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Manual for washer Bosch Classixx 5

Bosch Classixx 5 manualThe Bosch Classixx 5 washing machine is a simple but reliable appliance with German roots. And although, in recent times, the quality of these machines has slightly decreased (possibly due to the Russian assembly), they still constitute a serious competition for other brands of automatic machines. If you require instructions on the use of this model of machines, we will provide it. In this publication, we have outlined a short version of this document and attached the original instructions to it, all of which you can use for free.

After the purchase

Having delivered the washing machine, you need to unpack it immediately at home and check for defects. It must be remembered that in which case the seller will take the machine back with you without any special questions within 14 days from the date of purchase. Further, problems may already arise, despite the fact that the machine is under warranty.

Without delaying the matter, we install the machine in the intended place and remove the transport elements. The place where you are going to put the machine should be completely ready:

  • the base is leveled and strengthened;
  • unsuitable floor coverings (carpets, carpet, laminate, etc.) are removed;
  • necessary communications (socket, drainage, water supply).

Bosch Classixx 5 is not demanding on additional accessories, but nevertheless, in order to reduce vibration noise, you can put special anti-vibration footrests. With them, the machine works noticeably quieter.

So that the Bosch Classixx 5 washing machine does not create problems during operation and breaks less often, it must be installed strictly according to the level. Let's say the difference is no more than 2 degrees, but you do not need to focus on this.

Try to align the body perfectly. To do this, you need to use the building level and alternately tighten the legs until the machine is leveled.

The original instructions describe the process of connecting a “home assistant” to the necessary communication elements rather well, so doing it yourself will not be difficult. However, if you do not have experience with similar equipment, it is better to entrust the connection to professionals.

Learning to manage a washer

The instruction manual for the Bosch Classixx 5 washing machine tells us the need to study the control panel device in order to avoid elementary errors, not to spoil the laundry and not break the washing machine. First you need to find out what elements the control panel of the machine consists of.

Bosch Classixx 5

  1. Rotary knob with which to switch programs. Everything is simple here, since the handle of this washing machine is one and it is impossible to mix it up with anything.
  2. There is a display on which control elements display various useful information.
  3. There are five buttons. The second button on the right activates or stops the washing program, and the rest serve to enable or disable functions.
  4. Three-section dispenser. It is needed to add powder, conditioner, bleach and other products.

The Russified control panel of a Bosch Classixx 5 machine is very informative. A lot can be understood by reading the inscriptions and signs that the manufacturer left on it.

First start-up and subsequent use

program shift knobThe Bosch Classixx 5 does not have an on / off button, so this function is performed by the program switch. The neutral position of the toggle switch (risk up) indicates that the machine is turned off. As soon as we start to rotate the knob clockwise, the machine automatically activates and goes into standby mode. Then we can select the desired program, adjust it using the buttons, and only then press the "start" button. When you first start, the order is as follows.

  1. Use the handle to select a program.
  2. Open the dispenser and add the powder.
  3. We don’t touch the hatch, since you can’t add any laundry during the first wash (you need to wash the inside of the machine).
  4. Use the buttons to activate the desired functions, adjust the temperature, spin speed (if possible).
  5. We press on the start and wait for the program to end.

In the future, we will do the same, just add one more action: bookmark the sorted laundry into the drum. If your kids love to play with the control panel of a typewriter, you can set a child lock. To lock, immediately after starting the wash, press and hold the start button for 4 seconds.

Take care of the machine

wipe the machine with a dry clothSome "cleaners" put their machine in order with acid-containing, chlorine-based cleaners and even with powders with abrasive particles. In our opinion, no matter how good intentions clean-minded hostesses are guided by - this is uniform barbarism, this cannot be done! The machine really needs to be cleaned after the washing process, but for this it is enough to take a clean, dry rag.

If there are traces of dirt on the case that cannot be removed with a regular rag, take a soapy sponge. Walk on the contaminated surface with it first, and then go with a damp cloth and finally dry. Do not forget to occasionally rinse the powder receptacle, as it often remains undissolved powder.

In addition, the waste filter and nozzles of the machine should be cleaned of debris and lime deposits. The trash filter can be cleaned manually without resorting to any chemicals or any devices. But the rest of the insides (if you do not disassemble the machine) can be cleaned using special tools. In particular, there are means for cleaning the washing machine from mold, limescale and other rubbish. You can use them, but be careful, read what is written on the package.

Here's what the basic provisions of the instructions for the Bosch Classixx 5 washing machine look like. If you need detailed information, download the file attached to this publication. Good luck


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  1. Gravatar Michael Michael:

    Machine d. The shortest washing 36 minutes, who is there so much to lull? Rob welder or what?

    • Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

      Well, yes, bothering to buy, then install, buy powder, load laundry, then pour powder, rinse aid, close the door, set the program, open the door. Oh yes, sometimes it needs to be cleaned from dust 🙂 And so, in the sink, quickly one-two, one-two and washed. This is a crazy saving of time. And if you don’t take off your socks and wash them ... and wash them and dry them and don’t put them on in the morning 🙂

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