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Manual for washer Bosch Maxx 6

manual for Bosch Maxx 6If you need information on how to start a Bosch Maxx 6 washing machine or how to connect it correctly, then you are on the right track. Here is the instruction manual. Today, electronic versions of the manual are becoming increasingly popular and this is understandable. We state everything in order.

Safety instructions 

When installing and operating the washing machine, follow all the specified requirements in the instructions. You may experience a number of dangerous situations:

  • Danger of electric shock. That is why remove the plug of the machine’s power cord only by the housing, do not pull on the cord. Do not touch the plug and body of the machine with wet hands.
  • Danger of injury. The door glass heats up at high water temperatures; do not touch it during the implementation of the program. Be careful when extending the cuvette. Injury can occur when moving the washing machine, it is heavy, so move it together.
  • Danger of poisoning. Keep detergents in the machine out of the reach of children.
  • Danger of suffocation. Do not give packaging materials to children: box, film.
  • Explosion hazard. Do not wash clothes soaked in solvents, gasoline, diesel fuel, they can cause an explosion when washing, so it’s best to wash them by hand first.


We will present the washing start process as the following algorithm:

  1. Open the water tap to which the machine is connected.
  2. Connect to the network.
  3. Sort the laundry and load it into the drum.

Important! To prevent imbalance in the drum, load small and large items at the same time and do not forget about the maximum load.

  1. Put the powder in the main compartment of the cuvette, i.e. in the compartment on the left. For prewash, add powderBosch Maxx 6 cuvette into the compartment on the right. Pour air conditioning into the central compartment to the mark. Dilute thick gels with water so that the hole does not clog or pour them into a dispensing container, which is placed in a drum with linen.
  2. Turn the selector to the desired program, note that the knob rotates in any direction.
  3. Press the additional function button if necessary. Note that the buttons are sensitive, just touch them slightly.
  4. Wait until the wash is complete and unload the laundry.
  5. Turn off the car.
  6. Close the tap water.

If the wrong program is accidentally selected, then to change you need to select another program and press the Start button.

Individual settings

The Bosch Maxx 6 washing machine may have different functions, depending on the model, but in general they differ slightly and are set up the same way. These functions include:

  • delayed start;
  • spin speed, which is regulated not only before starting the program, but also during the execution of the program;
  • spots - a program of increased duration;
  • prewash with water heating up to 30 degrees;
  • easy ironing;
  • adding water, which means an extra rinse.

In cars of this series, the control panel is locked from children by holding the Start button for 5 seconds and will remain in effect until this lock is disabled. Deactivation also occurs by holding this button. This washing machine provides for setting the volume of the signals, for this you need:

  1. Set the programmer to 12 o’clock (off).
  2. Turn the programmer 1 division clockwise.
  3. Press and hold the spin setting button.
  4. Rotate the programmer 1 more clockwise.

Bosch Maxx6 volume control

Important information

Treat your washing machine and things carefully, for this before washing:

  • check all pockets;
  • fasten zippers;
  • remove rings and hooks from curtains;
  • wash underwear and small items in a special bag.

Before the first wash, the manufacturer recommends starting the machine idle, that is, without laundry.To do this, pour a liter of water into the main compartment of the detergent dispenser and add a dose of powder. Choose a mode with heating to 60 degrees, without spin.

It is not recommended to bleach laundry in the washing machine, as well as to carry out frequent dyeing clothes special means, as they affect the internal parts of the machine.

 Maintenance and care

Bosch Maxx 6Maintenance of the machine involves cleaning the drain pump, drain hose and wire mesh on the intake valve. When cleaning the pump, it must be removed by first turning off the machine. Unscrew the pump gradually, releasing and collecting waste water in a low capacity. After removing the filter, rinse and clean it. To clean the drain hose, disconnect it from the siphon by loosening the clamp. To get the net of the filling valve, unscrew the inlet hose and using a pair of pliers, gently pull this net towards you, rinse and put it back in place.

When caring for the washing machine, do not forget to wipe its body in time from dust and drops, while using only soft napkins or rags. Do not wash the machine under running water, only with a slightly damp sponge. Do not use solvents or cleaning agents.

It is very important to rinse the powder dispenser, it is pulled out if you click on the middle of the middle compartment and pull it towards you. After washing the cuvette, wipe it and dry. In general, make it a rule to wipe the drum, cuff and cuvette with a dry rag after each wash, so you will protect the machine from mold and smell.

The scale formed in the machine is removed by special means when starting the wash without laundry.

On this we will stop. If you are interested in knowing what to do in the event of a malfunction or some kind of breakdown, then a complete guide to the technique provides detailed information on this topic. Download instructions and read.


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