water cold or heat it to 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 degrees.
  3. Button turn on and off the machine. Her appointment is clear.
  4. Button start the program and pause.
  5. Four buttons of additional functions that are located above the thermostat knob. The button with the inscription Eco Time, makes it possible to save water and electricity. The dirty t-shirt button is whitening. Button with a droplet pattern - additional rinse. And finally, a button with a stopwatch drawing - a delay in starting.

The Indesit IWSB 5085 washing machine may have a slightly different set of buttons than the one described above. In particular, the “extra rinse” button may not be available, and instead a spiral with numbers will be displayed - this is the “spin speed reduction” button.

  1. 11 indicators displaying a variety of information about the progress of the washing machine.

The left part of the control panel of a washing machine of this brand is occupied by a dispenser or, as it is also called, a detergent dispenser. This is a very important part of the control panel, although it is designed much easier than its electronic part. Let's talk about it in more detail.

Where to add detergents?

washing dispenser deviceThe powder receptacle of the Indesit IWSB 5085 washing machine is a rectangular drawer with three compartments inside. To be precise, there are 4 compartments in total, since one of them is removable and has a different purpose than all the others. Let's see which compartment serves what.

So, we push the compartment towards ourselves and look inward. Pour powder into the leftmost compartment only if you decide to turn on the prewash mode (soaking), or a program that includes prewash. The middle compartment is used for the main wash, in other words, you will always put the powder there. The far right rinse aid compartment, there boldly pour air conditioning. The fourth compartment, as can be seen in the figure, is inserted into the first and is needed if the whitening function is activated.

The conditioner is a liquid product for softening and aromatizing the laundry, so you need to pour it immediately before washing, otherwise it will drain into the tank.

Launch a washing program

Well, we know where the buttons, knobs, indicators are, we know why they are needed, we studied the device of the powder receptacle, you can start the first wash, try out, so to speak, a washing machine. The first test is carried out without laundry in order to wash the remaining engine oil, plastic shavings and other possible debris that remained there after assembly of the washing machine from the nozzles.

program table

  • We press the on / off button and wait until all the lights light up and go out, and the LED next to the start / pause button will remain flashing. Thus, we turn on the machine, and it enters the standby mode of the user command.
  • Pour the powder into the middle compartment and close it with the hatch.
  • Turn the program selection knob and select the number 2 mode (wash at 90 degrees without pre-soaking). This program will effectively wash the inside of the washer.
  • Under normal conditions, we can turn the thermostat knob to adjust the washing temperature, but this is not necessary for the first wash without laundry.
  • Press the start / pause button and wait for the wash to finish.

A few words about leaving

how to find a trash filterTo the Indesit IWSB 5085 washing machine, the instruction in Russian tells us not only about the device and operation of the "home assistant", but also about caring for it. And, indeed, mercilessly exploiting your washer, do not forget to give her at least a little attention, especially since she does not require special care.

After washing the laundry once again, leave the hatch and powder receptacle open for 3-4 hours to dry. Use a cloth to wipe the cuff of the hatch, the edges, the inside of the drum and the dispenser. Once every 6-7 washes, pull out the powder tray for washing. Once every 6 months, clean the trash filter and then your Indesit machine will last much longer.

Do not forget to watch the filter screen at least once a year, which is located at the inlet to the inlet valve of the washing machine (where we screwed the inlet hose). The mesh filter has the ability to clog up with garbage.

To summarize, we note that many users do not like to read factory instructions, because they are long, they often abound with unnecessary information and are written in a complex language. Moreover, in some cases, the translation of such texts leaves much to be desired. We rewrote the factory instructions, and we got an abridged version that contains all the basic information necessary for each owner of the washing machine. We hope you find it useful. We attached the factory instructions to this publication. Good luck


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