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Manual for washer Bosch Maxx 4

manual for Bosch Maxx 4Manufacturers of the Bosch brand washing machine took seriously the preparation of the operating instructions for the equipment. It contains all the necessary information that may be required by the user, and all this is accompanied by explanatory pictures. The peculiarity lies in the fact that the experts consider the safety requirements to be the most important point, with which the manual for the Bosch Maxx 4 begins.


The safe operation of the washing machine begins by reading the instructions that need to be stored in a place where you will immediately find it, if necessary. And it doesn’t matter whether it is printed or electronic. So, safety measures say the following:

  1. The machine can only be used at home when connected to a cold water supply for washing textiles.
  2. Children and pets must not be allowed into the car.
  3. Do not touch the glass of the hatch door while the equipment is in operation, it may be hot.
  4. Do not turn the machine on or off with wet hands.
  5. When disposing of the washer, cut off the power cord and break the door lock so that children cannot close if they play with the appliance.
  6. Follow all wiring and installation rules to prevent water leakage, electric shock, fire, or other accidents.

In case of violation of the above requirements, the manufacturer is not responsible for the preservation of health and your property.

Installation Features

Before putting the washing machine into operation, remove the transport fasteners that must be preserved in case of subsequent transportation. The bolts are at the back, there are 4 in total, to unscrew them you will need a SW 13 key. Insert plugs into the resulting holes.

The stability of the washing machine will depend on the installation location. The surface should be smooth and hard, no carpet and soft coatings, preferably concrete or tile floors. When installed on a plank floor or plinth, a water-repellent wooden plate with a thickness of at least 30 mm is screwed to the floor, and the legs of the machine are fixed with the help of retaining tabs WMZ 2200.

The Bosch Maxx 4 washing machine can be installed under a continuous worktop, for which instead of a top plastic cover, a sheet metal cover is mounted on it.

The inlet hose of the washing machine can only be connected to a cold water supply in several ways:

  • to a separate pipe;
  • to the mixer in the bathroom;
  • to the sink mixer in the kitchen.

In all cases, the end of the inlet hose is screwed onto the 3/4 thread of the tee tap. The second slightly bent end is screwed to the machine, the main thing is to remember to put rubber gaskets for a tight connection. Since the nuts on the hose are plastic, tighten them by hand, without dragging much. Make sure that the water inlet hose does not bend or tension.

machine connectionDrain can be arranged in a siphon, sink or bathroom. Aesthetic and safer way to siphon. In this case, the drain point should be above the floor at a level of 60 cm. At the outlet of the siphon, the hose is secured with a hose clamp. This connection will protect you from leaks and odors.

After the hoses are connected and the machine is pushed into place, you can finally align it by tightening the locknuts on the front legs. At the same time, use the building level, making sure that the slope does not exceed 2 degrees. It remains to connect the machine to the network, the main thing is that at a distance of no more than 1.5 m to the right of the machine and 1 m to the left there is a moisture-proof grounded outlet. If not, call an electrician. You can read about connection difficulties in the article How to connect the machine to electricity.

Selection of programs and functions

In order to select the desired program, the control panel has a knob that rotates in both directions. In this Bosch Max model, the following programs are provided:

  1. White linen 900 –Washing cotton products with severe soiling.
  2. Intensive Wash 600 - designed to wash very dirty things.
  3. Prewash colored laundry - wash dirty items with a soak cycle in water 600.
  4. Colored linen 30, 40 and 600 - this program is suitable for durable cotton and linen fabrics, differs from the previous one in the absence of soaking.
  5. Synthetics 30, 40 and 600 - A program suitable for mixed fabrics.
  6. Thin underwear 300 - delicate washing, for example, suitable for tulle, silk and other delicate items.
  7. Wool 15 and 300 - Suitable for wool products that can be machine washed.

Bosch Maxx 4 control panel

By turning the program selector, you can also select functions such as rinsing, spinning and draining. Of the additional functions that are displayed on the control panel with buttons, in this model there are:

  • reduction in spin speed from 800 to 600 revolutions;
  • extra rinse;
  • quick wash;
  • stopping the program with water in the drum, in other words, this button turns off the spin, but the water does not drain at the same time.

In addition, the instruction for using the technique contains a table of laundry load and washing duration for each mode. According to this table, the washing time varies from 45 to 135 minutes.

Launch washing

Now it's time to test our new Bosch machine. First, open the water supply and make sure that the washer is connected to the mains. Next, turn the mode dial and select, thus, the program we like. If any functions are required, you can press the corresponding button, improving the current washing mode. Click the “Start” button. Well, that’s all, the program is running, the process has started. It remains only to be patient and wait for the end of the process.

It happens that a program is already running, some time has passed, but you suddenly realized that you made a mistake in the choice and you urgently need to switch the mode. What are we doing?

  • Set the program switch to the "zero" position.
  • We wait 2-3 seconds, and then put a new program.
  • Click on the "Start". The program will switch and the washing will restart.

Bosch powder tray max 4Choosing the right program is half the battle, you need to take the right detergent and distribute it inside the powder receiver. What is needed for this? The main thing is to know the dispenser device. To be honest, there is nothing special to know, since the powder receptacle of the Maxx 4 series washing machine has a primitive design. There are 3 sections available:

  • middle section for air conditioning;
  • right segment for soaking;
  • left segment for main wash.

We also use the left cell if you need to add bleach.

Thus, the powder must be poured into the left cell if the washing is simple, without soaking. If washing with soaking, then put the powder also in the right compartment. Well, the air conditioning remains at your discretion, if you add it, then pour it into the middle compartment.

Cleaning and care

Before washing the washing machine, unplug it from the mains so as not to endanger yourself. When wiping the equipment from the outside, you can use a mild soap solution and no cleaning powders or solvents. After washing, wipe everything with a dry cloth.

It is recommended to wipe the drum after each wash with a dry cloth, as well as wipe the water in a rubber cuff. This will protect you from mold and odor. If there is a need to remove scale from the machine and wash limescale, then use special tools. But remember, they contain acids, so you need to use them with caution.

Separately, you need to rinse the dispenser for powder and conditioner, this can be done every 3-4 washings. The cuvette is pulled out of the machine by pressing the center indentation in the insert. You also need to regularly clean the drain and bulk filters, often you do not need to do this, but do not forget about these details. The drain filter is located at the bottom of the machine, and the net of the inlet hose is at the junction of this hose with the washer body.

So, the Bosch washing machine has quite good instructions.We briefly presented its main content, and if you have any questions, you will see a link to the full version of the manual below.


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  1. Gravatar Victor Victor:

    How to disassemble

  2. Gravatar Victor Victor:

    When the wash is turned on, it closes, knocks out the general automatic machine of the network

    • Gravatar Svetlana Svetlana:

      I have the same. What to do?

    • Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

      It was the same thing. TEN changed independently and all. The old burned out and water fell on the heating coil.

    • Gravatar Cyril Kirill:

      Check the brushes. I had it because the brushes were worn down to wires. Changed them and everything went.

  3. Gravatar Victor Victor:

    How much does a heating element cost?

  4. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    I have a Bosch Max 40 machine, and the question is: what should I do if I started the wash and forgot to pour the gel? Opened during washing and quickly poured into the desired cell, after a while everything flooded ..

    • Gravatar Micah Micah:


    • Gravatar Guest a guest:

      I do this all the time. Everything is fine.

  5. Gravatar Natalya Natalya:

    What is the washing time for the modes?

  6. Gravatar Dmitry Dmitriy:

    At what temperature can tulle and silk curtains be washed?

  7. Gravatar Anya Anya:

    Which button is one quick wash?

    • Gravatar Tata Tata:

      For a quick wash I use a 30 degree wool mode

  8. Gravatar Anna Anna:

    On the panel, which one is quick wash?

  9. Gravatar Tanya Tanya:

    How to block from a child?

  10. Gravatar Yana Jana:

    I have a broken drain at the Bosh maxx 40, what should I do and how much will the repair cost? In the typewriter water.

    • Gravatar Denis Denis:

      3000 costs a pump with a replacement.

  11. Gravatar Larnik Larnik:

    How long does the Bosch machine wash?

  12. Gravatar Michael Michael:

    Air conditioning does not leave the third cell. What to do?

  13. Gravatar Alena Alyona:

    And if the wash indicator is blinking and the door is locked? Clear breakdown. Water does not wring out or drain. The end of the typewriter?

    • Gravatar Anna Anna:

      I have the same. Do not drain. Lingerie in the foam. And the door does not open. The red button flashes.

    • Gravatar Valery Valery:

      Check near the drain where the pump is.

      • Gravatar Natalya Natalya:

        How to check? Today I tried to wash all day, but there was no rinse (the gel is still in the compartment), the light blinks. Already in different modes I tried, but as it comes to rinsing - it repeats again!

    • Gravatar Murat Murat:

      It is necessary to change the pump, there is probably a sock stuck. I had it 2 times, it costs 500 rubles and you can do everything yourself.

  14. Gravatar Lena Lena:

    Please tell me, I put it on 60, it erases more than 2 hours. It is necessary to disconnect and manually put in rinse and spin. Why is this the reason?

  15. Gravatar Vera Vera:

    Change the function of the buttons on the panel of the Bosch Maxx 4

  16. Gravatar of Milan Milan:

    Good afternoon, can anyone know why the degree mode does not work? The wash is on, and the water is cold. Thank.

  17. Gravatar Chynara Chynara:

    I turned it on, 3 hours have passed and I can’t turn it off. There is still no spin. I don’t understand how to turn off and open the door. Somebody knows? Help me please!

  18. Gravatar Vitaliy Vitaliy:

    11 years without a single breakdown. They made repairs in the bathroom, changed everything. They also wanted a typewriter, but my wife changed her mind. Belenkaya, does not refuse. Well done Bosch!

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