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Manual for washing machine Ariston AVSL 109

Ariston AVSL 109 manualAriston AVSL 109 is a washing machine with no budget display series. This model is very popular among users and not only because it is inexpensive. It is very simple to operate this machine, however sometimes people have certain questions that the instruction will help to resolve. An abridged version of this document is outlined in this publication.

First installation, then connection

After checking the washing machine for any external defects, remove the transport fasteners. Do not put these bolts anywhere; they may come in handy during the next transportation of your “home assistant”. Now you can drag the Ariston washing machine to a previously prepared location.

Do not drag the washer alone; it is very heavy. Use someone's help.

You can’t put a washing machine anywhere. The place needs to be prepared in advance: organize the conclusions on the water and sewer pipes, hold a separate protected outlet, move the overall interior items so that they do not interfere, how to strengthen the floor base. If the floor is too crooked, it needs to be leveled. As soon as the machine is installed in its place, it must be leveled by tightening the legs with a wrench. Each change in leg height must be checked with a building level. Next we do the following.

  1. We insert rubber o-rings into the inlet hose, and then screw one end of the hose to the machine body, and the other through a tee to the water pipe.
  2. Now connect the drain hose. One end of it is already connected to the washing machine, it remains to remove the other end from the fasteners and connect it to the siphon or in another way. For other connection methods, see article KHow to connect the drain hose of the washing machine to the sewer.
  3. After making sure that nothing leaks anywhere, we connect the washer to a wall outlet. The socket must be bipolar with a grounding contact. The socket itself must be moisture resistant, and the phase wire is protected by a difavtomat. The socket is powered by a copper wire with a cross section of at least 1.5 square meters. mm

After connecting the washer, check that everything works. If you encounter any problems, contact an authorized service center.

Powder collector

unusual powder collectorAre you eager to try out the new washing machine? Do not rush, first figure out how to use the powder receiver, where to put the powder, and where to pour the bleach, which compartment to pour the air conditioner into, let's sort it out.

The detergent dispenser of the Ariston AVSL washing machine does not look quite usual, because it is semicircular. In the picture below you can see it. In addition, in the picture, each powder receptacle compartment is signed with numbers. Under the number 1 is the compartment for prewash. The two signed the compartment for the main wash. Well, the third compartment is designed for a variety of softeners.

Put only special detergents intended for washing machines in the powder cuvette; powder for hand washing is not suitable, since a large amount of foam is formed from it, which is dangerous for the washing electronics.

First and subsequent wash

The new washing machine needs to be flushed, because its nozzles can have anything from machine oil to metal shavings. How to rinse it? Yes, it’s very simple, you need to start the idle wash. Let's make a number of simple manipulations.

  • We activate the washing machine from the "on" button.
  • We open the powder tray and put in the compartment "2" a small amount of washing powder or a special tool for washing the nozzles of the washing machine.
  • Close the tray with the hatch. Do not put underwear.
  • Choose a long wash program, set the temperature to 900WITH.
  • Turn off the spin.
  • Press the button to start the wash mode.

As soon as the washing machine finishes the program, we can consider it fully prepared for use.Further, the entire list of programs that is available in the arsenal of the machine is at your complete disposal. We can give only some recommendations regarding washing certain things.

  1. Curtains and curtains. Such textiles should be washed in a special laundry bag. For an ideal result, choose program No. 11 (which is spin-free), and you should not overload the washing machine. It will be good if you only load the drum halfway.
  2. Down Jackets. We turn the product inside out and wash it in delicate mode when rinsing again. Spin should also be carried out at low speeds.
  3. Cloth shoes. You can wash them with jeans at a temperature of 60 degrees. If the shoe has glued elements, they do not need to be machine washed.
  4. Woolen products. Wool is washed very carefully in delicate mode. You can load no more than 1 kg of woolen products and rinse several times, then the result will be perfect.

Do I need to take care of the machine?

Ariston avsl 109The Ariston AVSL washing machine must be taken care of. This is not a tedious thing and does not take much time. Meanwhile, the usefulness of these measures can hardly be overestimated, because, as experts have calculated, they can extend the life of a washing machine by an average of 3-4 years.

So, after washing things and hanging them on the dryer, return to the washing machine and open its hatch wide open, and then open the powder receptacle for drying. Take a dry, clean, absorbent cloth and wipe the powder tray inside and out. Next, wipe the cuff of the hatch (such a large elastic band encircling the hatch). If water gets onto the control panel or other parts of the cabinet, wipe it off, especially pay attention to the buttons and selector.

Unscrew the dust filter plug approximately once every 6 months and empty it of debris. You can stick your fingers inside, with a cloth wound around them, and wipe the inside of the dirt. As a general rule, once a year you should rinse the flow filter, which is installed on the inlet valve. If you have hard water, then the filter should be checked more often.

Finally, we note that if you encounter any malfunction of the washing machine during the warranty period, do not try to fix it yourself, contact an authorized service center. Good luck


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