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Manual for washer Electrolux EWS 1046

manual for Electrolux EWS 1046Here is a small instruction manual for the washing machine, the compliance with the recommendations of which ensures the reliable operation of the equipment. Do not neglect it, carefully read it, it will take much less time than you think.

Safe operation

The Electrolux EWS 1046 washing machine is intended for domestic use only according to the rules described below. Otherwise, there is a risk of rapid wear of the equipment.

  1. The installation of the washing machine should be carried out by a trained master, independent repair and connection of equipment can lead to personal injury and property damage. In addition, warranty repair for such equipment does not apply.
  2. Equipment repair should only be carried out using branded spare parts suitable for this machine.
  3. Put the machine so that it does not bend the drain and water inlet hose. The surface on which the equipment is placed must be smooth and solid.
  4. An adult should operate the machine, while washing children it is also better not to let them in, as the glass door heats up.
  5. Before loading things, make sure the drum is empty.
  6. Do not overload the machine with laundry; wash only that which is machine washable.Washing machine Electrolux EWS 1046
  7. It is not recommended to wash underwired bras in the typewriter, they can damage the drum.
  8. Check your clothing pockets to prevent small items from entering the tank.
  9. Wash small items (scarves, socks, panty hoses, stockings) in special bags.
  10. Use only automatic powders, no dry cleaning.
  11. When washing is complete, turn off the machine and turn off the water tap.

Choose a washing program in accordance not only with the type of fabric, but also with the degree of soiling; do not pre-wash for things that need only to be freshened.


Installation of the washing machine begins with its unpacking and removal of the transport fasteners, which are 3 screws screwed on the back of the machine. You need to do the following:

  • first unscrew the bolt on the right;
  • gently put the machine on the "back";
  • remove the foam tray;
  • peel off the adhesive tape and pull out two plastic bags;
  • return the machine to an upright position;
  • unscrew the remaining two screws;
  • close the holes with plugs.

Now the machine needs to be located at the installation site on a level floor. Put the machine in such a way that ventilation is provided on all sides. The machine itself is leveled by tightening the lock nuts on the legs.

The manual describes the connection of the Electrolux EWS 1046 washing machine quite concisely, so we recommend reading a detailed article about it How to connect a washing machine to the mixer.

Connecting to the sewer can be done in several ways, the most reliable of which is connecting to a branch in a siphon. In this case, the tap must be at least 60 cm from the floor. The hose is secured with a clamp.

When connecting the washing machine to electricity, make sure that:

  • the network is able to withstand a load of 2.2 kW, be sure to consider the load of other devices;
  • the socket is grounded;
  • there is free access to the outlet so that after each wash you can easily turn off the machine.

The manufacturer of the washing machine is not responsible for violation of the connection rules, so trust this work to a professional.

Machine description

The washing machine of the Electrolux company is a modern intelligent appliance, which, thanks to the automatic weighing system, economically erases even a small amount of clothes and linen. The control panel of this machine is mechanical and is equipped with one selector, a power button, 7 additional buttons, and also has a small digital display.Electrolux Suite Control Panel

The selector is designed to select a program, for convenience it is divided into five sectors:

  1. modes for cotton fabrics;
  2. modes for synthetics;
  3. modes for thin tissues;
  4. modes for wool;
  5. special programs.

Important! Do not forget to return the selector to position O at the end of the wash.

Small buttons are needed to select additional functions, except for the rightmost button that launches the selected program. So, buttons from left to right mean:

  • prewash;
  • spin speed adjustment;
  • stop with water in the tank. When this function is selected, the water can be drained as follows: turn the selector to position O, select program D (drain), press the Start button;
  • shortening the wash cycle does not work for the Wool program;powder dispenser in electrolux
  • additional rinse cycle;
  • "BIO" wash, i.e. maintaining one temperature for 10 minutes;
  • delayed start.

Another important part of the washing machine is the powder dispenser located in the upper left corner. Everything is simple in it, the main compartment is located in the center, on the right is the compartment for fabric softeners (air conditioners), and on the left is the compartment for powder, in case you start the washing cycle of very dirty laundry, that is, when you turn on the prewash.

How to use

Using the Electrolux EWS 1046 washing machine is not difficult, all programs and functions are remembered the first time. The start of a new washing machine must be started with a single wash, that is, washing without laundry in 60 degree mode with a powder of about 100 g. The general startup algorithm looks like this:

  1. lay the laundry evenly in the drum, sorting it;
  2. close the door;
  3. pour powder into the dispenser according to the dosage;
  4. turn on the machine and open the tap;
  5. turn the selector to the desired washing mode;
  6. if necessary, press the button for an additional function;
  7. press the start button.

At the end of the work, the machine turns off automatically, it remains to pull the plug from the outlet and shut off the water. You also need to wipe the rubber cuff, rinse the powder dispenser and leave the door open.


If during operation of the washing machine there are malfunctions and problems appear, an error code will be displayed. The decryption of such codes by the manufacturer is given in the full instructions, we will not duplicate their table. However, in addition to it, we would advise reading an article on how to fix these malfunctions with your own hands and whether it can be done. This article is called Fault Repair for Electrolux Washers.

We hope you find this information helpful. Keep the instructions for any technique always at hand, and you will not have insoluble questions. Good luck


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  1. Gravatar Julia Julia:

    How to make a drain ahead of time?

    • Gravatar Michael Michael:

      Third button on the left, stop with water in the tank. When this function is selected, the water can be drained as follows: turn the selector to position O, select program D (drain), press the Start button.

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